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Native Ads the New Porn for Copywriters | 60 Percent of Homes Have Internet TV | Agencies Further Dragging out Publisher Payments

Content: Back in the 80s and 90s, reporters and copywriters would sometimes supplement their income by moonlighting as anonymous porn writers, a practice they would keep secret for fear of getting fired from their day jobs. Today's ill-favored side business? Writing for native advertising. Video: A Diffusion Group study indicates that about 60 percent of households have at [...]

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Report: February E-commerce Sales Up 10% Over Last Year, Outperforming US Retail Sales

According to Custora’s latest reports, last month’s e-commerce revenue climbed 10 percent over February, 2013.
The growth in online sales represents a significant increase compared to overall US retail sales which Custora says grew a meager 1.5 percent compared to last February.
Tracking over 100 US retailers and 70 million shoppers, the report revealed transactions were also up 12 percent year-over-year, along with average order value which experienced a slight one-percent growth rate.
Custora’s numbers show mobile e-commerce continues to grow, with purchases made on smartphones and tablets climbing from 14 percent in 2013 to 19.5 percent this year:
Mobile e-commerce continued its strong growth in February, increasing its share of the total e-commerce pie by 45 percent over 2013.
2014 E-Commerce Sales Compared to 2013:

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All India Bakchod, a startup that lives and sells humour

It is quite an achievement in India if your YouTube channel shows up as the first result when you Google for ‘bakchod’. The word ‘bakchod’ basically refers to an Indian slang used for a person who talks nonsense. No dispute here, sex, politics and religion are the most used (and abused) topics during the cherished ‘chai-time’ conversations in India. Someone had to pick these discussions from the dining tables, offices, classrooms and restaurants. Enter Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba, the co-founders of All India Bakchod, a startup that lives and sells humour. India’s foremost comedy podcast, All India Bakchod has come a long way since they started in 2012. The duo is driven by their innate ability and curiosity to explore human follies. It seems to have worked every single time but how was it the very first time? What triggered or rather annoyed Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba to take their sanity (or insanity) to the nation, err… people? All India Bakchod is now two years old. Las…

FreeKaaMaal’s journey to 200k users and 4.5 mn monthly traffic

Hailing from a humble family, Ravi Kumar completed his engineering from the JSS Academy of Technical Education in Noida in 2009. He worked as a web developer for a year and also got through to NITIE, Mumbai, for a course in MBA. The year was 2010 and the e-commerce wave was hitting India. It was during this time, pretty early in the wave, that Ravi realized the potential of the secondary industry over e-commerce — deals and coupons. And this is how FreeKaaMaal came into existence. There is tough competition in the space with the likes of CashKaro, CouponRani, and others. Let us hear from Ravi how he has braved the competition and is scripting his success story. How did you begin on this journey? RK: I always had this desire to start something of my own. College days are the best time for that as you don’t have any pressure and most importantly nothing to lose. In 2010, e-commerce was a big buzz and everybody was talking about daily deals and group buying sites. At that time I started …

Klout To Be Acquired By Social Management Software Company Lithium Technologies

Lithium Technologies, a social customer experience management software company, released a statement today announcing it has acquired Klout.
According to the announcement, the acquisition creates, “One of the biggest data footprints of consumer attitudes, preferences, and activities on digital channels.”
Lithium claimed the combined companies will have access to 500 million consumers across 10,000 specific interest areas and more than 300 branded communities. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.
“With Klout, Lithium fully delivers on its vision of building a trusted online connection between consumers and the brands they care about,” said Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff. Brands like AT&T, Best Buy and Skype use Lithium’s technology to manage their social networks.
Lithium said Klout CEO Joe Fernandez will be part of its executive team, serving as a general manager and SVP, managing Klout operations. A post by Fernandez on the Klout company blog claimed Klout users will sti…

UK Watchdog Clears Microsoft’s Scroogled-Style Radio Ad Against False Advertising Claims

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cleared a radio ad attacking Google’s privacy practices against complaints that it amounted to false advertising.
In the decision announced yesterday, the ASA rejected two complaints about an ad promoting Microsoft’s Outlook email that said it — unlike Google’s Gmail service — doesn’t scan the contents of emails to sell ads.
The radio ad begins with a voice speaking in Pig-latin, followed by a narrator who says “Pig Latin may be hard to understand, but you probably need it if you use Gmail, because Gmail scans every word of your e-mails to sell ads. But doesn’t.”
In its decision, the ASA admits that both companies scan emails for the sake of identifying viruses and spam, but that Microsoft’s ad is specifically referring to scanning emails for ad targeting:
We acknowledged that scanned e-mails for viruses and spam messages, and that this was not referred to in the ad. However, we understood that this was standard pr…