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Facebook And Twitter Want You To Talk About The #WorldCup On Their Field

Facebook and Twitter, locked in a battle to be the world’s leading source of what used to be called water-cooler conversation, are both targeting the World Cup, the monthlong quadrennial soccer event that starts Thursday in Brazil.
It’s a huge and passionate target audience. FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, said that 3.2 million people watched at least one game of the 2010 event. And Twitter and Facebook, hoping for a piece of that action, each rolled out campaigns today aimed at encouraging soccer fans to use its respective platform to talk about the games.
Facebook’s Trending World Cup Page
Facebook, playing catch-up in real-time conversation about events to Twitter and its more open network, is offering a Trending World Cup page. From the page, fans can follow the latest scores, view match highlights and click through to an interactive global map that shows the Facebook popularity of top World Cup players. If you were wondering, England’s Wayne Rooney (20 million Facebook …

PR Firms Disarm on Wikipedia Wars | MB: Native Ads Trump Email | Apple Hoses Main Cookie Alternative

PR: Some top PR firms are calling a truce to modifying clients' wikipedia pages, a practice generally looked upon as cheesy, however the PR trade associations didn't join in. Media: In the constant battle of research showing that medium x is better than medium y, Millward Brown wades in to indicate that they've found social and native ads [...]

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Has Apple Killed Location Tracking With iOS 8? Hint: No

Various news outlets are now reporting that Apple has effectively killed location tracking or offline analytics for iPhones with a change in iOS 8 that conceals the phone’s correct MAC address. That’s not exactly true however.
Here’s a slide from a presentation given at WWDC last week that explains the change:

Ad networks, WiFi hotspots and other third parties will no longer be able to grab an iOS 8 iPhone’s real MAC address. This is designed to thwart tracking that seeks to tie an individual to a specific location and potentially match that individual phone with other data for later retargeting.
It may also present a new challenge to ad networks and others that try to profile audiences using location or smartphone movement patterns. And it may present problems for networks seeking to track ad impressions to offline store visits in some cases.
However this move doesn’t destroy indoor/offline analytics. Companies such as Euclid, RetailNext, iInside, Nomi and others can still see the presen…

Beer Brand Invites Fans To Experience Exotic Locales With GPS Imprinted Bottle Caps

Mexican beer brand Pacifico is offering people the chance to experience its laid-back lifestyle with the a new campaign entitled Yellow Caps.
As background, the term Yellow Caps was coined by bartenders and refers to the brand’s yellow bottle caps which are easier to find in crowded beer coolers. The Yellow Caps campaign, created by Austin-based GSD&M, makes use of the iconic caps to engage consumers. As part of the campaign, the underside of every cap has been printed with GPS coordinates marking one of 21 destinations throughout Baja, mainland Mexico and on the Pacific coast of the U.S.
Each cap encourages consumers to visit Pacifico’s campaign website, Consumers who visit the site and enter the coordinates from their caps will be directed to a unique locale and activity like spearfishing in Santa Maria Bay, surfing in Scorpion Bay or camping on Playa el Requeson. More than 120 million printed bottle caps have been released.
The site is a traveler’s virtual dr…

80% of marketers believe mobile is significant, yet allocate just 3% of budget [infographic]

If 8 in 10 search marketers believe that mobile is an important part of the marketing mix, why is it that it makes up just 3% of budget?

(Source: SEMPO)

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Marin Partners With Channel Factory To Bridge Paid Search And YouTube Video Advertising

Marin Software has teamed up with video distribution and data platform, Channel Factory, to allow marketers to harness their paid search data to improve contextual targeting of their video ad campaigns on YouTube.
“Brands are not effectively leveraging the data from their multi-platform campaigns, and are therefore not able to optimize and gain true insight from the breadth of their marketing efforts,” said Tony Chen, CEO of Channel Factory. “For the first time advertisers who leverage the Marin platform can take top performing keywords and conversion data from their search and social campaigns to increase the performance of their video advertising efforts and vice versa.”
Channel Factory identifies top-performing YouTube videos and distributes brands’ video ads on the popular videos via YouTube’s TrueView ad formats.”By combining search data from Marin Software, advertisers can improve targeting and ad relevancy of their YouTube video ads,” explained Matt Ackley, CMO at Marin Software.…

