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Sony KBC 8 Registration 2nd Question –KBC 2014 Kaun Banega Crorepati

Sony KBC 8 Registration 2nd Question –KBC 2014 Kaun Banega Crorepati: All the people who are interested in participating in the game should not let this opportunity slip past them and Take out your cell phones now and send you answers to take park in KBC 2014. For all the people who want to participate
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How to set master password in Mozilla Firefox – Secure saved passwords

There is still a debate goes on which web browser is safe and secure; personally I myself consider Firefox is good at both privacy and security. Just like other web browsers Firefox saves your login details for feature purpose and that is only if you grant permission. The next time when you revisit the website
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Google Snags Attribution Firm Adometry To Beef Up Google Analytics Premium

Today, Google announced it is acquiring marketing analytics and attribution platform, Adometry.
“Google Analytics Premium and its hundreds of customers, will now have an additional set of tools to accomplish their business and marketing goals,” said Paul Muret, VP of engineering for Google Analytics.
The Austin-based firm will continue to operate independently for the short term, but will eventually its team members will join the Google Analytics team. The focus, initially at least, is to incorporate Adometry’s powerful attribution modeling capabilities into Google Analytics Premium.
Adometry’s current customers, which include brands such as Levi’s, Lord & Taylor, Charles Schwab, Farmers Insurance and Hyundai as well as large agencies like MediaVest, Digitas Rise Interactive, iProspect and Optimedia.
While current contracts will be honored, “Longer-term, we’re excited to collaborate with our new colleagues at Google, including the Google Analytics Premium team, to offer great attribut…

10 Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert

PPC advertising will deliver targeted traffic, but it takes technical know-how to do it properly. An expert paid search analyst reviews every facet of your account, looking for areas to improve leads and sales. Here's why you should hire one.

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Facebook Headlines Small Biz “Bootcamp” Summer Roadshow

Facebook is launching a five-city summer tour to help educate small business owners about the platform and its advertising options (and hear from them as well). It’s called “Facebook Fit” (bootcamp for small business).
The half day sessions will also feature presentations from Legal Zoom, Intuit (QuickBooks) and Square. Part of the day will be devoted to Facebook education and Q&A. There will also be a local business owner panel in each city. The other sessions will discuss small business (SMB) finance, legal and accounting issues.

Here’s the program:
Facebook Workshops

Getting Started: Start using Facebook for your business
In–store Sales: Optimize Facebook to bring more people into your store
Online Sales: Use Facebook to increase sales on your website

Partner Workshops

Intuit Quickbooks: Six tips to grow your business
Square: Learn how to increase sales
LegalZoom: Legal help for your small business

Each city will feature two identical five-hour seminars. There’s a $25 registration fee but…

4 Social PPC Misconceptions

Social PPC can be a highly effective way to generate leads and sales. Because social PPC is still relatively new, mistaken beliefs abound about advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This post clears up four of the biggest misconceptions.

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Google Wallet Coming To Glass To Enable “Send Money” Via Voice Command

According to a source who spoke with TechCrunch, Google Wallet is coming to Google Glass. The idea is to enable users to send money to friends, family and others through Glass-based voice commands.
Last year at the Google developer conference, I/O, the company introduced the ability to send money through Gmail. It’s a simple, almost frictionless process. Square also offers a similar way (“Square Cash”) to send money to friends/family.
It’s not clear how many people are taking advantage of the send money feature in Gmail. Google hasn’t shared any data to my knowledge; and since I never hear about it I would guess the numbers are fairly low.
Devotees of Glass may appreciate the new capability. However Glass itself continues its bumpy rollout to a broader audience.
Google’s recent public sale of Glass apparently went well. But mainstream consumer interest in Glass remains very mixed or limited.
In March Google announced a partnership with Luxottica, which owns the Ray-Ban and Oakley brands. T…

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Launches Social Studio, A New Enterprise-Level Platform

Saleforce’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, the super group of social media marketing providers, today announced the launch of new social dashboard, Social Studio.
A product of Buddy Media and Radian6, social publishing and analytics companies that Salesforce acquired in 2012 and 2011, respectively, Social Studio is being billed by Salesforce as the Swiss Army knife of social platforms.
“Buddy Media and Radian6 pioneered social marketing software, and we are reinventing it today with the launch of Social Studio,” said Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud CMO Michael Lazerow said in a release. “As social becomes more intertwined with every business, customers are using our solutions more than ever before to power content marketing, social engagement, publishing, advertising and analytics.”
Some of the features:

Workspaces: Set-up and configure workspaces to organize teams quickly and easily by region, brand, or business function to power elegant collaboration structures dedicated to a simil…

Twitter (Finally) Invents Revenue Stream | Oldschool Ratings Belle at NewFronts Ball | Facebook Vid Metrics Catching Up

Social: In an honest-to-goodness innovation, Twitter has constructed a mechanism by which people can add items to their Amazon shopping carts by tweeting in response to things such as revenue-raising advertisements. There may be hope yet that even with Peak Twitter talk afoot, a serious revenue stream could launch the firms revenues to heights commensurate to [...]

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Amazon invites you to go shopping via Twitter

We’ve seen a dozen other attempts to allow people to shop via their Twitter feed but this might be the best one yet. It’s #AmazonCart and it’s a simple way to capitalize on our need to buy things the moment we see them.

Here’s the pitch: you’re enjoying all of the fun and interesting tidbits on your Twitter feed when you see a Tweet about your favorite movie coming on on DVD. Gotta have it. There’s an Amazon link to the product on the Tweet which you could click, but then you have to log in to Amazon and go through the trouble of clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Then you have to go back to Twitter to finish reading.
There must be a better way!
Introducing #AmazonCart – the fast and easy way to add anything you see on Twitter (with an Amazon link) to your Amazon Shopping Cart without ever leaving Twitter. It’s a miracle.
All you have to do is hit reply then type hashtag #AmazonCart. The item is then added to your cart and it will sit there patiently waiting for you to come over to Amazon…

Patent Verdict: Apple Wins The Round But Fails To Land A Blow Vs. Samsung

You have to wonder what Apple and its lawyers are now thinking. Last Friday’s patent victory did almost nothing for the company and nothing to deter or stop the momentum of chief rival Samsung.
After a hard fought and widely publicized trial, Apple extracted a jury verdict of just $119 million against the Korean company. It’s a far cry from the roughly $2 billion Apple was seeking. As a financial penalty it’s trivial; as a “moral victory” there may be some satisfaction there — but not much.
Apple won roughly $1 billion in damages — a landmark in patent litigation — from Samsung last January. Samsung has appealed that damages award. Apple will likely appeal the damages award in the latest case.

The fight will obviously continue. But it’s getting a bit futile (and even silly) for Apple. Whether you agree or disagree with the claim that Google/Android and Samsung are “slavishly copying” the iPhone — and two juries have to some degree — a tactical or strategy change is now required in Cupert…

Camera Embedded In Greeting Card Captures Moms’ Reactions

As Mother’s Day approaches, brands are doing their very best to come up with ingenious marketing stunts that are both heartwarming and, hopefully move some product.
One such effort comes from an agency called Lemz Amsterdam, which created a campaign that perfectly captures what is rarely seen: the reactions of people — in this case, mothers — when they open and read a card — in this case, a Hallmark card.
The agency installed a tiny camera and microphone directly into the greeting card which would capture the mom’s reactions. The team then did post-stunt interviews with the moms and their loved ones.
Accompanying this was a TV spot that pulled footage from the stunt. In addition, online pre-rolls and ads as well as social and blogger outreach were employed.
If you’ve seen any other great Mothers Day-themed promotions, let us know in comments.
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