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Report: Climbing To 48%, Mobile Email Open Rates Nearly Overtake Desktop in 2013

After evaluating mobile activity for permission-based email marketing campaigns during 2013, digital marketing provider Knotice claims the number of emails opened on mobile devices reached 48 percent by the end of last year.
Dividing its findings per the first half and second half of 2013, the Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report is based on a sampling of 500 million emails sent across 11 industry segments, auditing email opens and engagement rates on phones, tablets and desktops.
Going back to 2010, Knotice has tracked mobile email activity for the past four years now. As the data proves, mobile email open rates continue to climb steadily, representing nearly half of all email opens last year.
Mobile Email Opens 2010 – 2013:

Knotice reported an increase of 9.59 percent from the first half of 2013 compared to the second half. Compared to 2012, last year’s mobile open rates were up 6.35 percent, and climbed more than 20 percent since 2011.
2011 – 2013 Mobile & Desktop Email Opens Rates:

AdRoll’s Desktop-To-Mobile Retargeting On Facebook Now Out Of Beta

Today, retargeting platform AdRoll announced the full roll-out of its solution to execute cross-device retargeting campaigns in Facebook apps.
Introduced in beta in February, the self-serve solution allows advertisers to retarget desktop visitors in Facebook’s iOS and Android apps on smartphones and tablets to help re-engage past site visitors on their mobile devices.
The solution supports Mobile News Feed ads and Mobile App-Install ads. AdRoll says early tests yielded click-through rates between one to three percent, cost-per-click from $0.20 to $1.00 and cost per installs that were as low as $0.50.
Advertisers can set up and launch campaigns on their own from the AdRoll dashboard and target ads by operating system, OS version as well as by specific device types, for example iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch when targeting the iOS app.

The new targeting option is now available to all advertisers.

via Marketing Land

Tabasco Responds To #notaste Tweets With Witty #addtaste Tweets

In a brilliant leveraging of a very popular hashtag, BBDO Belgium, on behalf of its client Tabasco, launched a Twitter campaign that monitored and responded to tweets which used the hashtag #notaste. For every #notaste tweet Tabasco replied with a creative tweet that included the hashtag #addtaste.
For example, one tweet from @abbiebooboo read, “I cannot handle it #maserati #notaste #baller only in Manchester” which included a picture of some dude’s blue Maserati with a “Baller” license plate.
I cannot handle it #maserati#notaste#obviouslyasian#baller only in Manchester ✊
— abbie beautement (@abbiebooboo) March 26, 2014

Tabasco replied, “@abbiebooboo Don’t feel blue. Let’s #addtaste and make this beauty a redhead” along with an image of another Maserati turned red by a big bottle of Tabasco.
Another tweet involved Tabasco replying to a tweet that apologized to Barack Obama for #notaste present he received from the Belgians. The reply, of course, included a cheeky twee…

Nearly $12B In Q1 Ad Revs, Mobile Likely Above 20 Percent

This morning the IAB released topline digital ad revenues for Q1 2014 in the US market. The trade group said that revenue hit $11.6 billion, representing 19 percent growth over last year’s $9.8 billion in Q1. (The press release reflects $9.6 billion but the full year 2013 report says $9.8 billion).

The IAB did not provide ad-category breakdowns. The chart below reflects how full year 2012 and 2013 revenues were broken out by ad format/type. We can assume most of the distribution is consistent with the 2013 allocation.
An exception may be mobile, which grew from 9 percent of total digital revenues in 2012 to 17 percent in 2013. There’s reason to believe that mobile is now at 20 percent or above.
There’s also reason to believe that video’s share is now larger too. That would mean other formats would necessarily be smaller (e.g., Sponsorship, Lead-gen).

For the time being, assuming a distribution roughly equivalent to the FY 2013 numbers, here’s how the real dollars reported today would look…

Android Keyboard Worth Paying For : Adaptxt Review

Keyboard to save Keystrokes. Something which can put quick message with little efforts. Trying my hands on Adaptxt Keyboard and sharing my review about it. Android users are privileged to change input methods and use keyboard interface of their choice which fueled innovation in text input field. Adaptxt is a result of the same.

Adaptxt – Testtastatur

Price: Free

Interface: Each button has long press function so that you don’t have to change complete layout in order to add a punctuation or a smiley. This shows that developers have given a thought while designing the layout of keyboard providing easy access to most used symbols and punctuations.

Support for languages is more than I could imagine. Around 93 languages and 44 industry-specific dictionaries available.
By saying industry specific, I mean to say the words used in IT, Legal or say Basketball or Cricket. If you are the one coming under any specific group and discuss much over these topics, predictions will come handy and increase th…

How Non-Local Google+ Brand Pages Benefit From “Google My Business”

Google announced a major update for small and local businesses today, introducing Google My Business, a single dashboard to manage a company’s full slate of Google connections, from listings to map placements, from customer service to marketing outreach. You can read an overview and take a visual tour of the new features on Search Engine Land.
The changes — simplifying and pulling together features that formerly had many scratching their heads — will also be welcomed by people who manage non-local Google Plus pages.
The former page management dashboard has been replaced by a cleaner-looking My Business page. And from that page, managers can post content, track analytics, respond to customers, even launch Google Hangouts. (For those who need to manage their pages on the go, there’s also a Google My Business Android app with a iOS version coming soon.)
The new Insights feature will be especially interesting, giving G+ page managers more information about who is interacting with brand conte…

Study: Top Performing Email Marketers Earning 9.5% CTR, 6 Times Higher Than Median CTR

A new Email Benchmark Study from Silverpop revealed top performing email marketers are earning a 9.5 percent click-through rate, six times higher than the median click-through rate of 1.5 percent.
Analyzing marketing emails sent by 3,000 brands from 40 different countries during 2013, Silverpop reported on the mean and median benchmarks for various email metrics, including click-through rates, open rates and bounce rates.
From the study:
Top quartile performers had click-through rates that were more than six times higher than the median CTR of 1.5 percent. In contrast, bottom-quartile performers mustered CTRs of no more than 0.2 percent.
Evaluating the CTRs of fourteen different industries, the study found real estate, construction, healthcare, consumer services and nonprofits generated the highest median CTR by industry.
As a top performing industry, healthcare earned a mean CTR of 4.8 percent and median of 2.6 percent. “This might reflect their content, which usually relies more on news …