The New Anything/Anyone Goes Competitive Landscape For Content Marketing Firms

Recently, I was chatting with the CEO of one of the leading digital agencies. Talk turned to competitors, and I asked what firms his firm found itself bidding against most frequently.
Usual-suspect names cropped up (Digitas, Sapient Nitro). But so did PwC, a name that would have never cropped up in the same discussion five years ago.
Neither would Cap Gemini, or other old-school consulting firms. But they’re increasingly common today. Even IBM is an agency now!
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Recently we, at the research-based advisory firm I work for, were in the consideration set for a project and asked to submit a proposal. Some of the other organizations the client was considering for the project included an independent content marketing agency, a holding-company owned PR firm, and one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.
Who ya gonna call? These days, clients honestly seem to have no idea. Strategy? Execution? Advertising? Social media? Content? Digital experiences?
This new up-for-grabs st…

Google Updates Site Move Guidelines

Google has updated their guidelinesto help webmasters deal with moving sites, including issues that might come up due to moving a site to responsive design, moving a site with no URL change, and moving a site with completely new URLs, and more.

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Cute Alert: @MLB Channels Taylor Swift With A Twitter “Love Story”

The Twitter accounts of Major League Baseball and many of its teams serenaded fans with a Taylor Swift-inspired tweet campaign this afternoon, tweeting lyrics to Swift’s hit song “Love Story.”
It really must be seen to be appreciated. Or as Matthew T. Hall of the San Diego UT, put it: “You have to see this to truly believe/appreciate/complain about/commend it.”
Click …

… Then Scroll

It's a glove story …
— MLB (@MLB) June 9, 2014

@MLB we were both young when I first saw you:
— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) June 9, 2014

@Dodgers Close my eyes and the flashback starts?
— MLB (@MLB) June 9, 2014

@MLB I'm standing there on a balcony in summer air:
— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) June 9, 2014

@MLB@Dodgers See the Lights, see the party, see the ball gowns
— San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) June 9, 2014

@SFGiants@MLB see you make your way through the crowd and say, "Hello!" http…

How Trademark Worries Block “World Cup” Ads On Google

The World Cup is one of the most popular events in the world, far surpassing the popularity of the Super Bowl, with millions of fans tuning in throughout the month-long tournament. Soccer (football, to most) fans have already begun turning to Google for World Cup information, and search volume will continue to surge once play gets underway on June 12. Ironically, in what would seem to be a boon for the ad-driven search engine, the large percentage of “World Cup” results on will show no ads at all.
Google’s Keyword Tool in AdWords hints at the revenue potential for the search engine on a keyword like “World Cup 2014″, climbing to some 1 million searches in April. So why would Google forgo income from thousands of ad clicks? Trademark protection. After finding itself in several legal disputes brought by trademark holders, Google has adopted a fairly generous stance on protection for brands.

FIFA, the organization that runs the World Cup™ every four years, has trademark and inte…

New Facebook Analytics Team: EdgeRank Checker And Socialbakers Join Forces

Socialbakers and EdgeRank Checker, two leading social media analytics providers, are joining forces, AllFacebook reported today.
The partnership will combine EdgeRank Checker’s Facebook News Feed analytics and engagement optimization with Socialbakers’ social insights for Facebook and other other networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.
EdgeRank Checker customer accounts will be transferred into the Socialbaker system today, according to an email from EdgeRank Checker:
… there should be no interruption in service or change of data. There will be a few minor changes to the product, and an upgrade that should improve site speeds and overall performance.
We believe this is a great opportunity for both EdgeRank Checker and Socialbakers clients alike to continue to use insights to succeed in social media marketing. We’re excited to team up with a strong and internationally recognized company like Socialbakers, and we are confident that it will enable you to get even more o…