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Study Confirms Smartphones Now #1 Screen, Beating TV

A report released this week by Millward Brown takes a quantitative and qualitative look at multiscreen activity from a number of perspectives. The report is based on a global survey (n=12,000 respondents, 30 countries). The US sample was 444 people, with some behavioral monitoring and interviews.
I’m going to discuss just a few of the findings. However there’s a great deal of interesting material in the report, which is free.
While this has been asserted by others in the past, Millward Brown confirmed that in the US daily smartphone screen time has now surpassed TV. That’s also true worldwide. If one combines smartphone and tablet screen time the total exceeds TV by nearly an hour per day.

The US portion of the study also found that 41 percent of the TV audience was simultaneously using a mobile device (tablet, smartphone). For that multiscreening audience, 70 percent are looking and “unrelated content” (called “stacking” in the report). The other 30 percent are exploring related content…

YouTube TrueView Ads Update Coming In April: What You Need To Know

YouTube’s TrueView video ads have become a wildly efficient way to reach large audiences at relatively low cost. Google has continued to refine the somewhat confusing options for TrueView ads and is set to make another change starting in April. This latest move is an effort to simplify the buying process while giving advertisers a full set of targeting options.
Google already axed the in-slate ads that showed in videos that were ten minutes or longer awhile back. Now, it will reduce the number of ad formats from three to two by rolling up TrueView in-search ads — the thumbnail ads that display in YouTube search results and are targeted by keywords — with the other thumbnail ad option, TrueView in-display, which show in the list of suggested videos. In-search and in-display both use the same creative assets, the only difference is where they run.
The two ad format options that will be available are in-stream and in-display. An overview:

In-display – These thumbnail ads will now be targete…

Mobile ad spending growth peaked in 2012, Google losing ground to Facebook

Sure, most people will look at the new predictions from eMarketer and see a “half full” scenario for mobile advertising spending.
That doesn’t make for interesting headlines.
What jumped out for me was the fact that mobile ad spending growth seems to have peaked. Not surprising, as any market eventually grows large enough that it can no longer support meteoric growth rates. After 120% and 105% growth rates over the past couple of years, mobile ad spending will grow a “paltry” 75% this year.

Perhaps the most important stat to watch is Facebook’s growth at the apparent expense of Google.

Also noteworthy, just how far Twitter is behind Facebook. Really Twitter? Just 0.2% uptick for 2014? Ouch!

via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

Do you like to watch (video)? Your customers do!

Take a mental picture of your current website in your head. Can you picture it? Do you see your headlines, and text and bullet points and all of those things?
Now, imagine your potential customer visiting your website for the first time and seeing all of those same things. What do you think they’re going to do? It’s probably going to be something like this.
1. Read headline. If headline grabs attention, then…
2. Move on to read first sentence. If first sentence begins to explain what problems you solve for them, then they read on…
3. At this point they are more than likely skipping…
Why are we making a text blog post about how people like to watch videos? Let’s do this in video. Watch below.

The point is…
It’s time to start thinking about how you can keep the attention of a new customer, and a simple video can do just that.
This is a guest post from our Video Channel sponsor Get your custom video for just $999!
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Judge throws our Gmail privacy case and it’s another legal victory for Google

Google’s lawyers are taking a vacation next week now that two big lawsuits are off the table. Yesterday, Google settled a 7-year lawsuit with Viacom over copyright issues. Today, a judge tossed out a class action suit involving privacy and Gmail.
Privacy and Gmail, you say? Excuse me while I throw a Jumbo Shrimp on the barbie.
The issue stems from Gmails habit of scanning your mail in order to send targeted advertising. . . I mean. . . protect you from spam. Gmail users said that this was an invasion of privacy so a small group tried to file a class action suit on behalf of a larger body of users.
According to Bloomberg, a win could have resulted in damages of $100 a day per person for violating federal wiretap law.
Let’s be clear here. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh didn’t dismiss the case because it isn’t a legitimate complaint. She simply ruled that all of the injured parties can’t be represented by a single lawsuit because it’s unclear whether or not the individuals gave their consent. …

Google Search Can Now Take Photos, Videos, On Your Android Phone

So you want to take a quick photo or video with your Android phone? It just got a bit easier, at least for those who like to tell their phone what to do.
Google updated its Android Search app today, giving voice-activated access to cell phone camera and video features. Yes, it’s an incremental change, but points to the possibility of further enhancements for marketers.
Here’s how it works: Either tap the microphone or say, “OK Google,” then “take a photo” or “take a video” and the camera app launches in the preferred mode.

