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Email Senders Stymied By Yahoo’s Adoption Of Anti-Spoofing Measure

Small businesses using email addresses to send to their customers or prospects have run into significant trouble getting messages delivered this week, since Yahoo Mail instituted a security change that’s resulted in an untold number of bounces.
And the problem isn’t likely to be short-lived, as these bounces may result in recipients being removed from email lists entirely, due to their addresses’ bouncing. This could cause a serious amount of damage to companies’ email lists, as they may lose a large percentage of subscribers inadvertently.
In a discussion thread on Yahoo Answers related to Yahoo Mail, one business owner complains:
I can’t receive orders from my website, and my customers can’t receive order confirmations and status updates. My site is clean, with no chance of spam, so why is this happening and how can I fix it?
It’s happening, according to email expert John Levine, because Yahoo over the weekend implemented a change that basically tells all recipients, including…

Invest in You: Attend a Workshop at SMX Advanced

Successful marketers invest time learning new skills and perspective-changing ideas. That’s why we’re offering six unique workshops and summits featuring leading experts on June 10 at SMX Advanced. Choose from:
Search Engine Land Summit: Attend for new perspectives and inspiration on search engine marketing. You’ll hear presentations from nearly a dozen pioneering search marketers, each discussing a topic they believe will change the way you approach your profession. Moderated by the editors of Search Engine Land.
Advanced AdWords Training: Boost your PPC campaign performance with this full day of AdWords best practices and advanced strategies. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions to increase your Quality Score, learn how to sync your ad copy with both your keywords and buying cycle stages, and plenty more.
Bruce Clay SEO Training: Constant algorithm changes, search features and spam detection keep you on your toes and your rankings in flux. Learn techniques that will help you improv…

Native Advertising Still Befuddles Marketers: 73 Percent Don’t Know What It Is, Just 9 Percent Budget For It

Source: Copyblogger

It turns out native advertising, the buzzword that seems to have publisher and advertiser aflutter these days, is still very much misunderstood among marketers. A whopping 73 percent of say they have no idea or hardly a clue about what native advertising is according to Copyblogger’s 2014 State of Native Advertising report.
The results are based on a survey of 2,088 respondents, most of whom are Copyblogger readers and thus likely to be marketers. Just 3 percent of those respondents said they are very knowledgeable about native advertising.
The results are somewhat surprising in light of the attention surge the format has received in the past year as evident in the Google Trends chart for the term.

Publishers are eying new revenue streams and advertisers see the ads as a way to couch their messages in the ethos of editorial. The Online Publisher’s Association shows 90 percent of US publishers either already offer or plan to offer native advertising opportunities this y…

Are Guest Blogs Forked?

The last couple of weeks have given rise to a lot of cussing and discussing, regarding penalties levied against sites on both ends of the guest blog spectrum. Here are a few things that should help keep you safe from a guest blogging-related penalty.

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18 Must-Have Paid Tools for PPC Success

Sometimes free tools aren't enough. In enterprise PPC, or for tougher tasks like landing page optimization, paid tools are necessary to make an impact – here are 18 tools that will pay for themselves many times over in improved results.

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Marketo Announces New Capabilities, Partnership With Acxiom For B2C Real-Time Personalization

At Marketo Nation Summit, its annual customer conference this week, the company is announcing several new features and a big new partnership with third-party data giant Acxiom.
The new platform capabilities signal a market repositioning for Marketo as the provider of a powerful, yet simplified marketing platform – or more formally, a customer engagement platform — that facilitates marketing automation, email and campaign management, real-time personalization and budgeting and planning.
Jon Miller, VP, product marketing at Marketo discussed the market and Marketo’s positioning in a call last week, explaining that there is a set of companies looking to play in this space: Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, IBM all offering a “marketing cloud” versus a “marketing platform”. The difference being, while the others are aiming to provide a complete marketing stack, Marketo wants to be the foundation of a business’ marketing efforts and offer easy integrations with tool it doesn’t provide.
“We think thi…

LinkedIn Business Users Not Happy With Move To Eliminate Product And Services Pages

LinkedIn’s plan to discontinue Product and Services pages on company pages, effective April 14, has raised the hackles of vocal group on the network’s help forum.
LinkedIn, which announced the change via email last month, suggests that companies focus their efforts on posting updates from their accounts, noting that such posts are more apt to reach followers feeds, or creating Showcase pages.
Showcase pages, LinkedIn says, are designed to highlight a particular brand or product. They give customers the ability to follow the Showcase page, and therefore receive updates about the focused product from the company.
But many LinkedIn page managers and consultants aren’t happy with the alternatives. They are upset that the Showcase pages only allow a 200-character description and, unlike the sunsetting Product and Service pages, that they don’t offer the ability for customers to leave recommendations. Many also believe that managing Product and Service pages are more manageable for small busin…

Google Glass Sets Its Sights On The Enterprise With ‘Glass At Work’ Program

Google has a vision for Google Glass, and it’s not just about making a consumer-friendly wearable device. Google also wants the device to appeal to businesses that want to use Glass to serve their customers and improve their bottom line.
To that end, Google launched a new program late Monday night called “Glass at Work.”
The idea is to make it easier for businesses that want to take advantage of Glass in some way to connect with developers that want to serve the enterprise market.
Something [we're] very excited about is how Explorers are using Glass to drive their businesses forward. A number of companies have already teamed up with enterprise software developers to create new ways to serve their customers and reach their business goals.
To make that connection easier, Google is inviting developers that are focused on the enterprise space to complete this form.
In its announcement, Google cites APX Labs, a company that worked with the Washington Capitals NHL team on an app that provide…

Google Rolling Out New Bulk Linking Feature For Adwords Accounts

Google announced today it is launching a new linking process that will allow Adwords account users to link all their accounts at once.
According to the announcement, the new “linking wizard” will be available for users who have access to an Adwords MCC (client center) with multiple Adwords accounts.
From the Google Analytics blogpost announcing the launch:
The new account linking wizard allows you to select any of the Adwords accounts in which you have administrative access…Many users want to quickly find unlinked Adwords accounts and link to them, and the new wizard makes this easy. To link additional accounts, just mark the “X” in front of each account, and then continue.
Because the new linking process enables bulk linking from the Analytics property level versus the account level, Google says it will benefit anyone managing multiple properties in a single Analytics account:
If you have different teams of people managing each property, you no longer need to give them access to the full …

Google Expands App Indexing

Google in December began showing content from Android apps by including a link directly to the app. Google is now expanding the number of apps that are utilizing this search technology, with an additional 24 apps, including Pinterest, AOL, and more.

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