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OPA Gets New Rudder | TV Programmatic Still Tentative | Pinterest Breaks out the Ads

Publishing: Jason Kint takes over as the new head of the OPA, a venerable trade group that has taken a back seat often to the IAB's agenda setting. Robot Invasion: Programmatic buying in television is getting much attention, but only tentative use as yet. Social: Pinterest finally breaks out advertising, with marquis clients such as Kraft and Gap.

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Mozilla Still On Track To Test Sponsored Content On Firefox’s New Tab Page

Over the weekend, confusion broke out about whether Mozilla plans to go through with its decision to test ads on the Firefox new tab page after Firefox VP, Jonathan Nightengale, wrote in a post that Firefox was not going to turn into “a mess of logos sold to the highest bidder; without user control, without user benefit.”
What was lost in subsequent reporting is what he said next, “But we will experiment…Sponsorship would be the next stage once we are confident that we can deliver user value.”
On Sunday, TechCrunch’s, Frederic Lardinois wrote, “Despite what you may have read, Mozilla isn’t canning its plans to sell sponsored tiles on its new-tab page.” With that, at least one of the original articles has been updated with a correction.
Part of the faulty interpretations may have stemmed from Nightingale’s admission that Mozilla’s announcement in Feburary that it would be testing sponsored content for new Firefox users “didn’t go over well”. The irony is Nightingale’s post was meant to cl…

Mighty Insight. Inspiring Presentations. Attend Search Engine Land Summit @SMX Advanced

You deliver results daily, but keeping up is a challenge. And you know staying successful means identifying opportunities, implementing new technologies and processes, developing great people, and preparing for the next big thing.
Agree? Then Search Engine Land Summit is for you.
Invest a day hearing from thought leaders in search and internet marketing addressing topics that will push your performance to the next level. You’ll benefit from their wisdom and meet them in an intimate environment. SEL Summit takes place on June 10th, before SMX Advanced in Seattle.
Here are some highlights of what to expect when you attend SEL Summit:
Search Marketing In Today’s Changing World
“SEO is dead.” Seems like every couple of years we hear that our chosen profession is doomed, or is only practiced by those with questionable ethics who are in business solely to spam search engines and fool users. But that’s not the case, according to Marshall Simmonds, Founder and CEO, Define Media Group. In No, SEO …

Yahoo Adds Mobile-First Image Rich Ads To Native Lineup

Yahoo, today, announced the availability of new image-driven native ads across Yahoo properties including weather, mail, sports and finance. The ads feature larger images and are now included in Yahoo Gemini, the ad marketplace for Yahoo’s mobile and native ad formats that the company launched in February.
With nearly half of Yahoo’s traffic now coming from mobile devices, the company says the ads were designed specifically for mobile, but will also appear on desktops. When users tap on the ad, it will either transition to a full-screen visual (as shown in the Netflix example above) or take them directly to the brand’s website.
The ads, though (subtly) labeled as sponsored, “will look and act just like the content around them, and will appear in users’ personalized content streams, article pages and image galleries across Yahoo mobile and desktop products,” writes Ned Brody, Head of America’s for Yahoo, in the announcement.
Netflix is among the advertisers currently running the new nativ…