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Twitter Acquires Namo Media To Boost Its Mobile Native Ads

In a move to further bolster its mobile advertising efforts, Twitter announced today that it is acquiring mobile native ad specialist Namo Media. Since it bought the mobile ad network MoPub last year, Twitter has been placing bets on native advertising.
Of course, most of Twitter’s ads have always been “native.” That is promoted tweets appear in users’ streams like any other tweet, except they are tagged promoted. But Twitter also sells advertising that appears on other platforms and apps and the MoPub product, which will now incorporate features from Namo Media’s platform, is a key to that effort.
“Since we acquired MoPub last October, we have been working to bring native ads to mobile app publishers in order to create a more seamless and less intrusive ad experience for users,” Twitter VP of product Kevin Weil wrote in a blog post. “We believe strongly that all app developers large and small should be able to monetize their applications without sacrificing the user experience.

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3 Ways To Use Keyword Planner To Improve Your Mobile Search Visibility

Last month, we discussed what we can learn about mobile searchers from Google’s redesigned keyword planner, including that mobile searchers are often local searchers and that most of them use “near me” instead of “nearby.”
This month, I want to give you three specific ways you can use the new Keyword Planner data to help your business become more visible to mobile searchers.
Data-Driven Mobile Configuration Strategy
The first thing you should do is look at your high-revenue, brand keywords to see how the majority of searchers are finding you and your competitors online. This can help you determine what mobile strategy makes the most sense for your business: responsive, adaptive, mobile-specific, or some hybrid of the three.
For example, last month we discussed how retail giants like Nordstrom overindex for tablet searches. While Google recommends responsive design in general for tablet searchers, recent research from Microsoft demonstrates that there are significant differences between ta…

Amazon’s Smartphone Coming June 18, Price The X-Factor

On June 18 it appears that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will introduce the company’s first smartphone — or smartphones, plural. The big question is: what will distinguish it/them from the pack of Android competitors?
Rumored for many months, the phone is supposed to have a 3D interface, which a video on Amazon’s site seems to tease. “That’s really awesome,” apparent users keep repeating. It’s doubtful that a novel UI will by itself be enough to make Amazon a serious smartphone competitor.
At one point there was a rumor that the phone would be free. However that was quickly quashed by Amazon itself.
The Amazon smartphone will probably be like Kindle’s little brother. It will undoubtedly require app downloads through the Amazon app store, which has a smaller selection than Google Play. It will also seek to leverage Amazon’s content as a differentiator. I suspect we’ll also see “with special offers” (homescreen ads) and the ability to pay more to get rid of them as with Kindle.
I’m sure the hardwar…

A Strategic Approach for New SEO Clients

Starting a new SEO project, or want to check ongoing projects? Use the following approach, which includes a mix of specific keyword research, testing important assumptions, and growing traffic and rankings with link building and copywriting.

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Inspiration For Students: Top 15 Commencement Speeches Ever!

It’s that time of the year again! While on one end congratulates are being over poured, on the other end lies a dark mystery of the unknown future of life ahead of college. Its Graduation time! Who doesn’t love the graduation/convocation day attire with that dark rayon academic gown, a mortar board hat on top and with a degree in hand, set to face real life for the first time. Real life might not be [...]
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A second look at #AmazonCart – is it working?

Last month, Amazon launched a new service that lets you shop right from Twitter. The concept sounds simple but even after several tries I’m still a little confused.
The idea is this, you’re reading your Twitter feed and someone you follow posts a Tweet about a new DVD release. The tweet includes an Amazon link. You want this DVD so you reply to the tweeter and you add #AmazonCart to your Tweet.
Sometime later (first try took days, second try took seconds), you get a confirmation message from Amazon saying the item has been added to your cart. To actually buy the item, you have to go to Amazon and checkout. For obvious reasons, you can’t checkout via another tweet.
Simply Measured put together a chart showing related actions following the initial announcement.

