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Report: 70 Percent Of Mobile Ad Revenue Coming From “Interstitials”

China-based mobile ad network has released its first report on the state of global mobile advertising (for Android apps). The data are based on activity gleaned from 400 million unique smartphones globally.
While the company does business globally I would caution that AppFlood’s data, in addition to reflecting Android only, may skew regionally and not be fully representative of the North American or European trends.

Appflood says that global cost-per-app-install rates declined in Q1 to $0.30 globally. This is a global average. North American and European markets CPI rates are higher.
Publisher eCPMs climbed to an average high of $1.26 in February before falling by half in March. Regional data are not provided in the report. Hopefully they will break all these data down by region in future reports.

Appflood says that most of the ad revenue it sees is being generated by “interstitials.” That category represented a full 70 percent of global app-ad revenue according to the compan…

Report: Apple, Samsung Lose Ground To Chinese Handset Makers In Q1

New numbers out from Strategy Analytics show that smartphone shipments grew at 33 percent globally in Q1 2014. However market leaders Apple and Samsung lost share to Chinese handset makers Huawei and Lenovo.
Strategy Analytics’ numbers must be viewed with caution however because they’re based on the unreliable “shipments” metric and methodology. Shipments don’t equal sales to end users and certainly don’t equal usage and traffic in the real world.
According to the data, Samsung’s shipments-share loss was its first decline since late 2009. The lower end of the market is where competition is most intense, with Chinese makers gaining traction. Nokia has suffered there too.

Source: Strategy Analytics
Apple continues to be weak in developing markets and at the smartphone entry level because of the lack of a low-priced offering. The 5c was not as full-featured as the 5s and not aggressively priced enough to satisfy that “entry level” slot. However Apple arguably doesn’t want to compete at the l…

Microsoft’s NewFront Shows Interactivity Is At The Heart Of Xbox Originals Content

Microsoft’s nightclub themed NewFront presentation in a warehouse-like space in New York’s Penn Station focused on the developments from Xbox Entertainment Studios. Likely in response to complaints that Microsoft has been too slow to move in this area, Xbox Entertainment Studios president, Nancy Teller, — charged with delivering premium TV content — told the audience of hundreds of advertising industry movers and shakers that “building something substantial is going to take time”.
Xbox Originals content that will be coming out of Xbox Entertainment Studios is aimed primarily at gamers and to create television experiences that are extensions of the Xbox gaming environment. Jordan Levin, Executive Vice President of Xbox Entertainment Studios, said, “Games have been part of our DNA for at least the last 15 years, and creating original TV content is a logical next step in our evolution.”
The company still Microsoft did not have any previews of its “Halo” series executive produced by Stephen…

VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: What’s Next For Paid Search Marketing?

2013 was a year of big changes for search marketers, from the launch of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns and PLAs, to new cross-channel retargeting options, advances in real-time bidding and new ad formats.
Paid search is still the most effective and measurable digital ad medium, and in 2014, it will become more closely linked with display, mobile and social, and with offline marketing tactics. The coming year will see Big Data transform paid search, enabling advanced audience-based targeting for the first time.
Below, watch the keynote presentation Looking Forward: What’s Next For Paid Search Marketing in 2014? by Wister Walcott, co-founder of Marin Software, from the Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit at SMX West 2014.
Looking Forward: What’s Next For Paid Search Marketing in 2014?
Speaker: Wister Walcott, Co-founder and EVP, Products and Platform, Marin Software

Follow along with the presentation slides below:

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Digital Media Now > 1/3 of Agency Revenues | Guilty on Domestic Charges, RadiumOne's CEO Fired

Agencies: Digital media now accounts for more than a third of agency revenues, a landmark inflection point reached in only 20 years. Back in 1993, when agencies first started to dedicate full-time staff to the purpose, online media shared the lowest agency status, along with local retail advertising, matchbook covers and infomercial work. It is notable [...]

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360i Claims Its New Search Optimization Tool Removes Mystery Around Adwords Quality Scores

Digital marketing agency 360i announced today it has launched a search marketing tool to monitor paid search campaigns.
360i claims its new Digital Nervous System, or DNS, can help marketers better understand their brand’s Quality Score assigned by Google, and adjust their campaigns for better results.
“There are already scores of optimization tools that enable teams to work faster,” said 360i president Jared Belsky, “But what was missing was a technology that unlocks Quality Score – the central nervous system of Google’s auction.”
According to the announcement, 360i’s new platform removes the mystery of a brand’s Quality Score by using proprietary technology:
DNS helps resolve this by running data through proprietary algorithms that are tailored to a brand’s specific goals and calculating a health score based on metrics such as click-through rate, landing page relevance, creative messaging and keyword optimization. At any time, a marketer can see how a campaign is performing and can make…

4 Reasons Nofollowing All Links Is Absurd

Google is targeting links in spammy or low-quality guest blogs, and if you have these types of links you should absolutely nofollow them. But moving forward, should we expect to change all links in a marketing campaign to nofollow? No. Here's why.

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