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Top 12 Steps to a Better Online Reputation [infographic]

In my new book, Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation, I provide a practical guide to building, managing, and repairing your online reputation. To get you started, here are the top 12 steps you should take in online reputation management.

Thanks to the Avalaunch Media guys (one of our sponsors) for helping once again to create a fine infographic.

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LinkedIn’s Long Form Professional Publishing Tools Opens To All Members

Since launch in 2012, LinkedIn’s dynamic publishing platform has been aimed towards top societal influencers like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Bill Gates. Today LinkedIn is opening their publishing platform to all users so that they can publish long-form original content. The program to date has been very successful with Influencer posts seen by 31,000 professionals on average.
With the new open publishing platform a user can author a long-form post that will help them increase their overall awareness through their original content. Once a post is created, it will become part of their professional profile and is shared with their professional network. Today 25,000 members will have access to the publishing capabilities and more users will be added steadily in the coming months.
This is a smart move for LinkedIn as there is no downside to having user generated content on their site. It will help the professional social networking giant compete against other upcoming publishing venue…

10 Ways To Cure The Post-Holiday Email Blues

Now that we’re beyond the volume increase around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, are you suffering from the post-holiday email blues?
After having sent so much volume to drive holiday sales, you may need to get back on track with relevancy in your email campaigns. Try these strategies for engaging your holiday subscribers in 2014.
1. Reward Subscribers That Purchased During Holiday
Say thank you to your subscribers that purchased during holiday. Don’t follow up with an automated post-purchase email; send an authentic, dedicated thank you message that includes a bounce-back offer.
2. Promote Price Drops
Think beyond the typical clearance emails to push winter inventory. Now that prices have dropped on products, send a targeted message with dynamic content to showcase items a subscriber had passed on, to alert them of the new sale price.
3. Target New Subscribers That Didn’t Purchase
Holiday was a time for increased site traffic. This likely resulted in an increase in new email subsc…

Conversion Optimization For E-Commerce Shopping Carts

E-commerce websites come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: the shopping cart. For something that is so easy to do in real life, the online shopping experience is usually done so badly you’d think some companies were trying to turn away shoppers. Those companies that get it right find themselves on the Internet Retailer 1000 list.

When you don’t have an e-commerce team to make regular changes and ensure that people find what they want and buy more stuff, what should you be doing to increase conversions?
When 1% Means 6 Figures
You need to create a clear picture of your average online purchase transaction, minus shipping, taxes and sales, no matter what they are buying. This metric will give you a good starting point to determine what a customer is worth. As you dig deeper into your analysis, you can do this same thing by product category, but at least start out with the average transaction price.
So, how can even 1% improvement in your visitor to transaction r…

Find the Most Optimized Ad Sizes for your Website

Go long. Go wide. Go big. Google recommends that AdSense publishers switch to wider ad formats as more Adwords advertisers target these ad sizes, more competition among advertisers leads to higher eCPMs thus translating into increased earnings for the website owner.
The statistics suggest that the best performing banner sizes are the 336×280 Large Rectangle and the 300×250 Medium Rectangle. In addition to standard IAB units, the AdSense program now supports custom-sized ads which may serve even bigger rectangular ads. Will they perform better than the standard ads?
There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and what is working on my site may or may not be the most optimized solution for some other website. As a publisher, you need to run A/B tests on your site for about a week and only then you can you reach a conclusion based on the CTRs and CPMs of individual AdSense ad units.

Split Testing isn’t a new concept for most AdSense publishers but with the introduction of asynchronous responsive …

Marketing Land Summit Preview: “The Display Ad Of The Future: It’s All About You” By Trueffect’s Tim Mayer

The Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit will give you a big picture look at the issues that will impact your marketing plans for this year and beyond. The new, day long program features keynote level, Ted-style solo presentations from industry visionaries representing search, social, content, email, display and more. The speakers we’ve invited are seasoned professionals, acknowledged thought leaders, inspiring communicators. People who will wow you with their insights and motivate you to chart new territory in your own marketing campaigns. Today’s preview:
Tim Mayer – CMO, Trueffect
Tim Mayer, Chief Marketing Officer, Trueffect of Trueffect is well-known in the industry having been both a keynote and conference speaker at numerous online shows, including SMX. Tim directs Trueffect marketing with an extensive background as a product manager, product marketer, direct marketer, and general manager. He came to Trueffect from Trada, a crowdsourced paid search marketplace where he was Chi…

Am I Really Addicted To My Gadgets And Software?

