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Google to Publishers: Talk to the Hand | Yahoo Launches Mobile/Native Ad Network | Facebook Gives Blank Check to Comms App Firm

Publishing: Google's Dart for Publishers ad serving platform is lopping off the small customers, telling them that they will no longer be supported, although they're welcome to continue using the technology without bothering Google with service calls. Sources told AdExchanger that the "small" sites included at least one site that exceeded 200 million monthly impressions. That [...]

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Canada: Google at Fault on Privacy | Google: Blame Advertisers | Advertisers: Blame Canada

Search: Google's retargeting ad system - in the hands or ROI-maximizing advertisers - apparently has the power to violate Canadian privacy laws. As Canada took Google to task, the search engine firm blamed advertisers for applying its technology inappropriately in the case of ads targeted to people who have variously indicated certain health conditions. Changes are [...]

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Google Analytics Now Showing Up On Google+ Page Dashboard

According to a Google+ post from Daniel Waisberg, Google+ Page dashboards now include Google Analytics monthly metrics.
“If your page is linked to a website that has Google Analytics you can now view your monthly metrics (and comparison to last month) from your Google+ dashboard,” claims Waisberg.
Waisberg, an analytics advocate at Google, included a screen shot in his post showing how the Google Analytics metrics are displayed, listing new visits, unique visitors and pageviews. Along with his screenshot, Waisberg added the following information from the card’s tool tip:
This card shows Google Analytics data for the website associated with your Google+ page. To change the card view, please configure the default view under your Google Analytics property.

(Image credit: Daniel Waisberg Google+ page)

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Link Building on a Budget

Have more time than money, but want to beef up your backlink profile? It can be done. These four strategies will help you, over time, become far more resistant to algorithm changes and diversify your traffic sources to increase rankings and traffic.

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Top 12 Twitter Directories To List YourSelf and Gain Followers

Want to grow your Twitter Following? Get rid of the “It’s a thing for the celebrities!” thought and start growing your following right now! Here at ShoutMeLoud, a lot has been discussed on growing Twitter following, and you will find many posts to help you grow your Twitter followers. Before I link out to all old posts, what if I told you there are many less hassle and easy way to gain followers on Twitter? [...]
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Never Forget Mobile Phone’s Charging USB Cable at Home

With Phone’s becoming smarter, battery drains have increased significantly. While traveling or moving away from home, one thing essential to be carried along (of course after Mobile phone) is its USB Charging cable. Smart device you are carrying is nothing without its charger. Pretty much dumb, isn’t it?
Considering this issue and importance of carrying Charging cable, NOMAD has come up with a revolutionary product called ChargeKey. It is basically a USB charging cable for Phone, tablet, etc but really portable. This way one can never forget to carry charging cable.

Smartphones and tablets these days can be charged just by plugging into USB of Computer / Laptop so no need of even power adapter. While travelling, it is easy to find someone with laptop or a place with desktop computer which can act as power source for charging.

So small in size that you can tie it up in keychain or maybe carry in wallet.

Not just charging of battery but also this cable can be used for data transfer or sync

In Q4, 55 Percent of All Email Opens Happened on a Mobile Device

In Q4, 55% of all email opens happened on a mobile device. I’m repeating this title phrase because I know that many of you have never viewed your own customer email blasts on a mobile device – let alone multiple devices. I know this, because if you did, you wouldn’t be sending out the wonky emails that I see every time I try to read my email on my iPad.
It’s better – for sure and I’m bolstered by that fact. But the reality is that the number of mobile email readers is increasing and with that, the number of mobile initiated sales.
The data comes from Yesmail’s new Email Marketing Compass report. Look at all the dollar bills! Mobile sales that came in via an email click increased 52% from Q3 to Q4. That’s right, not year-over-year, but quarter-over-quarter. Clearly, mobile was a big part of holiday 2013. Just imagine how important it’s going to be to holiday 2014!
Here’s an interesting note, desktop email viewership also increased but only by a tiny amount. So were did all the extra peopl…

Marketing Day: February 19, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Yahoo Gemini Brings Together Mobile Search & Native Ads In Single Ad Marketplace

Yahoo has announced a new ad marketplace that combines mobile search and native ads. It’s called Yahoo Gemini and it’s available as part of Yahoo Ad Manager, the company’s existing self-service ad buying platform. Here’s how the blog post from Yahoo’s Jay Rossiter and Adam Cahan (both SVPs) explains Yahoo Gemini: With Yahoo Gemini, advertisers […]

Infographic: The Blogging Food Groups & Do You Serve Well-Balanced Content Meals?

Everyone loves desserts, but you’ve also got to eat your vegetables to be healthy. Does the same hold true with blogging? That a “healthy” blog won’t just be all funny videos and meme images but also contain a balance of others and more substantial content? If so, then knowing your “blogging food groups” may help. […]

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How to Get 100 GB of Free Storage on Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive is now called OneDrive. The service is similar to Dropbox or Google Drive except that Microsoft is giving away Gigabytes of free storage space, 100 GB to be precise, to both new and existing users.
To reclaim your free space on SkyDrive OneDrive, all you have to do is visit the website and sign-in with your Microsoft (or Live) account. If you have happen to be among the first 100,000 users to try the new OneDrive service, the bonus space will be credited to your account.
The extra space is valid for a period of one year.
OneDrive offers apps for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android device and if you happen to turn on the camera upload function on these device, another 3 GB will be added to your account. Then there’s the Dropbox like referral model earning you .5 GB for every referral up to 5 GB.

Read more about the OneDrive launch on the official blog.

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comScore Scores More Data Partnerships | Study: Stolen Content Earning $227MM in Online Ads

Metrics: comScore, not content with its shiny new Google deal, is partnering with big data providers Acxiom and Epsilon. Publishing: A new study finds that sites that steal content are making close to a quarter billion dollars annually on advertising. Publishers face a whack-a-mole task of issuing take-down requests to sites stealing their content and "Google juice." [...]

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