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New Facebook Targeting | Publishers Hold Noses, Events | Threat of an Omnicomblicis Abates

Publishing: Ad revenues declining, many publishers shaved the perception what is ethical in introducing "native advertising," once referred to pejoratively as "advertorial." Now some are worried that relying on events income is a further infringement on their neutrality, with sponsors potentially paying for access to reporters. Digiday gives a rundown of how different - mostly respected [...]

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Pinterest To Be Featured In A+E Network’s Upcoming Home Decorating Show “We’re Moving In”

FYI, a production company and division of A+E Networks, announced it is launching a new home decorating television series that will integrate creative ideas from Pinterest.
The show’s working title is “We’re Moving In” and will focus on the challenges of blending decorating styles when people decide to move in together.
According to the A+E Network, each of the six scheduled episodes will focus on new housemates moving in together for the first time, including a newly married couple, roommates and a blended family. From the announcement:
Utilizing Pinterest for planning and as a source of inspiration for ideas, these newly housemates will make the “important” decisions like picking the perfect paint color to remodeling the kitchen, to deciding which couch stays and which one goes.
A spokesperson from Pinterest said there are no financial terms connected to the social media site’s involvement in the television series, and that A+E is simply, “Pulling creative direction from Pinterest and i…

Report: Mobile Video Ad Consumption Rises, Native Ads Yielding Higher Engagement Rates

Celtra issued its Mobile Display Ads Performance Report covering the first quarter of 2014 today. The report shows ad performance rates leveled off for the first time since Celtra began reporting on it in 2012. However, areas of growth include video ad consumption, and native ads performed quite strongly.
Native ad formats accounted for just 1 percent of the total impressions, yet engagement and click through rates on native ads outperformed both standard formats and IAB Rising Stars ads. Native ads saw engagement rates hit 14 percent, well above 9.8 percent and 3.4 percent for standard and rising star ads, respectively. Similarly, CTR on native ads topped 10 percent, compared to 5.1 percent for rising stars and 3.5 percent for standard ads.

Mobile Video Ad Engagement
Celtra reports that video play rates on standard ads have held steady just above 12 percent. Video completion rates shot up from the previous quarter by 52 percent for standard ad formats and by 77 percent for native ads.

New Facebook Audience Insights gives you a look into the lives of your customers

“Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.”
I’m sure Sun Tzu didn’t have social media marketing in mind when he said that but it sure is true . . . well, it’s true if you substitute the word “customer” for enemy.
Do you know your customer as well as you know yourself? Facebook has a new tool that can help you if you don’t and might surprise you if you think you do.
The new Audience Insights tool will show you what your target customer loves to do, watch, buy and how they spend their free time. It’s an intriguing look at not only your customer pool but how that pool stacks up against Facebook users as a whole.
You’ll find the tool in the Ads Manager. Choose “create a new audience” then start checking off the criteria. If you’re promoting a brick and mortar business or anything localized, you can narrow your audience by city or country. From there you can choose an age range, gender, income levels and education. I know, pretty typical stuff.