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Study: Business Executives Turn To Email Newsletters First For Their News

Social media might be the shiniest tool in your marketing kit, but if you want to reach business leaders don’t neglect old-school tactics.
That’s the main lesson to be be learned from a recent study that found that executives use email newsletters — remember those? — as their primary source for news. Sixty percent said newsletters were one of the first three news sources they check every day. That’s twice as many as those who open a mobile news app (28%) and significantly higher than the 43% who look for news on the mobile web via browser or a social media app. Twitter (23%), Facebook (19%) and LinkedIn (12%) lagged behind.

The study, prepared by the Quartz marketing team, pulled insights from 940 executives across a range of industries, including management consulting, finance, tech and media and advertising. The pool was balanced across age demographics with 22% in the 25-44 range, 22% 35-44, 21% 45-54, 20% 55-64 and 12% 65 and older so the results shouldn’t be written off as an you-c…

Study: More Than 30 Percent Of Consumers “Mobile Only”

According to the new “Mobile Path to Purchase Study” from xAd and Telmetrics (conducted by Nielsen), mobile devices continue to grow in importance for consumers. Now in its third year, the study found roughly half of survey respondents believe mobile is the “most important resource” in their purchase decision-making.
More than a third said they only used mobile exclusively. This finding varies by vertical but in the aggregate is striking and something of a counter-weight to the “‘mobile first’ is so last year” argument now being made by Google and others.
The Mobile Path to Purchase study’s findings are based on a survey of 2,000 US mobile users (smartphone and tablet) and “actual observed behaviors” from Nielsen’s panel of 6,000 Apple and Android users.
The study focused on activity in four verticals: Automotive, Entertainment, Restaurant and Telecom. Subsequent releases will drill down into individual categories.

One very important finding is that more consumers are starting with mobile…

Why you should head to ClickZ Live San Francisco [infographic]

Here’s a handy infographic explaining why you should head to ClickZ Live San Francisco, from our Search Channel sponsor.

via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

What is Gmail’s Daily Limit on Sending Email?

Gmail has certain limits in place. For instance, the maximum size of file attachments that you can include in an email message is 25 MB while the total storage limit for a free Gmail account is 15 GB.
Similarly, Google also limits the number of email messages that you can send through your Gmail account in a day. If you exceed the daily quota, Google may temporarily disable your Gmail account without any warnings and you may have to wait for up to 24 hours before you can regain access to your Gmail mailbox.

Gmail Limits for Sending Email
Gmail isn’t designed for sending bulk email. If you are planning to send an email message to a large group of friends using Gmail, do read the following rules to avoid temporary lockdown of your Gmail:
Rule 1: You can send emails to a maximum of 500 recipients per day through the Gmail website. Try exceeding the limit and your Gmail account may get temporarily disabled with the error – “Gmail Lockdown in Section 4.”
It is important to note that this limit …

Gigya Adds Tumblr To Its Share And Follow Button Options

Gigya, a leading provider in social media sharing tools for publishers, announced today that it has added Tumblr share and follow buttons to its suite.
The buttons are already available to Gigya customers. Here’s how the share button looks on the New York Daily News site:

The follow button enables publishers to add a means for readers to drive subscriptions to Tumblr blogs for the publication or individual reporters.
“Tumblr has really become a mainstay social network and is an important sharing destination with a large and active community,” Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer said in a release. “Our partnership helps our customers reach broader audiences and spread their content across the web.”

via Marketing Land

Amazon tests boundaries for advertising toys online

Which came first, the cartoon or the toy?

Strawberry Shortcake

Some toys are so inextricably connected to their media brother that it’s hard to tell which begat which. In the 80′s, cartoons based on toys and vice versa were so popular that Saturday morning TV was the equivalent of watching two hours of infomercials.
To protect children from undo influence the FCC put rules in place that force a separation between cartoons and related toys.

The FCC also requires that, in television programs directed to children ages 12 and under, program material be separated from commercials by intervening and unrelated program material. The purpose of this separation policy is to protect young children who have difficulty distinguishing between commercial and program material and are therefore more vulnerable to commercial messages. If a program fails to adequately separate program and commercial material, the entire duration of the program may be counted as commercial material (a…

Infographic: TV’s Top Twitter Moments This Season, From Breaking Bad To The Oscars

What were the moments on TV that most resonated with people on Twitter this year? According to new statistics from Nielsen, the Super Bowl, that Oscars selfie and the “Breaking Bad” finale produced the most memorable results.
The stats, pulled from the social TV ratings platform that Nielsen launched in partnership with Twitter in September, will be familiar to close readers of Marketing Land.
The Super Bowl dominated in tweets (25.3 million) and audience (15.3). The Oscars, fueled by Ellen’s world record selfie (now with more than 3 million retweets), led in special events, with the Grammy’s and Pharrell’s hat nipping at the Academy show’s heels. And that “Breaking Bad” final was very good for AMC, with tweets reaching 9.1 million people.
More recently, on May 13, NBC’s “The Voice” set the record for total tweets for the airing of a single show of 1.92 million, including an amazing 310,000 during one minute — 8:59 p.m. Eastern. Nielsen said that it was the top moment of Twitter TV activ…