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Yahoo to Kill Mobile Banners | Twitter Not Proving It Can Mainstream | Digital Gains Still Don't Make Up for Paper Magazine Losses

Creative: Yahoo is set to replace mobile banners with native ads. While the death of the banner is frequently predicted, the creative format only seems to proliferate, at least until now. Display ads will still be available on the main website. Robot Invasion: Media bought over Facebook's FBX exchange saw some small price increases in the U.S. over [...]

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FTC's New Ad Cop: 'Watch Your Back, Native' | Dentsu Attempting to Loop Trading Desk to Creative Process | Yahoo Falls for the Old Ad Server Malware Trick

Government Regulation: Adweek interviewed Jessica Rich, the FTC's new director of its consumer protection bureau, which has purview over advertising claims and consumer privacy issues. In a shot across the bow of online publishers, she said, "Native advertising will be a huge and continuing theme in our work." She goes on to advocate privacy legislation. Robot Invasion: Japanese [...]

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Study: Personalized Emails Deliver 6X Higher Transaction Rates, But 70% Of Brands Fail To Use Them

Experian Marketing Services has released its 2013 Email Marketing Study, analyzing a wide breadth of email marketing best practices, including personalization, social integration, mobile and customer preferences.
According to the study’s findings, personalized promotional emails were shown to lift transaction rates and revenue per email six times higher than non-personalized emails. Surprisingly, the majority of companies included in Experian’s study requested customer data, but 70 percent of the brands failed to personalize their email messages.
Email Personalization
Not only did personalization prove to lift transaction rates and revenue, Experian claimed personalized promotional mailings had 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates. For triggered email campaigns, personalization resulted in double the transaction rates compared to non-personalized triggered emails.
Experian’s research showed personalized subject lines delivered 26 percent higher uniq…

Is it Time to Give Your Mobile Marketing a Push? [infographic]

Responsys would like y’all to know that if you’re not using push notifications as part of your mobile marketing strategy, you’re leaving money on the table.
As much as 76% of consumers have enable push notifications on their phone and, this is the important part, marketers witness 50% higher open rates with push notifications versus email–and double the click-through rates!
Here’s further information…in case you need a push!

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How To Generate A Money-Making Test Hypotheses

We were contacted this week by a company that offers hundreds of online games all on one site. The site’s home page displayed dozens of colorful tiles, each linking to a game.

To find out how we might improve on this, I went straight to our online gaming expert: my 13-year-old son. I sent him a simple email: “How can we make this site better?”
Here’s what he wrote back:
I think it needs a more home-like homepage. It looks like it’s jumping in to the “pick a game” attitude a bit early. A homepage that shows the most played and featured games that also includes tabs at the top listing the different genera. This is how I would like to look at the first page of a website.
(This is verbatim. He uses the word “genera,” which is the plural of the word “genus” and is used to classify populations. I had to look it up. Doesn’t this make you think that conversion science is a genetic thing?)
Many who looked at the site would come to a similar conclusion. Conversion expert Tim Ash says, “The job of th…

(not provided) – The Alternative Path to Organic Keyword Data

As a direct result of Google switching to a secure connection (https) and encrypting user searches, we have been witnessing how an increasing amount of keyword data in Google Analytics fell under the (not provided) category. While in November 2011 about 12% of search queries were ‘not provided’, the percentage rose to 50% by August 2013, 80% by December 2013 and is closing in on 100%. (source: Slowly, we reached the moment we were [...]
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How Twitter Plans To Fix Its User Growth Problem

Twitter’s first earnings report was a mixed bag today: strong on revenue, but weak on user numbers.
Twitter’s monthly active userbase (MAU) reached 241 million at the end of Q4, but that’s only an increase of nine million users during the quarter. It’s the smallest quarterly increase in MAUs over the past two calendar years. In the US, Twitter added only a million new users during Q4. And the market is punishing the company over the slow user growth, with the stock down about 18 percent in after-hours trading as I type.
CEO Dick Costolo knows the company has a user growth problem, and on today’s earnings call he promised that Twitter will be “doubling down in 2014″ to fix it. He was quite frank — more revealing than most CEOs are on earnings calls — about some of the company’s specific plans to grow its user base:

A simpler on-boarding process for new users, including native mobile sign-up.
More rich media experiences.
More conversation-based updates.
A new, topic-based discovery feature to…

Marketing Day: February 5, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Twitter Beats With $243 Million Revs, Mobile 75 Percent Of Ads

Twitter reported quarterly and 2013 full year earnings this afternoon. The company easily beat financial analysts’ top-line expectations with $243 million in revenue. That represented growth of 116 percent year over year (YoY). For the full year Twitter said that it had just under $665 million in revenue. The company sustained a loss of $511 […]

Google’s AdWords Boss Susan Wojcicki Becomes YouTube CEO

Susan Wojcicki, Google employee #16 and current Ads SVP, is going to be the next CEO of YouTube. She replaces Salar Kamangar, who will remain with the company in another role according to Re/code. Wojcicki confirmed the move in a tweet earlier today. She takes over the site at a time of transition as YouTube tries […]

Amazon Revs Its Advertising Power: Launches Video Ads Powered By F…

TV Ads Go Better With Hashtags? Twitter Says So

As Twitter gets set for its first earnings announcement later today, the company continues its full court press for ad dollars with claims today that television ads go better with Twitter.
The company shared details from three separate studies — all commissioned by Twitter — that look at the relationship between TV ads and Twitter users/activity.
The primary findings from each study:

Using hashtags in TV commercials drives positive brand conversation. One study found that TV ads with hashtags had 42% more Tweets about the ads than those without hashtags.
Twitter users are less likely to change channels during commercials. In a different study, only eight percent of Twitter users tune away from TV ads, compared to 17 percent of TV watchers that aren’t on Twitter.
Twitter users are more likely to remember TV commercials. In the third study, Twitter users had a 53 percent recall of TV ads, compared to 40 percent for non-Twitter users.

Twitter knows that it’s the default “second screen” for TV …