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Twitter, Starcom MediaVest Group Research Shows That Twitter Is Helping TV Ad Campaigns

Twitter wants to be the first choice for your second-screen. And today it released research that backs up its aspirations.
The study, a product of Twitter’s Social TV Lab partnership with media buying agency Starcom MediaVest Group, presents evidence that combining Twitter and TV results in strong gains in brand awareness, TV ad recall, engagement with television shows and sales lift.
“Results confirm that social TV is here and the opportunity to use it to enhance and amplify brand experiences is only getting bigger,” Twitter and SMG wrote in a release. “Thus far, lab results demonstrate that Twitter’s ability to amplify significant cultural moments, far beyond original broadcast audiences.”
The Social TV Lab findings, compiled from various sources, including Nielsen’s Brand Effect for Twitter, Datalogix’s matched household modeling, Twitter’s in-tweet surveys, looked at results for campaigns from 15 U.S.-based SMG clients as well as general social TV engagement.
The results present a cou…

Google’s Android Draws Fresh Antitrust Complaint In Europe

Google must feel like it’s Groundhog Day. Another antitrust complaint has been filed against the company in Europe. This one is focused on Android and third party app stores.
There are older complaints about Android before the European Commission (EC).
According to an article in the Wall Street Journal the new complaint was filed by a Portuguese company called Aptoide, which offers a Google Play alternative. The company argues Google is blocking third party app stores seeking to compete against the Android app store:
In its complaint, Aptoide claims that Google creates obstacles for users to install third-party app stores onto its Android platform, bundles services that are essential to its operating system with Google Play, and blocks access to Aptoide websites in its Chrome Web browser.
The EC has Independently been mulling an antitrust investigation into Android but hasn’t formally initiated one. The new complaint, however, may force the EC’s hand and tip the balance in favor of a form…

Tumblr Ads Can Now Run Across Yahoo Via Yahoo Gemini

In a sign of how Yahoo’s new mobile search and native ad marketplace, Yahoo Gemini, is becoming integral to the company’s ad growth plans, Yahoo announced today that Yaho Gemini will power the syndication of Tumblr Sponsored Posts across Yahoo content.
For the first time, content from Tumblr Sponsored Posts will be seamlessly promoted across Yahoo and Tumblr, which reach more than 800 million average monthly visitors. Tumblr Sponsored Posts are now integrated and available through Yahoo Gemini, the industry’s only marketplace where advertisers can buy mobile search and native advertising.
The move gives Yahoo a way to integrate Tumblr, which it acquired for $1.1 billion last May, more fully into Yahoo’s ad offerings.
Advertisers can promote and target their Tumblr Sponsored Posts via Yahoo Gemini in native ads across Yahoo’s content streams, article pages, image galleries and digital magazines on all devices. The native ads will continue to have engagement functions such as like, reblog …

Retailers believe in online marketing, so why are they still spending offline?

RetailMeNot contacted 200 marketing decision-makers at retailers that sell both online and in physical retail locations and have at least $50 million in annual revenue to find out how they feel about digital advertising.
75% said they believe that digital delivers a higher return on investment than offline advertising. They believe it, but they’re not putting their marketing money where their mouth is.

Looking at the total marketing budget, 51% is going to the digital side, 49% to offline. Why? Old habits and a lack of confidence. Only 27% of those surveyed thought of themselves as advanced digital marketers. Only 19% said they thought their current multi-channel approach was effective. Which means a whole lot of marketers think they could be doing better if they tried harder or had more training.
Mobile is a particular problem. 65% said they believe branded apps are excellent for driving in-store sales but only 19% said they had advanced knowledge of mobile apps and only 24% said they w… Takes On Weight Loss Scam Ads, Offenders Still Spotted

Source: Bad Ads Trend Alert: False Claims in Online Weight Loss Advertisements

Lose weight without changing a thing! It’s a fantasy crafted and perpetuated by direct marketing minds in the weight loss and diet pill industry. It’s also a tactic used by online scammers to pedal bogus products that often have hidden recurring fees.
Today,, an industry organization dedicated to “keeping people safe from bad online ads” whose members include AOL, Google, Facebook and Twitter, released a trend alert on weight loss scams to alert consumers to the problems with many ads in this category.
According to the report, members have rejected or removed over 2.5 million weight loss-related ads from their systems in the past 18 months
Yet, despite the report and stated increase in vigilance by members, it’s still fairly easy to find sketchy weight loss ads — even ads flagged as having been removed in the report itself — underscoring evolving tactics by scammers …

Marketing Day: Top 30 #SMX Tweets, Facebook Engagement Plummeting, Twitter All Access Program

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Google: We’ll Be Giving More Feedback For Reconsideration Request & Other Search Changes Last Wednesday at the SMX Advanced show, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, shared some news and announcements with us during his keynote session. Here are some of the highlights from Matt’s talk: Payday Loan 3.0 Launches Matt Cutts announced Wednesday night that Google would launch version 3.0 of the Payday loan algorithm. 3.0 […]
Google Glass Reveals Its First 5 “Glass At Work” Certified Partners Google has given its blessing to five developers that are helping bring Google Glass to business and enterprise by making them certified partners in the Glass At Work program. The companies, announced this morning, are: APX: “APX Labs makes Skylight, the leading business software for Glass. It provides workers with hands-free, real-time access to …