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Special Guest Speaker Announced for MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

Technology is evolving marketing – and marketing management – at a breakneck pace. Marketers are in a race to understand the opportunities and effectively integrate marketing technology into their strategy and operations.
At MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference, we’ll connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing. Making those connections will be a roster of innovative thinkers and doers – industry-defining executives and analysts who will help you understand marketing technology and its impact on your organization. See the agenda.
Special Guest Speaker Announced

Joining the conference faculty is esteemed researcher and author Erik Brynjolfsson. Erik, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, and co-author of The New York Times bestseller The Second Machine Age, will share his research and insight into how exponentially improving technology is set to forever change our lives and our businesses. Click here for mo…

Nielsen Adds Age And Gender Demographics To Twitter TV Ratings

Nielsen announced today that it has added age and gender demographic data to its Twitter TV Ratings product, in an effort to drive home the link between social media conversation and television viewing habits.
The demographic information for programming over 250 U.S. television networks will be delivered overnight and give the industry new data about how programs are resonating with the audience and specifically certain audience groups. Available age breakdowns include 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-54, 55+ and 18-49.
“The social TV phenomenon offers networks, advertisers and agencies an exciting opportunity to engage with consumers, amplify messaging, and build loyalty,” said Nielsen Social VP of product Deirdre Bannon. “In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, it is critical to understand who is participating in and being reached by the conversation. With demographic data now available for Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, clients can build campaigns and engagement strategies that cons…

Google Adds More Recommendations To Their PageSpeed Insights Tool

Google announced they’ve updated their PageSpeed Insights Tool to included five new recommendations around mobile usability and speed.
The new recommendations include:

Configure the viewport: Without a meta-viewport tag, modern mobile browsers will assume your page is not mobile-friendly, and will fall back to a desktop viewport and possibly apply font-boosting, interfering with your intended page layout. Configuring the viewport to width=device-width should be your first step in mobilizing your site.
Size content to the viewport: Users expect mobile sites to scroll vertically, not horizontally. Once you’ve configured your viewport, make sure your page content fits the width of that viewport, keeping in mind that not all mobile devices are the same width.
Use legible font sizes: If users have to zoom in just to be able read your article text on their smartphone screen, then your site isn’t mobile-friendly. PageSpeed Insights checks that your site’s text is large enough for most users to r…

YouTube May Buy Twitch for Its Less Twitchy Viewership | Shocker: TV Firms Overvalue Worth of Content | Publicis, Facebook Create Mystery Partnership

Video: Google reportedly is either buying video service Twitch for about $1 billion, or someone had the idea that they might buy Twitch. Reports vary. Twitch has an enviable video (and ad) completion rate, which YouTube notably does not. Twitch also, perhaps not coincidentally, lacks the thicket of pop-up ads that overlay the videos on YouTube. With [...]

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How To Sell Your CEO On Investing In Search. Hint: It’s About Insights

If you’re the CMO of any business, you’re likely aware of popular search strategies and how search can take consumers along the purchase journey from intent to action.
According to Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive’s 2012 Digital Influence Survey, 96% of consumers worldwide indicated that they searched for information about brands or products on the internet, with 89% relying on search engines to help make purchase decisions.
comScore has also released data showing that there are billions of searches every month, with 65% happening on search engines.

Despite these statistics, convincing your C-Suite to invest heavily in search and other strategies fueled by data can be challenging, especially for those of you in long sales-cycle industries.
In a presentation at MediaPost’s recent Search Insider Summit, Chris Moloney, CMO of Wells Fargo Advisors, discussed the hurdles he’s had to overcome as the CMO of a finance-based company and the positive impact search data has had on his busine…

Italian Regulators Take Aim At “Freemium” Apps

Claiming that so-called “freemium” mobile apps mislead consumers, Italy’s competition regulator is taking aim at Google, Apple, Amazon and French game developer Gameloft. According to the Wall Street Journal Italian authorities have begun to investigate the companies and the issue.
Previously the EU argued that freemium apps are deceptive because they’re initially free to download but try and generate revenues within the app, potentially without full awareness of app users. The EU and now the Italian authorities worry that consumers may not know they’re being charged for items within apps, such as virtual goods within games.
If the named companies are found to be deceptive in their practices Italian regulators would be permitted to slap a €5 million fine on each. However they would also probably seek more disclosures and other changes in business practices to alert consumers to the fact that they may get charged for items within apps.
According to an extensive international survey conduc…