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Sponsored Tumbler Posts Sprayed Across Yahoo for Native Inventory Boost | B2B the Sick Man of Online Ads | New Anti Ad Fraud Effort Launched

Native: Yahoo is leveraging Tumblr as a native advertising vehicle for advertisers, using the Yahoo network to promote Tumblr posts. Agencies are interested in the move, but some balk at the need to promote a Tumblr page, perhaps concerned about the precedent of Facebook, where Facebook page likes were expensively promoted, only to have Facebook later [...]

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Coke Uses Drones To Deliver Messages Of Appreciation To Migrant Workers In Singapore

In Singapore, most everything has been built by migrant workers. They are an unseen, invisible segment of the population that go largely unnoticed by the city’s residents. They live far from their homes and families and are isolated from their culture.
Working with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, Coca-Cola decided to show some love and appreciation of these people who have given so much of themselves to the creation of Singapore.
Launching the Singapore Kindness Movement, Coke and Ogilvy reached out to thousands of Singaporeans and asked them to create messages of appreciation for the workers. They then affixed pictures of these massages to cans of Coke and placed them in boxes.
And in a delightful mix of the latest fad and super-smart targeting, the boxes were carried by drones high up into the sky and delivered to the workers atop the skyscrapers they work so hard to build.
What a wonderfully heartwarming thing for a brand to do. Oh, yes, they’re getting publicity for their own benefit b…

Study: Original Digital Video Programming Now Reaching 52 Million Viewers Per Month

An in-depth study of online video viewing habits conducted by the IAB, in conjunction with media research provider GFK, found original digital video content consumption for US adults is up 15 percent over last year’s numbers.
The research from the Original Digital Video Consumer Study shows original content is generating an audience of 55 million viewers per month, with perceptions around original online programming considered to be innovative, edgy and unique compared to traditional television shows.
From the report:
Watching “on my own schedule” is the top driver of use for Original Digital Video, and one of the main aspects liked better about original digital video over prime-time TV.
The report used focus groups and polled 1,100 online video consumers to better understand viewing habits of TV online (network TV shows streaming on network websites, or video sites like, amateur online videos, and original digital video content (programming produced specifically for online dist…

Understanding Live Intent Data: Lifting The Veil Over Marketers’ Eyes

In last month’s column, “Real Time” In Display Advertising Doesn’t Really Mean Real Time, we discussed how despite the industry talking about doing “real-time marketing” or “real-time bidding” (RTB); in most cases, they are not actually using real-time techniques to run their campaigns. The media itself might be traded in live auctions, but the data being used are typically not live.
In this month’s column, we are going to address the common questions that arose from that article — what is live intent data, where is it, and how do I use it?
What Is Live Intent Data?
Intent data helps us identify not just an individual, but what it is they are trying to accomplish. These data go beyond the typical demographics such as age or gender, and are more about identifying user needs (such as a traveler being in market for a hotel room, or a new parent needing bedding).
Intent data matters because it takes the guesswork out of targeting, and the fresher that data is, the more accurate it will be, an…

How to setup wordpress in other languages – WordPress in your language

Millions of websites are powered by wordpress and the reason behind its popularity is that it suits anyone’s needs. There are many other reasons like unlimited resources, plugins, themes, easy to install, SEO friendly, supports multiple languages etc. English is the global and most preferred language which we all know and wordpress by default installs
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How is creating entrepreneurs in 1000 cities across India

Car servicing industry in India is highly fragmented and to an extent inconvenient from the consumer point of view. NCR-based marketplace of car workshops and auto repair shops, is expanding its operations across all over India. The venture was founded in 2008 by Rakesh Sidana, and helps car owners search the right car servicing
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Now Twitter adds language targeting

Yesterday, we talked about how LinkedIn has added language-based targeting options to their Company Pages. Now Twitter is here to say, they speak your language, too.
Twitter doesn’t mention it in their intro post but according to Mashable and Statista, 78% of Twitter users are based outside the US. Since 2010, international growth has way outpaced US growth 745% to 390%.
Let’s take a moment to think about 745% growth. Insane. But it makes me wonder why Twitter didn’t mention that on their blog. Are they worried that the US-centric advertising audience won’t like that the vast majority of players are living on the other side of the ocean?

Not that everyone in the US speaks English as their first language. The Census Bureau says that the number of people who speak a foreign language in their household has tripled since 1980 in the US. And 38 million people speak Spanish at home. After that, there’s Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Armenian, Korean and Tagalog.
When you look at my home…

Solve Media Makes Its CAPTCHA Ad Validation More Mobile Friendly With Gestural Technology

Solve Media, the company that enables simple, branded CAPTCHAs on digital display and video advertising to engage users and verify that ads are seen by humans rather than bots, has updated the mobile version of its ad validation software. Now, users on smartphones and tablets can choose to double tap or swipe on an ad for activation rather than typing a brand message in the CAPTCHA field.
Microsoft/Nokia has been testing the new Gestural TYPE-IN ad solution for touchscreens, using it to highlight the zoom feature on the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone starting in late 2013. When a user double taps on the ad or enters the brand phrase “Zoom. Reinvented”, the ad activates to demonstrate the phone’s the zoom capabilities. Solve Media says the campaign led to a 93 percent lift in awareness.
“We were very impressed with Solve Media’s new gestural technology and are excited to be the first to utilize it in Europe,” Tara Powadiuk, EMEA Media Group Manager for Microsoft told Solve. “The gestural technol…

Google’s Canadian Chief, Chris O’Neill, To Take Over Google Glass Business Operations

Chris O’Neill photo via @croneill Twitter account.

Google has confirmed that its top person at Google Canada is leaving that role to join Google [X] and work on the Google Glass project.
Chris O’Neill, who was named Managing Director at Google Canada in 2010, will take over business operations for Google Glass. O’Neill, a Canada native, will relocate to Google’s Mountain View headquarters.
Google confirmed an earlier report from the Financial Post with this statement to Marketing Land:
Yes, we can confirm that Chris O’Neill is leaving his role as Managing Director of Google Canada, joining the Google [x] team in Mountain View to lead business operations for Google Glass.
O’Neill joined Google in 2005. Before taking over the company’s operations in Canada, he served in a variety of roles — including leading Google’s digital strategy as its U.S. Retail Industry Director.
That background should come in handy as Google continues to prepare for a full retail launch of Google Glass, which is stil…