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Google Glass Reveals Its First 5 “Glass At Work” Certified Partners

Google has given its blessing to five developers that are helping bring Google Glass to business and enterprise by making them certified partners in the Glass At Work program.
The companies, announced this morning, are:

APX: “APX Labs makes Skylight, the leading business software for Glass. It provides workers with hands-free, real-time access to enterprise data and the expertise they need to do their job. Skylight is used by Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries.”
Augmedix: “Doctors spend over a third of their day pushing and pulling information to and from the Electronic Health Record. Augmedix provides a service for doctors that allows them to reclaim this time and refocus it on what matters most: patient care. ”
Crowdoptic: “CrowdOptic’s software detects significant broadcast events from mobile and wearable devices, and provides breathtaking content for live broadcasts and context-aware applications for the sports, entertainment, building/security, and medical industries.…

Trackur turns the social media monitoring dial to 11

As you know, and by way of disclaimer if you don’t, I am the CEO of the social media monitoring tool Trackur. So, in a blatant act of self-promotion, allow me to share with you some upgrades that I’m pretty excited about.
First up, we’ve made our Insights charts fully downloadable to PDF. Customers will no longer have to navigate Excel to re-create the charts and analytics displayed in their dashboard. Trackur will do all the heavy-lifting, allowing you to provide pretty reports to your clients or boss.
Next, we announced a new email alert option that will only trigger an email alert for an item our sentiment algorithm has determined to be negative. This is the perfect option for being notified of any reputation attack, while away from your dashboard.
Lastly, for our Ultimate customers, we have enabled branding for their email alerts. Our Ultimate dashboard has always been white labeled, and now too are our email alerts.
If you’ve not checked out Trackur–or it’s been a while–come on over …

Addressing Thin Content

You need to take a detailed look at the mission of your content, what purpose it serves, and how your visitors digest and engage with your content. Use these tools to assess your content so you can determine where to adjust your focus.

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3 Fool-Proof Email List-Building Strategies With Facebook

Though social followings and social engagement play an important role in any company’s overall online presence, nothing beats email when it comes to accessing prospects on demand.
Consequently, getting customers to make the leap from “fan” to “subscriber” is an important conversion point for many online business — but it’s often not done with much finesse.
In this article, we’ll look at three simple methods for taking “fans” willingly off of Facebook and onto your email list — all without damaging your relationship with social followers.

1. Free, Specific “How-To” Content Via E-Books Or Video Courses
One simple way to generate fresh subscribers is to give away great, specific content in exchange for a prospect’s email address (and/or other information). Generally, how-to content tends to perform best, especially when it solves a specific problem.
People don’t want to download an encyclopedia and read it for a week – they generally want a quick-hit benefit that’s fun, unique, and of value f…

For Major Brands “Engagement Has Plummeted” On Facebook

A new report from Facebook analytics provider Simply Measured finds consumer engagement with Facebook posts from a number of the top Interbrand companies is down dramatically year over year. The firm says that monthly engagement is off an average of more than 40 percent since May 2013.

Two brands on the list, MTV and Harley Davidson, saw increased engagement. In other cases, however, overall engagement had declined 50 percent or more. And per-post engagement is off by an average of more than 50 percent for these companies, says Simply Measured.
The firm largely attributes these drops to the declining organic reach of Facebook posts — or “throttling” as some have called it — resulting from algorithm changes. The report also notes that brands have increased posting frequency to compensate for a loss in reach. Simply measured says that among the brands it looked at monthly posting had increased by 20 percent.
Simply Measured doesn’t claim that these data can be generalized to all brands or …

Search Engine Basic Concepts

Baffled by search engines and how they work? Not technical in orientation? Here's a layman's level explanation of the basics of search engines – including the critical concepts of relevance, popularity, segmentation, diversity, trust, and quality.

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