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California AG Warns on Privacy Disclosures | SAP Wants Own Tech Stack

Privacy: The state of California published a 28-page set of guidelines for websites regarding state legislation on privacy policy requirements. It deals mostly with disclosure requirements, rather than foisting any new major requirements on sites. The interesting part about it is the fact that it came from the Attorney General's office, implying an enforcement intent. Ad [...]

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SEO vs. SEM Timelines: A Medical Analogy

How do you explain to your boss or client how SEO works and when to expect results? Use this doctors and medication analogy to help them realize the time and effort it takes to run a successful SEO campaign and avoid being inundated with questions.

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Facebook Executive Rages Against Click-Bait Journalism, Journalists Say It’s Facebook’s Fault

Mike Hudack, Facebook’s director of product, posted a self-described rant today about the quality of journalism, bemoaning the age of the “28 young couples you know” listicle. Then quality journalists fought back, many placing the blame on Facebook for the diminishing marketplace for serious news.
The debate has been playing out all day on Hudack’s Facebook post, Twitter, blog posts here, here, here and no doubt elsewhere.
The crux of the matter? Hudack argues that journalists need to work harder to inform the public about important issues. And journalists respond their organizations depend on drawing an audience, that Facebook is one of the worlds’ top generators of referral traffic and that the Facebook algorithm rewards frivolous content.
Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at the Atlantic, summed up of journalists point of view well in comments on Hudack’s post:
Hey, Mike, I just sent you a tweetstorm, but let me reproduce it here: My perception is that Facebook is *the* major factor in al…

YouTube creator preview teases more monetization options even on music vids

For a media company, YouTube is notoriously bad when it comes to communication. Every day I check their public blog and their creator blog for news and I rarely find anything new. The “official” blog was last updated in early April. The creator blog in early May. From that, you’d think there was nothing happening at the world’s most popular online video site – not true – YouTube’s just very bad when it comes to talking about it.
Today, they get points for effort. Matt Glotzbach, Director of Creator Product Management readily admitted that YouTube’s not so good about announcing changes before they happen.
When you surprise people with changes on a site they love, especially a site they use to make money, people get mad. Remember Bob and his tank army?
To prevent this from happening again, Matt and his team created this video teasing all of the new ideas that are coming down the virtual highway. If they do half of what they promised in this vid, YouTube is going to soar like never before. …

Facebook Gives Restaurants Easy Way To Display Menus On Their Pages

Restaurants that market on Facebook were served up a new appetizer today by the social network. Facebook pages associated with restaurants can now upload PDF versions of their menus and display them in their page tabs.
The feature is accessible worldwide in page settings.
Facebook also announced that restaurateurs in the United States and Canada who use the Constant Contact listings tool SinglePlatform can now use it for menu display on Facebook. SinglePlatform provides a centralized dashboard to manage price, business hours and other details that can be pushed out to review sites, search engines and mobile apps.
“If you already work with SinglePlatform for your other menu needs, your menu will automatically be added to your restaurant’s Page,” Facebook said in a release.
Read more about SinglePlatform’s Facebook menu integration on the company’s blog.

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