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Cut Out The 3rd Party Software Thanks To New Remarketing Options Within The Twitter Ads Interface

If you are sick of using 3rd party services for Twitter retargeting — you’re in luck! Today Twitter as announced the support of the website tag for remarketing that will allow advertisers to bypass the third party if they choose and go straight to the source for their retargeting campaigns — their Twitter Ads account. It should be noted that Twitter is still supporting all 3rd party providers, just additionally offering the service on their own.

To implement Twitter retargeting, you’ll need to head to your Twitter Ads account, grab a conversion tracking pixel, and implement on the page(s) that you would like to track. You’ll then be able to create campaigns that target those users based on the actions that they took. Retargeting is a simple way to reengage users who have previously shown an interest in a brand and this new implementation from Twitter lets users cut out the middleman and get directly to the inventory.
For more information, see the official release post from Twitter.

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TweetDeck Taken Offline After Hacker Havoc

— Kevin Smith (@OfficialKLS) June 11, 2014

TweetDeck was taken offline today after hackers exploited a vulnerability to remotely execute javascript code and push pop-up messages to users of its Chrome version. Some examples of the pop-ups — “Yo!” and “Please close now TweetDeck, it is not safe.” Several major publishers’ accounts also retweeted the invasive script, including @Salon, @NYTimesbusiness and @ScienceNews.
Initially TweetDeck announced that the issue could be fixed by signing off and back onto TweetDeck, but less than 30 minutes later they took the service off line:

We've temporarily taken TweetDeck services down to assess today's earlier security issue. We'll update when services are back up.
— TweetDeck (@TweetDeck) June 11, 2014

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Book Scanning Suits Against Google, Others Wind Down With Fair Use Rulings

The book scanning litigation against Google (and others) brought by the Authors Guild on behalf of member-copyright owners is drawing to a close. The US Court of Appeal (2nd. Circuit) ruling reported yesterday affirms that full-text book scanning is generally going to be considered “fair use” and protected from claims of copyright infringement.
There are still some outstanding issues in the Authors Guild vs. Google (the main case). However the principal issue, surrounding fair use, was decided last year in Google’s favor.
Fair use is a defense against copyright infringement (17 U.S.C. § 107) that allows otherwise copyright-protected material to be used without permission for purposes of teaching/research, news, commentary and criticism. However, fair use must not “excessively damage the market for the original by providing the public with a substitute for that original work.”
Fair use involves a multi-pronged analysis on a case by case basis. Yesterday’s ruling vindicated defendant Hathi…

How to Do Awesome SEO Annotations

The benefits of doing an SEO review of early-stage wireframes or visual designs are hard to quantify, but very real. Here's a quick guide to doing SEO annotations that will make your sites better while educating your colleagues on best practices.

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90% of marketing agencies boast being successful, yet 51% fail at measuring social [infographic]

What I’d really love to see added to this infographic is, of the 90% of agencies that boast success, what percentage of their clients agree with them?

(Source: SEMPO)

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3 Tips for Selling SEO

Successfully selling SEO requires you to wrap your head around important "pain points" and goals of a prospect, and speak to that. Here are a few tips you can use to help cut through the techno-babble, relate to a prospect, and close some business.

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How to Create Email ID for Your Domain using Google Apps

I have seen many blogger’s often use Gmail or yahoo mail even though they own a domain. If you are a domain owner, it’ a good idea to use domain specific Email address like,, as it not only shows professionalism; it also make your email more serious and authentic. There are many web-services that you can use to create domain based email address, and one of the best option is by using Google [...]
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31 Quotes For Success From Famous People

We all want to succeed, don’t we? However, the universe already lays plans for us. Whatever needs to be achieved is not so easy to get and whatever we get, we are not satisfied. We become disheartened and unmotivated. During this dark phase, one single ray of hope can turn the tables around. The experience and wisdom of successful people and elders counts a lot. Their success mantras can shape up our lives too. Their [...]
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The perils of mixing personal and professional on social media

If I checked out your social media accounts today, what would I find? Personal updates? Professional updates? A mix of the two? Is there even a dividing line between your personal life and professional life? If you are your business that line doesn’t even exist. I struggle with this concept daily as I try to promote my writing through social media while still keeping up with friends, all while not alienating either one.
Wharton management professor Nancy Rothbard wrote a paper on the subject called, “When Worlds Collide in Cyberspace: How Boundary Work in Online Social Networks Impacts Professional Relationships.” Long title, but interesting food for thought. We’ve seen a number of high-profile CEOs and celebs take a beating over a personal photo or statement posted on social media but there are also plenty of cases of everyday people taking a hit for what seemed like an innocuous posting.
If it okay for the teacher to post photos of herself at a bar with her girlfriends? What if she’s …