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Create an Email Newsletter with your Facebook Photos

Most of your friends and family members are active on Facebook and thus they can always see the pictures and other stuff that you regularly post on these social networks. However, if there some people in your family who do not have an account on Facebook yet, or they prefer to stay away from the site, you can still keep them in the loop with Kidpost.

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Send Facebook Photos by Email
Kidpost will monitor your Facebook and Instagram feeds and it will prepare a daily email digest with all the photos and videos that you have uploaded to your accounts in the previous day. It will only gather media that have the tag #kidpost attached (see example) so you can choose what gets included in the outgoing email.
You then need to specify a list of email addresses who you want to send these updates to. Once the recipients confirm their addresses, they will start getting a daily email newsletter will all your photos.
It is much like building an automated e…

Facebook launches video ad call-to-action button and enhanced targeting

Facebook is ramping up the delivery of video advertising with two new tools and a tweak.
First, when an advertisers sets up a video ad in the ads Create Tool, Power Editor, and/or API, they’ll have the option of choosing “video views” as a campaign objective. This option is a signal to the backend to show the video to Facebook users who are “mostly likely” to view the video, taking into consideration the device and target demographics.

“Additionally, advertisers with account representatives will be able to show people who have viewed a specific video additional ads, whether video or photo ads, through a new retargeting feature.”

Why only advertisers with a rep? Because it’s not worth messing with for the small business who only spends a few hundred a month or less?
Next, there’s there call-to-action button. This makes so much sense, I can’t imagine why they ever launched video ads without it! Advertisers can use this button to redirect viewers to their website or a specific page on the si…

Gatorade Apologizes For Tweets That Mocked A Cramping LeBron James For Drinking Powerade

Gatorade’s social media newsjacking attempt backfired last night when it taunted — and later apologized to — an ailing LeBron James during the first game of the NBA Finals. James, the Miami Heat star, had left the game in the second half suffering from severe leg cramps. The air conditioning had failed in the San Antonio arena and the temperature hit nearly 90. James was given intravenous fluids after the game, which was won by the Spurs, 110-95.
Soon after LeBron starting cramping up, the person running Gatorade’s Twitter account sent out a series of replies to tweets intimating that James wouldn’t have had a problem if he had been drinking Gatorade instead of Powerade, which James endorses, starting with these: “@CarmichaelDave This is awkward….We don’t sponsor him. #fail” and “@LazyBumDrew we were waiting on the sidelines, but he prefers to drink something else.”
Today, Gatorade apologized — in a release but not on Twitter: “Our apologies for our response to fans’ tweets during last …

Youngsters Leaving the Tube for Net | Twitter Seeks Revenue in Native Ads | Pinterest Seeks Revenue of Any Sort

Video: It's now official: if you believe the TV industry's stats and the online industry's stats, you'll find that people are now consuming one or the other to such an extent that they're getting negative one hour of sleep a day. Sure, multiscreening may explain part of this, but it might take a couple TVs and [...]

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