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Facebook Offers Adsense-Like Mobile Net | Buzzfeed Worth Much? | Google: 1 in 20 Youtube Impressions Worthy of Brand Ad

Social: Facebook, having finally sold a significant portion of its existing avails, is now expanding its inventory by inviting publishers - or at least mobile ones - into a network akin to Google's Adsense. Biz Buzz: Buzzfeed, the company competing with Huffington Post and others for domination of the link bait market, is arguably worth more than a [...]

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E-commerce Q1 2014 Revenue Up 11% Since Last Year

Based on e-commerce data from over 100 US retailers, Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse report claimed online retail revenue saw an 11 percent year-over-year growth rate for the first quarter of 2014, with online orders up 13 percent compared to the same quarter last year.
Tracking online and offline retail revenue, the report showed online retail revenue has experienced a steady incline since 2000:
At the end of 2013, the share of online sales out of all retail sales in the US was six-percent, up from only one-percent in 2000, three-percent in 2006, and five-percent in 2012.
Online Retail Revenue Growth From 2000 to 2013

Custora says online retail revenue growth has consistently outpaced total retail revenue, with e-commerce experiencing a 16.9 percent increase in 2013, while total retail only grew 4.2 percent.
Mobile e-commerce numbers continue to increase as well according to Custora’s data. In the first quarter of 2014, retail revenue generated via a mobile device was up 35 percent over first …

Facebook’s Adds APIs To Help Media Unearth Better Public Stories

Facebook is playing catch-up to Twitter as a platform for hosting public conversations about live events. But Thursday at the Facebook F8 developers conference it announced four new APIs that might help even the playing field.
The APIs — Trending, Topic Insights, Topic Feed, Hashtag Counter — will allow media companies working with Facebook development partners to better discover public content and display it on air or online.
It’s a smart move by Facebook, which has struggled to unlock its semi-walled garden of social conversations. Everyone knows that Facebook’s 1.28 billion users discuss news and entertainment on the platform. (Facebook reported 120 million interactions about the Olympics, 45 million about March Madness and 185 million about the Super Bowl.) But up to now Facebook has a spotty record of helping media companies make use of the chatter.
“We actually believe that the highest value conversations and the very best stories are told across platforms and for different kinds o…

How to Prepare for Your Content Audit

Performing a content audit on your website is time-consuming, but also incredibly valuable. It will help you see what content is on your site, how well it's optimized, and necessary next steps for better usability, loyalty, and search visibility.

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VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: The Display Ad Of The Future

What does the future of online display advertising look like? A landscape very different from today’s, and one that disrupts current advertiser practices and beliefs.
Ads will evolve from interruptions in other activities to voluntary views that users seek out. Ads will be more interactive, and beautiful. Ads will be connected across devices and time, and thanks to better retargeting, will be more useful to your personal life.
Finally, measurement of ads will be much more complex and accurate, allowing advertisers to even more precisely tune messages to individuals — at scale. Learn how to prepare for this exciting new world of display ads like you’ve never seen before.
The presentation below is from the Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit at SMX West 2014.
The Display Ad of the Future: It’s All About You
Speaker: Tim Mayer, Chief Marketing Officer, trueffect

Follow along with the presentation slides below:

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Best Places For Google Adsense Ads To Earn More Money

Google AdSense is famous among the greatest PAY PER CLICK system in order to make more money on the internet through exhibiting their own advertisements upon the web site or blog. Find Best Places For Google Adsense Ads To Earn More Money. It’s also most well-known with regard to writers as well as this is
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Facebook Is Bringing The Like To Third-Party Mobile Apps

The Facebook Like is coming to third-party mobile apps.
Ime Archibong, Facebook’s director of strategic partnerships and pictured above, announced at the F8 developers conference today that third-party developers have been given the tools to add like buttons.
The like button for mobile apps is a natural extension of sharing functions that have been available to developers since last year.
In apps that take advantage of this feature, users signed into Facebook can share a song, article or other content and are presented with the ability to tag friends, limit the audience to specific people or groups, all the usual Facebook controls.
Platform product manager Eddie O’Neil said Facebook that many developers and users asked for the Like button and the tools are being made available today to developers to start testing.

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