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Amazon’s Cart Gets More Mobile: Now Add To #AmazonCart While Browsing Twitter

Reply with #AmazonCart to add the Banana Slicer to your Cart!
— Amazon (@amazon) May 5, 2014

Amazon has launched a new feature on Twitter that allows users to automatically add items to their Amazon shopping carts by including a hashtag along with an Amazon product link in a Tweet.
Users can reply to any Tweet with an Amazon product link — including those posted by the official Amazon twitter account, Amazon’s affiliates or sellers — with the hashtag #AmazonCart in the US — or #AmazonBasket in the UK.

After adding items to their cart, users can complete the transaction in their own time via the Web interface or Amazon app.
Users need to connect their Amazon and Twitter accounts to use the service.
While the feature on Twitter may not make a huge impact on sales immediately, it allows Amazon — and those in its ecosystem — to make Amazon discovery and commerce on mobile devices more seamless. Re/code reports that Twitter is not getting a cut of the …

Google’s Same-Day Delivery Pilot Goes Bi-Coastal

In a sign that Google’s pilot program for same day delivery has legs, the program is now available on both coasts. Consumers in Manhattan and the West Los Angeles area can turn to Google to get items from local shops delivered to their doorstep within a matter of hours.
The company began testing its same-day delivery program, Google Shopping Express, in the San Francisco Bay area last spring. The program is designed to marry the convenience of online shopping with the instant satisfaction of brick-and-mortar purchasing — and compete head-to-head with the Amazon Prime delivery service.
The Los Angeles service will be available to consumers in Culver City, Ingelwood, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles and Westwood. Retailers joining the service there include Costco, Staples, Target, Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, Walgreens along with Guitar Center, L’Occitane, and Smart & Final.
Google is already planning expansion in the area to other areas of Los Angeles, Bel-Air,…

Clean Up your Whiteboard Pictures by Email

Your mobile phone has an excellent camera but photos of the whiteboard aren’t coming out as good and clear as you would like them to be. Maybe there’s poor lighting in the conference room? Maybe your camera’s settings aren’t perfect for capturing whiteboard photos?
One little trick that will vastly improve the quality of your whiteboard pictures is available inside the manual settings of your cameraphone. Go to your camera’s manual settings, choose EV (Exposure Value) and add 1 or 2 “stops” (usually indicated by +2) before clicking the Capture button.
Then there’s a shell script that brightens and cleans up your whiteboard images using the popular ImageMagick library. It runs from the command line and all it needs is ImageMagick, a free image editing software that is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
If you find it a hassle to remember commands, there’s an even easier way. Capture the whiteboard scribbles with your mobile camera and send the picture as an email attachment to the foll…

Get To Know: DTS Inc. CMO Kevin Doohan

Serving as executive vice president and Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Doohan oversees all marketing functions at DTS Inc., the premier audio solutions provider for high-definition entertainment experiences.
In his role as CMO, Doohan manages brand and consumer marketing, product marketing, partner marketing, advertising and media, artist relations, public relations and corporate communications.
Prior to joining DTS, Doohan was the executive vice president of marketing at Machinima, a leading video entertainment network. Doohan’s team led the evolution of the company from an entertainment brand to a lifestyle brand with gaming at its core, and delivered millions of views to key series like HALO 4: Forward Unto Dawn and Mortal Kombat Legacy.
From 2008 to 2012, Doohan was head of digital marketing at Red Bull. Under Doohan’s leadership, Red Bull experienced explosive growth across digital channels, building engaged audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Doohan’s team also was respo…