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Microsoft: We Wouldn't Use Content to Target (Even If We Could) | Facebook Allows Users to Opt Out of Certain Targeting | In Much-Funded At Tech Sector, Spending Seen Again in Meat Space

Privacy: Microsoft is changing its services agreement to reflect a promise not to employ user content, such as emails, as a means to help target ads. This is not function that Microsoft appears to have spent any time developing, unlike rival Google. Facebook is allowing users to ditch specific ad targeting tags, so they presumably won't see [...]

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Twitter Is Using Bing Translation On Mobile Apps, Web Timelines

Twitter’s experimentation with Bing’s translation engine is accelerating. As reported first by CNET today, users of Twitter’s iOS app now can view Bing translations of tweets, a feature that was quietly added to the Android app last month.
That the move comes as the FIFA World Cup begins is likely not coincidental. The month-long soccer tournament is expected to be the most discussed social media sporting event ever and the conversation will be multilingual. Twitter stands to gain by helping to bridge language barriers and although online translations can be inexact, having the ability to quickly understand the gist of a message is a valuable feature.
Up to now accessing the translation required users to click into the tweet and then click the View Translation link — and that’s still true on mobile devices — but Twitter has simplified the process on the Timelines of desktop users. Now if you are on, you can view the translation in-stream by clicking the link next to the glob…

Pilgrims save $900 off Market Motive’s next coached digital marketing training course

As you may have noticed, we’ve partnered with Market Motive to bring you some great training opportunities.
Today, I can offer Marketing Pilgrims $900 of their next digital marketing training course!
It’s a 90-day coached training course, with some of the most respected experts in the industry. Here’s what you get:

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It’s normally $3500, but Pilgrims get it for just $2600. This is perfect for anyone entering the internet marketing industry, so whether that’s you, or a new employee, don’t miss out on this epic deal!
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Video: The Daily Show Interviews Real Google Glass Explorers About Intolerance

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jason Jones does a segment about the intolerance Google Glass Explorers need to deal with. Well, Jason Jones mocks Google Glass users and the intolerance they have to deal with. Note, these are real Google Glass Explorers that have documented cases of being abused because of wearing Google Glass.
The segment is named Glass Half Empty and here is the video:

The Daily Show

Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive

It is honestly pretty funny.

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Save your Google Voicemail to Google Drive as MP3 Files

When you receive a voicemail message on a phone number connected to your Google Voice account, the text transcription of the voice mail is emailed to your Gmail account along with a link to play the audio message on your phone or desktop. Now you can automatically save that voice mail to your Google Drive as an MP3 file.

I have written a little web app that scans your Gmail mailbox for any voicemails from Google Voice and it will save the audio in a specific folder on your Google Drive. The app attaches the voicemail transcript to the MP3 file as well thus making it possible for you to search your voice mails from within Google Drive.
To get started, click here and authorize why the app to access your Gmail and Google Drive accounts. On the next screen, click the Google Voice button and wait for the app to initialize. That’s it. The app will run in the background and monitor your Gmail account for any messages from Google Voicemail.
It creates a new folder called Google Voice in your Goo…

Integrity : Desktop Tool to Find Broken links For Huge Websites

404 Error pages are not only bad for search engine, it also gives bad user-experience. In the past, I have talked about many tools and websites, which will let you find broken links on your blog, and fix it. Be it a small-website, or a large-website, finding and fixing such 404 error links are part of monthly SEO audit. For WordPress, we have broken link checker WordPress plugin, which works great to find and fix [...]
Integrity : Desktop Tool to Find Broken links For Huge Websites Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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McDonald’s Buys Twitter’s First Globally Promoted Trend, But Did #FryFutbol Backfire?

McDonald’s went all in on social media on opening day of the FIFA World Cup, but it might not have scored the points it was hoping for.
The fast food giant, promoting its augmented reality GOL! App that fires up when paired with special McDonald’s fries boxes, paid to place #FryFutbol hashtag atop Twitter’s trending widget globally. And that was Twitter’s first truly global promoted trend, Ross Hoffman, Twitter’s director of U.S. brand strategy, told TechCrunch.
McDonald’s also displayed the hashtag on field-side billboards at the São Paulo stadium where Brazil defeated Croatia, 3-1, in the World Cup opener.
So how is it doing? Well, the hashtag certainly was noticed and used. Topsy’s figures show it with more than 17,000 mentions today, and there was a hefty spike during the game. But the overall reaction on Twitter — and least English-speaking Twitter — has not been great. Of course, any time a company decides to engage in interactive advertising it’s taking a risk. And Twitter is ful…

Facebook Updates Domain Insights To Roll Up Subdomain Traffic With Its Parents

If you manage a site with multiple subdomains, tracking Facebook referral traffic will soon be simpler.
Facebook is changing how it records data on its Domain Insights dashboard to count clicks on subdomains as part of the total for parent domains. From the Facebook Developers blog post:
For example, suppose a person clicks on a link for which does a HTTP redirect to Previously, we would have recorded the click in the Domain Insights for and for – and if you viewed the Domain Insights for or you would not see the click. If you had a large set of subdomains you would need to monitor Domain Insights for all of them.
With these changes we will now record the event in Domain Insights for,,, and – you will now be able to see the sum of all subdomain activity in the Domain Insights for

The chang…

Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2014: A Marketer’s Guide – Now Updated

Trying to manage social media within an enterprise organization? If so, you’re probably using some sort of software tool to help automate the process. As large organizations continue to embrace social media, it’s virtually impossible to be effective without using some sort of software platform to manage and analyze your efforts.
The choices of software platforms are many and varied: do you go with a large platform that’s part of an integrated marketing suite, or do you go with something smaller that might be more in line with your department’s needs? Are you using a legacy software that you have outgrown? Or is management reviewing its options?
Marketing Land’s sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, has recently released the 3rd edition of the popular report, Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2014: A Marketer’s Guide.
The report – like the other Market Intelligence Reports from Digital Marketing Depot – is designed to help marketers break down the decision-making process when it…

Industry Uncovering Ad Fraud | Robot Buyers Can Pay Per Action | IAB Reports Ho Hum 19 Percent Increase in Digital Mediaspend

Fraud: Ad Age did some real reporting on a particular case of recently discovered ad fraud, showing how easy it was to perpetrate, even with extremely sophisticated large publishers who were a bit on the lookout for trouble. . Targeting: One robot buying firm is opening up the capacity to allow purchasing of media based on engagements or [...]

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First Look: Insights For Google+ Finally Tells Page Managers How Their Page Is Performing

In the beginning there were Ripples, Google’s surprisingly rudimentary display of the spread of Google+ posts.
And that’s about it. Google+ didn’t provide page managers with much useful information about how their page was performing, and that was one the major impediments to using the platform as an effective marketing tool.
That changed yesterday with the release of Google+ Insights for pages, a development that was overshadowed by the major Google My Business news.
Now managers of brand and business pages will be able to assess and adjust their efforts on the Google+ platform, both on the desktop and the new My Business Android app (pictured above and eventually coming to iOS). I haven’t had the opportunity to dig into the tool yet, but judging from the description in Google’s PDF guide and the help page there are good analytics to chew on.
The tool is broken down into three tabs, Visibility, Engagement and Audience. Audience is a basic demographic portrait — including gender, age and …