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Marketers: The Busier Things Are, The Less You Should Be Testing

Any experienced A/B or multivariate tester has probably encountered a situation similar to the following:
You are put in charge of testing a new design on the company website. You set up the test with your testing platform, making sure that visitors are randomly assigned to the old and new experiences.
A few days later, you check back on the results and are thrilled to see that the new experience is a clear winner, with statistically significant improvement over the old. You excitedly report the results to your boss, and the web team rolls out the new design the next day.
But then, things start to go awry. Click-thru rates tank, bounce rates skyrocket, and the performance soon dips lower than what the old experience had maintained.

What went wrong?
A Decision Made Too Fast
When this happens, it is usually one of two reasons. One possible cause is difference in experience/ad fatigue rates, which we will not cover here. The other, simpler reason is that you may have been a little too quick to…

Domaining for Links

Whatever topic you need your future links for, you can acquire domains with a lot of authority links directed at it even before you need the link value. Once you need the link value, you already have a batch waiting to be used.

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Facebook Advertising Proceeds with Caution

Whose afraid of the big bad ad unit? Facebook! In the last 24 hours, a number of stories have popped up on the web that show Facebook’s reluctance to ramp up their ad sales. Not that they don’t have good reason to be cautious. An advertising misstep could lead to a user revolt. But who thinks that would actually happen?
People are always saying they’re going to quit Facebook for one reason or another but what would it really take to get even a quarter of them to go?
Could auto-play video ads chase them away?
According to Mashable, Facebook has slowed the launch of their controversial video ad unit. It might be summer before we see these ads because Facebook is still studying the results of the ONE test they ran. Really? Or maybe they don’t have a lot of companies lining up to pay the estimated $1 to $2.5 million. Some say it’s a good deal because the ad will run at the top of every newsfeed. But remember, it’s going to run without sound so it will be easily ignored. Whose ready to take a…

Marketing Day: February 12, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Facebook Cuts HasOffers & Kontagent Out Of Mobile Marketing Partner Program

HasOffers and Kontagent are out of Facebook’s mobile marketing partner program. The social network dropped the two companies for policy violations including holding onto data too long and not requiring advertisers to update their privacy policies to notify users of data collection, AdExhanger is reporting. According to the report, the app developers that rely on […]

Survey: Only 6 Percent Of SMBs Have Mobile Sites, 45 Percent Don’t Have Any Site At All

Local directory and advertising provider Hibu published a study on small businesses (SMBs) and mobile marketing in the US and UK. It was based on a survey of 1,800 US and UK SMB respondents conducted in November and December 2013. The sample included a range of industries and business sizes. The survey found that a…

Apple to Mobile Apps: Show Ads or Lose Your User Data | Google Treats Self Just as Maddeningly As It Does Other Sites | Microsoft: Oops, Our Censoring for Fascists Wasn't Meant for U.S. Market

Mobile: App makers are once again upset at a sudden Apple policy change, this time with its decision to disallow apps from employing the mobile equivalent of a cookie unless the app is actually serving ads. The always-silent Apple's motives remain unknown, but concerns over misuse of the personally identifiable information may have been seen as [...]

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