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Facebook Tracks Users with Obscured Locations, Hopes Folks Won't Mind as Much | Google Analytics Changes | Exchange Media Price Pressure Brings New Uses

Privacy: Facebook is hoping that by tracking individual users by general location rather than by specific latitude and longitude, people won't freak out. Maybe there has been a lot of executive turnover over at Facebook in the past couple of years, so they don't retain much institutional memory. Pando has a review of initial reactions from [...]

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Facebook Extends Its Lead In Social Referral Traffic, Shareaholic Data Shows

Facebook has extended its lead as the leading driver of social media referrals, according to Shareaholic’s first quarter social media traffic report.
Facebook traffic accounted for 21.25% percent of the share of visits — a gain of nearly six percentage points over the social network’s December figure — on Shareaholic’s network of 300,000 websites. Shareaholic says its network gets 400 million unique monthly visitors on “sites ranging from independent lifestyle blogs to publishing companies to commerce sites.”
Pinterest, Shareaholic’s referral traffic runner-up, has also showed significant growth since December, jumping 2.31 percentage points to 7.10% of overall referral traffic.
The rest of the measured social networks, continued to languish by this measure, with Twitter the only source of more than 1% of referrals, at 1.14% in March. The rest of the March results: Stumble Upon (.99%), Reddit (.21%), YouTube (.09%), Google+ (.08%) and LinkedIn (.04%).

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Report: Facebook Set To Announce Mobile Ad Network At F8 Conference Next Week

Facebook, which up to now has concentrated its advertising sales efforts in its own environment, will soon launch a mobile ad network, according to a post today in Re/Code.
Citing “multiple sources familiar with the matter,” Re/code reported that Facebook will announce the move at the “F8″ conference next week in San Francisco. From Re/code:
Facebook will pitch the ads to publishers and developers as a way to leverage the social network’s vast database of user information for better ad targeting. And Facebook wins by expanding its ad reach — now it can make money from its billion-plus users even when they’re not on Facebook’s own properties.
Mobile advertising already accounts for more than half of Facebook’s ad revenue. In the last three months of 2013, revenue from such ads was 1.24 billion, so a move to extend Facebook’s advertising reach has long been anticipated.
In January it took preliminary steps toward that end with a test that placed ads in third-party mobile apps.

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Get To Know: TRIS3CT Chief Creative Officer Chris Cancilla

Chris Cancilla serves as the chief creative officer of Trisect, a Chicago-based ad agency working with leading brands like Kawasaki and Kimberly-Clark.
Cancilla originally joined the agency in 2011 as its executive creative director. He was instrumental in delivering the agency’s signature Ninja 300 campaign while leading the creative team for Kawasaki. As chief creative officer, Cancilla is charged with expanding Trisect’s creative capabilities and reputation.
For nearly 20 years, Cancilla has been creating breakthrough, award-winning creative campaigns that live across channels. Fluent in offline, online and retail communications, Cancilla says he is most inspired by the challenge of seamlessly integrating these points of contact.
Before joining Trisect, Cancilla was an SVP, group creative director at Y&R Chicago. While at Y&R, he led multi-discipline campaign development for brands as diverse as Sears, Dave & Buster’s, The Red Cross and Hilton Hotels. His “Turf Wars” campa…

How to Track When People Print Web Pages on your Site

You have made your website printer-friendly but you are not too sure if people are actually printing any of web pages. And if they are, you would probably like to know how frequently they print pages from your site and what kind of content is printed more often.
There are multiple ways to print a web page.
You may use the File->Print menu in the browser or press the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut (or Command+P on a Mac) to send the current web page to the printer. Some web pages have a dedicated PRINT button on the page itself that internally executes the window.print() method to print the document.
We therefore need a solution that can track and capture the print action on a web page irrespective of the method that was originally used to send that page to the printer. That’s where Google Analytics will help.
Track Printed Web Pages with Google Analytics
What we need to do is add an invisible 1×1 tracking image — similar to the one we used for Gmail read receipts — – to the printed version of…

Why? What? How? Rule in Writing Blog Post?

I’m going to share one Blog post writing tip which I usually follow when writing about any topic, reviewing any tool or when it’s not a news post. This one tip will not only make your article interesting and meaningful but will also make it actionable/doable. Not to mention, these are three important attributes of a quality article, that Google likes. One of the most common way people start writing an article/Blog post is, directly [...]
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A Beginner Guide to WebHosting Packages

Back in 2008 when I stared Blogging, I had no clue about Webhosting, domain or even What it takes to start a WordPress Blog. Over the time I learned things like Webhosting, cPanel, FTP and so on. Thanks to my engineering background, I learned many things by reading and many things I learned with the help of friends. No matter how you learn, but if you are one of those who are working online (Blogging, [...]
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