I currently use an iPad, iPod Touch (for music), BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, one palmtop, a mini laptop and two highly sophisticated Laptops; not to talk of the highly powerful desktop I have in my study. What kind of life is that? Don’t I sound crazy to you? Who in his right senses would know the right thing to do and still fail to do it? Only a crazy person of course; only that I am crazy with style and class; I AM ADDICTED!!! Oh my, Unthinkable!
And I am not alone; I have once read of a woman who deactivated her Facebook account because she was concerned with the amount of time she spent on it. She said what had started as her favorite hobby (an urge to share and chat) mystically turned into a demanding and anti- social addiction that had practically taken over her life. The last stoke that broke her camel’s back was when she completely forgot about a long-planned reunion with a friend one evening simply because she’d been sidetracked by mindless Facebooking.
Obsessed Addictio…

How A Blogger Like You Should Moderate Blog Comments

In the past, me along with many other shouters have shared various guide to use commenting as a blog marketing and promotion tool. We also informed you about SEO benefits of blog commenting, and if you have missed it; here are some guides which you should open in a new tab and save it for reading later. A practical guide on blog commenting for marketing A huge list of spam comments which looks Genuine Today [...]
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Content Theives Rake in a Quarter of a Billion in Ad Dollars Per Year

It’s 2 o’clock. Do you know where your ads are?
According to the Digital Citizens Alliance, a large number of your legitimate ads are working to support online content thieves. They estimate that these rip-off sites will earn around $227 million in annual ad revenue. The 30 largest sites that specialize in downloaded movies, music and TV shows will each make more than $4 million.
Even if you don’t agree that download sites cut into entertainment industry profits, is that where you want your ad dollar to go?
Good Money Gone Bad: Digital Thieves and the Hijacking of the Online Ad Business” calls out four types of sites and happily names names. The biggest offenders are the 144 peer-to-peer file sharing sites. Then there are the 283 Linking Sites. These sites don’t actually host any content, they just act as a giant card-catalog for downloadable material. There are 75 Video Streaming Host Sites and 94 Direct Download sites. These are the ones where you can upload large files to share with …

E-commerce Sales Up 8% In January, With 20% Of Mobile Orders Happening On An Android

Marketing analytics firm Custora says US e-commerce sales were up eight percent this January over January 2013.
While combined offline and online transactions were down 0.4 percent last month compared to a year ago, Custora claims January was a strong month for e-commerce, with a 6 percent increase in traffic to e-commerce stores.
Based on e-commerce transactions from over 100 retailers and 70 million shoppers, Custora’s data also revealed a slight increase in the average conversion rate last month, holding at 2.2 percent compared to 2.1 percent in January 2013.
Mobile accounted for a third of January’s online transactions according to Custora. The company’s data revealed 20 percent of online orders occurred on an Android device, up 6 percent from last January when 14 percent of orders were made on an Android.
E-commerce Transactions for January 2014 by Mobile Device

Custora’s data also showed January’s Average Order Value (AOV) climbed 1.3% over January 2013′s AOV numbers.
“This indicates …

Facebook Exiling Partners Over Privacy Fears | Yahoo Search Outsourced, 'Contextual Search' Becoming New Product | ExchangeWire to Media Buyers: Get a Real Job | Google to Glass Users: Be Less Creepy

Privacy: AdExchanger's Zach Rogers ran to ground the saga of how privacy jitters appear to have caused Facebook to kick some quite large mobile ad tech firms out of its special mobile measurement partner program. The piece is an unusual example of actual reportage in the ad tech trade space. Search: Yahoo, having farmed out its search business [...]

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