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The Sale After The Sale: The New Reality Of Selling Display Ads

In my current role leading the sales organization at, I have the pleasure of interacting with all levels of media buyers representing local and national brands, advertising agencies, trading desks, publishers, ad networks and resellers. Predictably, the contacts making media-buying decisions within these companies span a broad range of age and experience levels. While no universal statement is true for every individual, I can confirm that those that buy online media today are genuinely confused. They are under a sales and marketing assault by vendor representatives that are often confused themselves. And why wouldn’t they be? For instance, among programmatic solutions today, vendor representatives are presenting solutions that often access common inventory sources and common data sources, while leveraging features with common names such as “look-a-likes,” “algorithms” and “transparency.” The truth is that the genuine differences between vendors are often highly technical

10 Huge Online PR Mistakes You Must Avoid

Press releases have a part to play in link building campaigns. Is your press release actually newsworthy? Is it getting to the right people? Is it focused? Is it structured properly? These are just 4 of 10 avoidable online public relations mistakes. via Search Engine Watch - Latest

Marketing Land Summit Preview: “From Content Marketing To Media Company” By Copyblogger Media’s Brian Clark

The Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit will give you a big picture look at the issues that will impact your marketing plans for this year and beyond. The new, day long program features keynote level, Ted-style solo presentations from industry visionaries representing search, social, content, email, display and more. The speakers we’ve invited are seasoned professionals, acknowledged thought leaders, inspiring communicators. People who will wow you with their insights and motivate you to chart new territory in your own marketing campaigns. Today’s preview: Brian Clark – Founder & CEO, Copyblogger Media Brian Clark is a serial entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, and the host of New Rainmaker, debuting in January of 2014. Brian built three successful service businesses using online marketing techniques before moving to a completely online business model. The result of that move — Copyblogger Media — is an innovative compa

Twitter Moves Beyond The Tweet, Shares First “Impressions” Metrics For Oscars

As the race for second screen dominance continues, Twitter is changing how it reports its own TV-related reach. In a new blog post , Twitter says tweets about Sunday night’s Oscar Awards had 3.3 billion impressions worldwide in the 12-hour period from 5:00 pm ET Sunday until 5:00 am ET Monday. That’s “billion” with a B. This is the first time Twitter has revealed a total impressions figure, and it’s a change from Twitter’s typical reporting of tweet activity. In fact, just a few hours after the Oscars ended, Twitter posted that there were 14.7 million tweets about the awards telecast, and 17.1 million if you include the red carpet and post-Awards activity. What Are Twitter “Impressions”? The new impressions figure is obviously a lot different than a count of tweets. Twitter says impressions are “how many times Tweets are displayed to users” , which makes it something akin to page views. Twitter says the impressions figure includes views that are generated when news outlets and

Marketing Day: March 4, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Microsoft Board Chair: Company Culture Must Change Tech journalism tends to focus on “who’s winning,” who’s buying whom and new company products. Rarely is there much discussion of organizational culture. But that’s often the hidden “X variable” behind success or failure. In a candid statement to Fortune, Microsoft Board Chairman John Thompson likened Microsoft to IBM 25 years ago and acknowledged that the […] Why Spending Big On Extraordinary Content Marketing Is A Good Bet There is more to ranking for your target keywords than just writing great blog posts and then hoping you will eventually rank for what you want to. Many marketers that have found great success by spending thousands of dollars creating exclusive tools, content and videos. Though the tools themselves aren’t set up to adequately monetize […] Thismoment Launc