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An Easy Way to Deal with Friend Requests on Foursquare

What do you do when total strangers send you friend requests on Foursquare? You probably have been ignoring such requests and they keep accumulating over time.
There were more than 1000 friend requests in my Foursquare account and it was time to clean up the list. Foursquare doesn’t offer a “Select All” option so you cannot accept, or reject, the pending friend requests in bulk. And it would take just too much effort to click that Accept or Ignore button manually as you’ll have to do that for each pending request.

Accept or Ignore Foursquare Friend Requests in Bulk
Fortunately, there is an easy workaround. You can run a simple command in the JavaScript console of your Chrome Developer Tools console and it will accept or cancel all the requests (video).

Go to the website and choose Friends -> See All Friend Requests
Open the JavaScript console using the shortcut key Cmd+Alt+J (on Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+J (on Windows). Alternatively, you can go to Chrome menu and choose Tools -…

Surprise! YouTube is Auditing Your View Count for Fraud

I’d like to think that hard work and quality content are the keys to success on YouTube. But we’ve all seen those bad, useless videos that have more views in a week than most of us will see in a year. Sure, bad videos do catch on. Sometimes it’s because they’re so bad and sometimes because a celeb took pity and gave a young tuber a boost. In both of those cases, the video may not deserve the attention but they got their views organically and honestly.
The guy who pays a third-party service to inflate his views – not so much and YouTube is cracking down.

As part of our long-standing effort to keep YouTube authentic and full of meaningful interactions, we’ve begun periodically auditing the views a video has received. While in the past we would scan views for spam immediately after they occurred, starting today we will periodically validate the video’s view count, removing fraudulent views as new evidence comes to light. We don’t expect this approach to affect more than a minuscule fractio…

Marketing Day: February 14, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Tablet Traffic: iPad Used Most, Surface Used Most Consistently

Ad network Chitika has released new data about North American tablet traffic and usage. To generate the report the company looked at “tens of millions of North American tablet impressions” between January 20 to February 2, 2014. Overall the iPad drives far more traffic in North America than its rivals. However Microsoft Surface users “generate a […]

Rebel With A Twitter Cause: CMG Sues Twitter For Ownership Of @JamesDean Account

Last Friday, The Hollywood Reporter disclosed a lawsuit filed by CMG Worldwide against Twitter. CMG, a firm that manages the commercial real estate of deceased celebrities, is suing the social media site along with five John Does, whose identifications are protected by Twitter, for unauthorized use of James Dean’s name and image. Representing the James [……

Microsoft to Torture Ad Shops with Review | Mobile Media Seeing Better Take-Up, Or Not | Facebook to Catch Up to Yahoo Circa 2004 with Groups

Agencies: Microsoft reportedly is putting its ad accounts into review. That roster, including UM, Starcom MediaVest and a rogue's gallery of trendy creative shops, has been surprisingly stable over the decades. Word to the competing agencies from MarketingVOX staff who have pitched and run these accounts: the winner will be even more arrogant than the client [...]

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