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Twitter Slips onto Slope of Paid Placement | DC Agreeing on One Thing: Tax Ad Spending

Advertorial/Native Ads: Twitter leaped onto the slip-and-slide that is paid placements in search results by enabling Promoted Accounts to show up as recommended feeds to follow based on advertiser-defined categorizations. Regulation: The latest Republican budget proposal gives more ammunition to those wishing to do away with allowing all advertising to be counted as a business expense for the [...]

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6 Things To Watch For Better Gmail Deliverability

For most email marketers, reaching the inbox at Gmail is difficult, and trying to discover why emails aren’t reaching the inbox is downright confusing, if not nearly impossible. (Though Google is reportedly piloting a feedback loop program for email service providers (ESPs) that might help address this.) For now, Gmail’s Bulk Sender Guidelines offer general advice for marketers sending to Gmail subscribers, but they lack specifics.
At Return Path, we recently analyzed hundreds of thousands of campaigns from thousands of senders to find out what marketers should be paying attention to.
1. URL Shorteners: URL shorteners are a clever way for spammers and phishers to hide links to spam and phishing sites; as a result, Google will block most of them if used in bulk mailings, especially
2. Unsubscribes: Gmail had been allowing its users to unsubscribe from marketing emails when they clicked on “this is spam,” but only if the sender had included a list-unsubscribe in the header, which i…

Why SEO is About Pull, Not Push

It is undeniable that organic search will remain a prevalent and profitable marketing channel for years to come, but in the short term it will be critical to think of, practice, and sell SEO as something larger than a way of marketing. Here's why.

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Study: Keep Subject Lines At 6 To 10 Words Or Try A Song Lyric To Lift Email Open Rates

After analyzing more than 260 million emails across 540 retail email marketing campaigns, marketing analytics firm Retention Science found email subject lines kept at six to ten words resulted in a 21 percent open rate.
According to the study findings, while six to ten word subject lines delivered the highest open rate, email subject lines with five or fewer words generated a 16 percent open rate.
Retention Science claimed 52 percent of the emails the company evaluated had subject lines with eleven to fifteen words, dropping open rates to 14 percent.
Email Open Rate by Number of Words in Subject Line

While some studies have reported email marketing mobile open rates as high as 65 percent, Retention Science said 35 percent of the emails in its study were opened on a mobile device, reinforcing the importance of keeping subject lines short:
Given that most smartphones only display five or six words of a subject line, being brief and concise is even more critical in the mobile marketing world.

Step-By-Step Guide To Write An Effective Website Tagline

There’s something skeptical to taglines. For once it seems like it is what that makes a brand, but sometimes it feels like just another laughing stock. “Just do it”, “I’m lovin’ it”, “Eat fresh”, “Because you’re worth it”, “Gives you wings”; you can tell the brand names in the blink of an eye as far as these are considered. But what is it that separates the taglines of these massive giants from yours? Two things [...]
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How to Write a program in c to convert decimal to binary

Decimal to binary conversion in c programming language. C source code for decimal to binary conversion: Algorithm: Binary number system: It is base 2 number system which uses the digits from 0 and 1. Decimal number system: It is base 10 number system which uses the digits from 0 to 9 Convert from decimal to ...
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Facebook, Google Get American Idol Partnerships, Take Aim At Twitter’s Second Screen Dominance

Aiming to cover all its bases, and upend the current “second screen” hierarchy, FOX’s American Idol announced partnerships with Facebook and Google today to give AI fans new ways to interact with the show during the live finalist performances.
Facebook will power real-time voting progress updates on-air during select live shows. Facebook’s on-air visuals will let viewers see how finalists are faring in the voting for the first time.
Facebook has been making a play for second screen viewers for some time now, but the real-time data angle is a newer tactic for the company. You can tell from the official statement that Facebook has got bigger plans in mind.
“Integrating content from Facebook into AMERICAN IDOL’s live broadcast brings a new dimension to the viewing experience and enhances the connection fans have with the show and its contestants. With nearly 11 million fans of AMERICAN IDOL on Facebook, and all of the conversations people are already having on Facebook around live televisio…

Google Offers Local Media a Helping Hand with Private Ad Exchange

The internet does a great job bringing people together from all over the world, but we still have a need for local news. For local newspapers, it’s been a rough road of late. According to Pew’s 2013 State of the News Media Report newspaper readership has been on a slow, but steady decline.
And what happens when readership falls off? Ad revenue follows.
In order to make up for the decline in print advertising, news outlets have no choice but to pick up the slack with online advertising. But as you can see from this chart, online is far, far away from matching what was lost.
This is all hard enough if you’re the New York Times, but when you’re The Day Connecticut or the Barstow Desert Dispatch it’s even tougher. Sure the NYT has to make more money to keep the presses rolling but they have a bigger budget and maybe more importantly, they have a dedicated sales staff. Small papers are small businesses which means every employee has to wear many hats.
In order to help level the playing field, …

Marketing Day: February 26, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
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Google Brings Its Nexus “Launcher” To Other Android Devices

Google Nexus devices (i.e., Nexus 5) have featured Google Now prominently as well as “OK Google” hands free voice search. But now the company is rolling that experience out to a slightly broader array of devices. Google Play devices can now get these same features by installing the “Google Launcher” (app). Below are the “new” […]

Yandex And Google Partner To Open Up RTB Display Inventory

Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, has announced a new partnership with Google that will open up display inventory to their respective advertisers. Google’s DoubleClick clients will gain access to the display ad inventory available on the Yandex Advertising Network. Likewise, Yandex advertisers will be able to enter real-time bidding auctions on the DoubleClick AdExhange. The […]

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Want People to See Your Facebook Page? Tag a More Popular Page in Your Post

Facebook is finally doing something nice for businesses – so drop everything and listen because this doesn’t happen all that often.
Starting right this minute, when you post to your Page and you tag another Page – Facebook might show your post to the followers of that other Page.
Facebook’s example is confusing because they use Bleacher Report tagging Dwight Howard. Now that seems like they’re tagging a person but it’s really a Page. Now people who follow Dwight Howard might see this Bleacher Report post in their timeline.
Here’s a clearer example. Say I have a Page for my small skateboard shop. I only have 1,000 likes and my Page reach is lousy. So I post a message about a great skate park that I saw on TransWorld. I tag them in the post. They have 805K followers, some of which might see my post. People who are interested in what I sell, might see my post.
Yes. It’s amazing.
Says Facebook:

This already happens with updates from friends — if a friend tags me in a photo, my friends may see t…