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How Mobile Apps Can Nurture Brand Loyalty: Stories From SXSWi

Brands may think they’ve got it made when they’ve enticed a customer to download and install their mobile app. After all, they’ve gotten a coveted spot on that ever-present mobile device. But there’s so much more opportunity when it comes to nurturing customer loyalty. That’s the conclusion of a panel of mobile experts who spoke at South By Southwest Interactive in Austin on Saturday.
The session, titled “Mobile loyalty lifecycle: a battle for screen-time,” featured Michael Griffith, director of user experience at WPP app development agency Bottle Rocket, along with Ken Todd of Showtime Networks and George Mudie of News Corp. UK. Alyssa Meritt, mobile strategist at agency Urban Airship, moderated.
For adults who didn’t grow up in the age of mobile phones, today’s smartphone is practically a “magic” device, says Bottle Rocket’s Griffith. But now, he says, “the magic is gone.” Users’ expectations have risen along with the new capabilities of technology, he explains. And brands must step u…