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Experimental “Click-To-Call” Ads May Soon Boost Twitter’s Direct Response Offering

Since the Twitter’sIPO last fall there has been no shortage of innovation with ad offerings. From retargeting to tailored audiences to promoted accounts in search, Twitter has been busy. According to Digiday, a new test will focus on bolstering the Direct Response capabilities that the network can offer.

The new ad type being tested is a “click-to-call” action that will allegedly display a large button alongside an ad. The user will then be able to quickly call the advertiser with one click. This would be an attractive option for a variety of advertisers including local (booking events, making reservations) or lean gen (tracking calls and leads). Mix this with some of the other targeting options that Twtiter offers (such as tailored lists) and advertisers can try to spur phone calls from a current user base or target a specific user set that hasn’t yet interacted with the brand.
Twitter’s VP of global online sales, Richard Alfonsi, told Digiday “We’ve always been strong in terms of uppe…

The Best Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets

Google today introduced add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets and they certainly make the Google Office productivity suite more capable and more useful. If you haven’t tried them yet, open any Google document or spreadsheet in your Google Drive and look for the new add-ons menu.
For starters, add-ons in Google Docs are like extensions for Chrome. Just like Chrome extensions add new features to your browser, add-ons extend the functionality of Google Docs and Google Sheets. To give you an example, here’s the screenshot of a Twitter add-on I wrote for Google Docs and Google Sheets that you can use to find and curate tweets right inside your documents.

Twitter Curator is an add-on for Google Docs and Sheets

Anyone can write an add-on for Google Docs. All you need to have is some basic understanding of HTML, CSS (for styling the add-on) and JavaScript. The server side code is written in Google Apps Script which is similar to JavaScript but running on the Google Cloud.
Google Scripts vs Google …

How to Write an Add-on for Google Docs

You have seen examples of some really useful add-ons for Google Docs but wouldn’t it be great if you could write your own add-on, one that adds new features to your Google Docs, one that makes you a rock star among the millions of Google Docs users.
Well, it ain’t that difficult. If you know some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can create a Google Docs add-on.

Create a Google Add-on for Docs & Sheets
This step-by-step tutorial (download) will walk you through the process of creating your own add-on for Google Docs. The add-on used in the demo lets you insert a image of any address on Google Maps inside a Google Document without requiring any screen capture software.
Ok, lets’s get going.
Step 1. Open a new document inside Google Drive and choose Tools -> Script Editor. This is the Apps Script IDE where we’ll write the code for the add-on.
Step 2. Choose File -> New HTML to create a new HTML file inside the Script Editor and name your file as googlemaps.html (or anything you like).

Final ClickZ Live NY Agenda Reflects Rapidly Evolving Face of Digital Marketing, Advertising and Media

This post is provided by our Events Channel sponsor, ClickZ Live. Marketing Pilgrim readers can save $500 when using discount code “MPGM14″
After hundreds of submissions from brands and advertising agencies from all over the world, the ClickZ Live content team has selected over 110 speakers to help drive 60 sessions in what is set to be a thought-provoking and engaging week for digital marketers during at the New York Marriott Marquis.
Keeping pace with ever-changing consumer trends is not easy with digital media consumption across devices and engagement at record highs and set to grow further.
With real-time marketing very much at the forefront of advertisers’ minds, I will personally be speaking as a keynote at ClickZ Live New York on Reputation Management and discussing key takeaways from some of the global brands’ biggest reputation blunders of the past year.
Other agenda highlights to note:

Rethink B2B Marketing: How to Turn your Brand into a Digital Campaign Success Story featuring G…

How I Got 75% Discount on Prepaid Mobile Recharge

Here’s how I got recharge balance of Rs. 1000 by paying Rs. 250 only!
1. Download : for your Android or iOS.

2. Sign up with your Email ID

3. Enter your prepaid mobile number with country code

4. They’ve an introductory offer which gives you Rs. 1000 of balance by paying $3.82 which is equivalent to Rs. 250.

5. Enter credit/debit card details and you’re done!
It works for other countries (50 to be precise) as well and not just for India.

Not just Rs. 1000 but you can go for lower denominations too as you can see in above screenshot. You get 75% Flat discount on first recharge.
Source: Rahul Banker’s Facebook post.
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Buy Nokia X Android smartphone Price at Rs 8,390

Nokia has launched Nokia X, the first phone from the company to run on Google’s Android operating system. The phone, priced at Rs 8,390, will be available through online and offline retailers across India starting Monday. Nokia X was unveiled by Nokia on February 24, during the MWC at Barcelona in Spain, along with Nokia ...
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Marketing Day: March 10, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Welcome Change? Facebook’s New Brand Page Design Mimics Personal News Feeds

Facebook is simplifying the layout of its brand pages, announcing today that it will display page posts in a single column rather than the current dual display. Facebook said it will start rolling out the changes this week. The change will mean that a page’s posts will appear in the main well of content on […]

Pros & Cons Of Date Stamping Your Content

As content marketing continually increases in popularity, more and more content is being published each and every day. In fact, more than two million blog posts are written daily. With all that content being published, date stamping is an easy way for users to gauge the newness and relevancy of a blog post or article. […]

Report: Only 6% Of Buyers Claim Social Media Impacts B2B Buying Process

According to a recently p…

Are You a Digital Dinosaur? Prepare to Get Swallowed Whole

Dinosaurs must hate what they’ve become. They used to a symbol of power. Giant beasts to be feared. Get in their way and they’ll crush you or eat you. But in 2014, we view dinosaurs as old, slow, lumbering beasts who instead of evolving to a higher level, became extinct. To the T-Rex, being called a dinosaur was a complement. To the modern business owner, not so much. But it’s a pretty accurate label for companies that haven’t adapted to the digital revolution.
As Forrester Research points out in their new report, “The Future Of Business Is Digital,” this isn’t about simply having a web presence or an app. Digital is a part of every aspect of business from how products are made sold, to the gathering of marketing data, even how your employees are tracked and paid. And, though some businesses have been forced to transition faster than others, there’s not a single area that can afford not to change.
It begins with your customers. Forrester says that by 2017, 74% of the US adult online pop…

How will I Activate wire transfer in Google Adsense Account?

Yess.!!!!! This is good news for all the Indian Adsense publisher, that from now on-wards they don’t have to wait for 15-45 days for there earning cheque. As today, Google announced on its product forum that, now Indian Adsense Publisher will get there payment directly on to there Bank Account. Google is making change to ...
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Wire Transfer Payment Method Available For All Indian Adsense Publishers

What a great news, i don’t think the internet world would have been complete without the Indians, i have come across so many Indians and they’re really cool and knows “blogging“. Yess.!!!!! This is good news for all the Indian Adsense publisher, that from now on-wards they don’t have to wait for 15-45 days for ...
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