Note that in my experience, “shoot a photo” or “shoot a video” worked as well, with the caveat that I was never able to launch in video mode. That’s probably because I haven’t been able to install the update from the Google Play store, which as of this afternoon didn’t have the new version.
Reaction to the update on Google’s Google+ post was mixed. Many commenters scoffed that it will always be faster to open the camera app manually. Others wrote that the new feature wo…

Marketing Day: March 19, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Collective And ZenithOptimedia Tout Success Of Online TV Analytics Platform

Collective, an advertising technology company, announced this week that its partnership with advertising agency ZenithOptimedia shows how marketers can connect more effectively to their target television audience. ZenithOptimedia is using Collective’s TV Analytics platform to align online behavior of customers and potential customers with TV preferences. That data is then used to help determine what […]

Mobile Will Be Primary Channel For Paid Search By End Of 2015 [Study]

Looking at current trends, Marin Software predicts more paid search clicks will come from mobile devices than desktops by the end of next year. By December of 2013, mobile accounted for more than a third of all paid search clicks on Google. By the end of 2015, mobile devices will drive 50 percent of…

Collective And ZenithOptimedia Tout Success Of Online TV Analytics Platform

Collective, an advertising technology company, announced this week that its partnership with advertising agency ZenithOptimedia shows how marketers can connect more effectively to their target television audience.
ZenithOptimedia is using Collective’s TV Analytics platform to align online behavior of customers and potential customers with TV preferences. That data is then used to help determine what advertising to buy. ZenithOptimedia executives, presenting at the American Association of Advertising Agencies Transformation conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, said the platform has increased conversion, improved efficiencies and helped make inroads with competitor customers.
“About 78% of – or eight out of ten – shoppers use the Internet to research products and services. Collective’s TV Analytics product has been critical in enabling our clients to use real-time, in-market data to determine what networks and shows they should buy,” ZenithOptimedia President John Nitti said in a press r…

YouTube calms angry vidders with new tweaks in Content ID process

This past December, YouTube flipped a switch that instantly caused havoc with anyone trying to make a better living through video. The change caused their Content ID system to go on an aggressive rampage which left a huge pile of (erroneous?) copyright violation take-down notices in its wake.
Gaming videos were particularly hard hit, including those that were part of sanctioned channels – in other words, people who were given specific permission to do what they do, were slapped for doing what they do. Since removing every potential violation would have left YouTube looking like the shelves the day after the day after Christmas, they resorted to simply removing the monetization option.
Vidders were not happy and they had a right to be mad. Turns out many of the copyright claims were coming in from third-parties who didn’t even have a right to lay claim. What a mess. Even I got hit and I don’t have that many videos!
Now, it seems that YouTube is trying to make amends. They sent a letter ou… Confirms It’s Been Hit By Google Penalty

MyBlogGuest, a well-known service that helps pair writers and blogs for guest blogging, confirmed this morning that it’s been hit by a Google penalty.
Google has been aggressively going after companies that it believes are violating its SEO guidelines in recent months, particularly link networks. This is first penalty that we know of against what Google considers a “guest blog network.”
Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, recently warned that Google would target guest blogging, and then confirmed this penalty via Twitter early this morning.

Today we took action on a large guest blog network. A reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging:
— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) March 19, 2014

Although no specifics are given in his tweet, MyBlogGuest founder Ann Smarty confirmed a few hours ago that it was her site:

[Official] Even though #myblogguest has been against paying for links (unlike other platforms), @mattcutts team decided to penalize us…
— Ann Smarty (@seosm…

IgnitionOne Acquires Knotice To Build Out Its Digital Marketing Platform

Cloud-based digital marketing technology provider IgnitionOne announced today it has acquired the privately-owned digital marketing platform Knotice.
According to the announcement Knotice’s technology will be “seamlessly” integrated into the IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite, adding data consolidation and fidelity solutions, an email CRM, as well as mobile and cross-device capabilities.
“Today we see other large players attempting to piece together point solutions, but we have a strong advantage when it comes to the number of solutions already integrated,” said IgnitionOne CEO Will Margiloff in a release announcing the acquisition, “Based on the complementary capabilities of Knotice and IgnitionOne’s existing technologies and shared vision of our teams, this integration will move forward quickly and smoothly, to the benefit of our clients.”
The announcement did not disclose any financial details on the acquisition, but did claim the combined company now will have more than 420 employ…