The first few days were full of excitement. Most of the mentions were retweets and news outlets talking about the concept. Remember, for the system to work, you have to REPLY to the originator not RETWEET. By the end of the first wee…

Google's High Touch Vid Market Touts Time as Client; K-Tel Too Busy? | European Regulators Must Now Create Practicable 'Forgetting' Regime | Panda 4 Mauls Syndicators

Robot Invasion: Google and others are attempting to put premium lipstick on the programmatic pig, so to speak, by providing a higher quality video ad channel. To date, though, the announced partner is Time, the company Gen X'ers remember as the producer of all those cheesy direct marketing TV ads that used to run against our [...]

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Criteo’s Overhauled Prediction Engine Now Factors Actual Conversions, Not Just Clicks

Personalized display advertising firm, Criteo, today announced a major update of its prediction engine, three years in the making.
The Criteo Engine has been retooled to automate impression bidding based on the likelihood that a user will both click on an ad and make a purchase. Up to now, bidding was based on click predictions.
Criteo says the engine’s ability to close the prediction loop through to purchase has lifted sales volumes 38 percent while maintaining a stable cost-of-sale in A/B testing across billions of impressions and millions of users and clicks.
“We’ve solved a lot harder problem. The new engine predicts not just the click but whether the person is going to convert on the site,” Jonathan Wolf, Criteo’s Chief Product Officer, told me by phone. “In order to predict the one-in-ten-thousand impressions that would give the conversion, you need more data and a better algorithms … This new engine is a result of years of work. We dramatically improved the technology to do more v…

Car Becomes DJ When Driven Atop Giant Record

The Smart Car For Two Electric Drive has three main benefits. Smooth acceleration, quiet drivability and an extra-small turning radius. So how does an agency clearly convey these three benefits all at once? If you’re BBDO Berlin, you turn the vehicle into a “smart DJ,” have people drive it around an old school record and have them try to guess the song. The stunt is called The World’s First Turntable Test Drive.
Working with TV production company Brainpool and popular German game show Schlag den Rabb, the agency created a set up that consisted of a giant record on which contestants tried to drive the Smart Car at a speed that properly played a song. When contestants had reached the right speed and were able to guess the song, they won the round.
The brand garnered 16 minutes on live TV and reached 2.6 million viewers as well as tons of press coverage. In addition to the stunt appearing on the game show, the agency took the set up to several public spaces and invited people to give the c…

Facebook’s New Look For Brand Pages Will Be Available To All This Week

Nearly three months after introducing a redesign of Facebook Pages, the social network announced today that the new look will be available to all users this week.
Many pages have already made the switch, which replaces the two-column Timeline with a single column and removes the thumbnail images for custom tabs from their position under the cover photo.
We reported last month that Facebook had started to grant access to more page administrators. Today, Facebook said that those who haven’t switched will be presented with an option to tour the new design and switch immediately — or delay a bit more: “Admins that want to update their Pages before switching to the new design can wait up to two weeks before making the switch. However, every Page will automatically switch to the updated design two weeks after the tour has been viewed.”
Also included in the new design, Facebook noted, is the ability to adjust the position of tabs — reviews, menus, photos, etc. — in the top navigation menu and t…

Google Unveils Marketplace For Premium Video Ads

To capitalize on the emerging shift in brand ad dollars from TV to digital video advertising, today Google announced its new programmatic marketplace for premium video ad inventory called Google Partner Select.
Time Inc. is among the publishers signed-on to sell their premium video inventory through the new exchange.
“Video has become central to our strategy, and being able to sell premium video programmatically to top brand partners is a requirement in this dynamic marketplace,” J.R. McCabe SVP, Video, Time Inc. tells Google in the announcement. “We are looking forward to working with Google to enable this technology and to develop this premium marketplace.”
Google’s cut of each ad buy hasn’t been disclosed. It’s also not clear yet if advertisers will be able to select the specific publishers they want included in their ad buys or if inventory will be dictated by audience targets only.
Google also announced the launch of a direct exchange for premium video inventory through DoubleClick t…