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The Inside Scoop From An Ad Agency Search Pro: 5 Questions With Lowe Campbell Ewald’s SEO Manager

The world of ad agencies has come a long way since Mad Men’s Don Draper was running things. To be considered a full service agency today, social and search teams are now integral to an agency’s overall offerings.
Hillary Glaser serves as Lowes Campbell Ewald’s SEO Manager, an ad agency that defines itself as a, “Full service, fully integrated advertising and marketing communications agency.”
“The SEO department at Lowe Campbell Ewald has been around for a several years, but the title of SEO Manager is still relatively new,” says Hillary Glaser.
Joining the firm in 2012, Glaser got her start in SEO more than a decade ago creating social media and marketing content as a copywriter and editor for travel and e-commerce websites.
“Coming to an agency was new for me,” said Glaser who worked in-house leading a marketing team prior to her current role. Based in Detroit, Glaser says Lowe Campbell Ewald’s SEO team members are split among the agency’s analytics and media departments, but work with a…

10 Things All Great Public Speakers Have In Common

When was the last time you gave a talk to a crowd of more than 5 people and felt great about it? No, your toast at your cousin’s wedding doesn’t count! Your palms go sweaty and your knees go weak just at the idea of speaking in front of a crowd-full of auditorium. There isn’t anything dreadful in this world than fear of public speaking, right? I myself, being a typical introvert, have been an [...]
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Philips Tests a GPS System for Your Shopping Cart

Looking for salsa?
In 3 feet, turn left. In 2 feet turn left. In 2 feet make a U-turn. Arriving at destination on your right.
Phillips is working on a smart lighting system for stores that will help consumers locate what they need while gathering all sorts of shopper intel. Apple has been testing a similar concept with their iBeacon system which detects consumers as they move past a display. The system can send out a coupon or a recipe or other related information to encourage the consumer to stop and shop.
Phillips’ system takes that concept to a new level by placing those sensors in the ceiling lights giving the system an overview of shoppers as they move around the store. (The image of a mouse in a maze comes to mind.)
The system is designed to communicate with the customer at a variety of stages.
First, the shopper picks a recipe in the store app. It’s for guacamole, so the app then leads him to the veggie aisle using the overhead lighting system to track his movements.
When he arrives…

Marketing Day: February 17, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Report: New Global Internet Growth Will Mostly Be Mobile

Late last week, the Pew Research Center released the results of multiple country surveys about mobile technology adoption and internet usage. The countries in focus were 24 “emerging markets,” including Russia, China, Pakistan, Philippines, various South American markets, Turkey and South Africa among others. The associated report has a lot of statistics about user behavior, […]

What Marketers Need To Know About Mobile Usage During Holiday 2013

If Santa hasn’t already gotten himself a smartphone, it’s about time he did. With US smartphone penetration now at nearly 65%, there is nary a name on his nice or naughty list that isn’t addicted to their handheld technology. And this year, shoppers turned to their devices en masse to help them navigate the gifting […]

What Does Omni-Channel Bran…

Deductibility of Adspend Still in Jeopardy, Perhaps Less So | Major Search Trends | Google Policy Change Reversion Feeds Speculation on Adwords Affects on Organic Results

Ad Tax Apocalypse: Prospects for a tax body blow to ad expenditures may be receding slightly as one of the senate committees that deals with such matters saw a leadership change to a senator who is perceived to have a more moderate opinion on whether or not to limit the tax deductibility of ad expenses as [...]

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At Current Rate, Yahoo Search Dead in 2021 | Google Pulling More Scam Ads | Facebook Squinting, Sipping Ensure: 'Who Needs Teens, Dagnabbit?'

Yahoo Deathwatch: Even Bing is growing at the expense of Yahoo in the search category, with Yahoo showing a record low of about 11 percent. At the current rate of share decline, the last Yahoo search user will press the purple button on July 15, 2021. Search: This year's Bad Ads Report showed many more ads being [...]

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