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Report: NBCUniversal Executive Says Social Media Doesn’t Drive TV Ratings

Among the basic assumptions behind Facebook and Twitter’s battle for second-screen dominance is that social media helps drive deeper engagement and better ratings for television content.
But one television executive said there’s no evidence of such a connection. NBCUniversal’s head of research Alan Wurtzel told the Financial Times is “not a game changer yet” in influencing television viewing.
Wurtzel based his claim on NBCU’s experience broadcasting 1,500 hours from the Winter Olympics in Sochi this February. Only 19% of Olympic viewers posted on social media during 18-day event, and NBC concluded that high-rated events were more likely to drive social media activity than vice versa.
“A lot of people want to show that they are on the cutting edge. One of the things that is on the cutting edge is social media,” Mr. Wurtzel said. “Why wouldn’t I want to say to you, ‘We have a potent new way in which we can drive ratings?’
But “it just isn’t true”, he added. “I am saying the emperor wears no…

Survey: Marketers Say Ad Budgets Will Keep Shifting From TV To Digital Video

IAB Survey Shows Digital Video Budgets Growing, TV Allocations Shrinking

In the next three to five years, original content developed for online consumption will be as important to advertisers as TV is now, according to a new survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The industry group surveyed 297 brand marketers and advertising agency executives ahead of the Digital New Fronts in New York — the two-week pitch party by digital media companies to lure brand dollars to the burgeoning medium.
The majority of respondents said they expect the budget shift to digital video to come from TV. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) said they plan to spend more on digital video advertising this year than 2013 and say that budgets will come from television. Half, however, also added that they expect overall budgets to grow to include digital video.
As more content producers are focusing on developing original online series, advertisers say budgets allocations will increase marginally from 47 percent in …

Get To Know: Bigcommerce’s VP Of Marketing Kirsten Knipp

With more than twelve years of technology marketing experience, Kirsten Knipp serves as Bigcommerce’s vice president of marketing, product marketing and brand.
She and her team of brand, creative and product marketers are tasked with educating and empowering clients to build business dreams via their own online stores.
Prior to joining Bigcommerce, Knipp held sales and marketing leadership roles at Solarwinds and HubSpot, where she led the creation of HubSpot’s Inbound Conference, a massive industry event for marketing professionals.
While earning her graduate degree from MIT Sloan’s MBA program, Knipp was honored as a 2003 Seeley Scholar, an award given for leadership, community contribution and academic achievement. In 2012, she was named one of SLMA’s 20 Women to Watch.
Knipp regularly lends her expertise in tech products and marketing to other businesses as a mentor, speaker, and content contributor. Based in Austin, Texas, Knipp and her husband started the online business RingSafe, a…

Buger King Resurrects Subservient Chicken Viral Campaign Under Premises Of Fowl Play

On the 10th anniversary of the famous Subservient Chicken campaign, Burger King has brought back the bird. In 2004 Subservient Chicken became a viral hit as users could visit the website and input commands that the chicken would perform (like moonwalk, urinate or lay eggs) from pre-recorded footage. Well now the chicken is back … kind of. The new campaign has resurrected the site, but old prompts tell users that the chicken is missing.

The chicken resurfaced last week on Instagram during Throwback Thursday as Burger King simply mentioned “We miss you, Subservient Chicken,” then took out half page ads in newspapers around the country that asked users if they’ve seen the “missing” bird according to AdAge.

The campaign is also going digital as Burger King is prompting users to #FindTheChicken and features last known whereabouts on the website. Next up, Burger King will show a 15 minute short on their site documenting the rise and fall of internet celebrities.
For more…

4 Reasons Nofollowing All Links is Absurd

Google is targeting links in spammy or low-quality guest blogs, and if you have these types of links you should absolutely nofollow them. But moving forward should we expect to change all links in a marketing campaign to nofollow? No. Here's why.

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Stories of 20 entrepreneurs from small towns in India

Largest company of the world in value added spices, one of Top 10 publishing BPOs in the world, India’s biggest exporter of hand-knotted carpets, largest machine tool manufacturer, largest honey exporter, and largest leather exporter all started up in small towns in India, not the big metros. Over the decades, big ideas and successful entrepreneurs
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