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Showing posts from March 31, 2014

Trying to Build Android Brand, Google Mandates “Powered By” Label

Credit: Android Police

According to multiple sources last week Google is now requiring a “powered by Android” indicator on all devices that use the Android operating system as a precondition of gaining access to Google Play. was the first site to confirm the new mandate.
The branding must be displayed as the phone boots up. There are a number of specs that indicate placement and size. The following image was obtained by Android Police.

There was no explicit rationale provided. However there’s considerable tension between Google’s efforts to standardize the Android experience and hardware makers’ efforts (specifically Samsung’s) to “own” the device and differentiate it from other commodity providers of Android hardware.
It’s interesting that Google is doing this now and seeking to raise the profile of Android as a distinct brand. Over on the tablet side Google might want to start cracking down on low-end tablet makers’ use of the Google brand to sell their substandard devices.

The …

Social Media Via Google Glass: Florida Agency Has An App For That

Sig Varela, GM of b2 Miami Downtown Hotel (Photo courtesy Tambourine.)

A number of independent hotels are due to start using Google Glass later this year as part of their content development and social media marketing efforts.
Tambourine, a Florida-based agency that specializes in hotel and tourism-related marketing, is working on Glassware that will help its clients develop and distribute visual content — photos and videos — for use across multiple social networks.
When it’s finished, the app will allow “a large number of hotel/destination employees (across multiple departments) … to capture compelling images, video and anecdotal experiences with no interruption of their regular duties.” Those images will be sent to the hotel’s social media team for review, and accepted content will be automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.
There are, of course, some obvious potential privacy issues when hotel employees begin taking photos and videos that may include …