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Live Blog: Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen at #SXSW

Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, co-authors of “The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business,” are touring again in support of this week’s paperback release of the 2013 book.
Wednesday, when they appeared at a conference in Santa Monica, Ca., most of the headlines focused on Schmidt’s prediction that robots will be omnipresent in the future, “… in a good way.”
Today, Schmidt and Cohen stop by South by Southwest Interactive in Austin. Our live coverage will start at 12:30 p.m. Central time:

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Apple, Samsung Gain, Windows Phone Plateaus In US — comScore

This morning comScore released its latest US smartphone report. These monthly missives have become largely static documents with little change among the various players. Indeed, the OEM and OS share charts are basically consistent the past several months.
Apple gained a point and Android lost a half a percentage point. Microsoft seems to have hit a share plateau in the US, while BlackBerry continues its slow, painful decline into the abyss.

On the OEM side Samsung and LG gained slightly (as did Apple) while Motorola (soon part of Lenovo) and HTC continued their respective slides. While Lenovo may be able to revive Motorola it’s not clear that HTC can do anything to advance vs. Samsung. It would need a breakthrough product to revive momentum.

The report further says that smartphone penetration is now nearly 67 percent in the US. I would project that it will be nearly 75 percent by year end.
The most interesting part of these comScore smartphone reports is now the ranking of mobile sites an…

Report: Apps Nearly 90 Percent Of Smartphone Internet Time

Nielsen released a new cross platform report. Among other things it compares time spent with various media. TV remains the king of all media by time spent per day. That’s followed by traditional radio and then smartphones.
The report also compares app vs. mobile web usage by time spent. While Men and women spend roughly the same amounts of time accessing the internet on smartphones, women spend roughly 5 hours a month more than men using tablets.
Smartphone usage

As the chart above indicates 89 percent of smartphone internet time is spent in using apps. Eleven percent of time is spent using the mobile web. When it comes to tablet based internet access the time difference by gender is much greater, with women spending five hours more per month than men on tablets.
Looking at mobile web vs. app usage on tablets, the chasm is not quite as great. Just over 80 percent of tablet time is spent with apps vs. 19 percent using the mobile web. That makes sense; the larger tablet screen offers a bett…

Facebook News Feeds Get a Face Lift

(Not so) Big News! Your Facebook news feed is about to undergo yet another transformation. Are you ready for the big reveal?

Let’s play a game. What’s changed?
Frankly, not that much but it’s still visually very different. First, the page now has a light blue background which makes the left sidebar pop because it’s not widgetized. The central feed and right sidebar are made up of white boxes on the blue background. It’s a little tight for my liking. I wish they’d put more space between the two.
The big change is in the post layouts. Before, the profile icon was off to the side of the post and there were no boundary lines marking the edge of the post. The photos are larger – much larger but Facebook says this won’t change how ads are handled so there’s no need to rethink your creative.
It does mean you should rethink your branded posts. Long, narrow photos hang to the right of the new box leaving unsightly whitespace on the right. They just don’t have the impact of a horizontal photo …

Marketing Day: March 6, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

What’s Old Is New: Jonah Peretti’s BuzzFeed Memo On Building A New Media Empire In 7 Takeaways

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti posted a staff memo comparing the media empire BuzzFeed is building now to media empires of the past. Don’t have time to read the entire thing, which is over 2,000 words long? That’s OK. We’ve broken it down for you into seven key points: 1. Time magazine began in the 1920s […]

Apple Targets Brand Sensibilities: Will Debut Full-Screen, In-App Video Ads

Full-screen video ads that launch automatically on iPhones and iPads will soon be a reality. According to a report in AdAge, Apple will debut the TV-like video ads through its mobile ad network iAds at some point this year. The ads would mark Apple’s entry into the heated race to lure brand TV budgets online […]

Study: 60 Percent Of Adults Switch Screens During The Day


Use Professional Photographs from Getty Images for Free

The gorgeous photographs that you see on news websites are licensed from companies like Getty Images and Corbis. Anyone can purchase the rights to use these images but the licensing (usage) fee for professional photographs is often prohibitive for most small websites and blogs.
Getty Images, the world’s largest online collection of news and editorial pictures, have added a new feature that makes their millions of professional images affordable for all. In fact, you can now embed pictures from Getty Images for free on your website. The pictures do not carry any watermark, there are no view limits and you can use any number of available images on your website.
Also see: Can I Use This Image from the Internet
Getty is following the YouTube model. You can embed an image from their website using a line of code and the embedded images, in future, may carry advertising. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

There are a couple of restrictions though. One, you cannot modify the size of images…

Apple Full-Screen Vid Ads Coming (Maybe) | Click Farming Works | 1800Contacts Case Just Might Be Dead, Finally

Mobile: Apple is gearing up to offer "interstitial" full-page video ads on its mobile devices, perhaps through the new ad exchange it is rumored to be developing. Auto-play and more interruptive ads have been the trend recently, as companies - even including the New York Times - attempt to establish critical masses of video viewership. Media: Jack Marshall [...]

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