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How 11 Popular Companies Have Applied Growth Hacking Techniques

So, here we come to the end of this series of Growth Hacking articles at ShoutMeLoud. A lot has already been discussed about what exactly Growth hacking is and the tools for making the most of this technique. If you have somehow managed to miss through these articles, I have listed down growth hacking resource which every blogger and entrepreneur should read: What is Growth Hacking and why you need to know about it 5 [...]
How 11 Popular Companies Have Applied Growth Hacking Techniques Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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Must-have Extensions for Google Chrome

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best extensions for Google Chrome that will help you do more and also enhance your web browsing experience.
The Best Google Chrome extensions

Vimium — Power users can browse the web using keyboard shortcuts. No mouse required.
Buffer — Share links to multiple social websites with a go.
PushBullet — Send web links, text notes and even push files from computer to your phone.
Clip Better — Don’t send raw links over email, send previews that suggest what a link is all about.
Streamus — A YouTube music play for Chrome that also includes a radio.
Mighty Text — Send and receive SMS text messages from your desktop computer.
Snappy Snippets — Easily extract CSS and HTML from a web page and send it to CodePen or jsFiddle.
Project Naptha — Copy text from any image with a right-click. It’s like an OCR for Chrome.
Hover Reader — Read an article simply by hovering over a link.
Bubble Cursor — Easily click links on web pages or type text in input boxes.
Dewey — Improved bookma…