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Girl Fakes First Period, Mom Throws ‘Full Moon’ Party In Wickedly Hilarious HelloFlo Ad

Last summer you may recall seeing an ad which featured a young girl who becomes a powerful counselor at a camp. Why? Because she just got her period and she made it her mission to help guide other girls as they, too, experience their first period. Sort of a drill sergeant for menstruation, if you will. The video has accumulated over 7 million views.
Fast forward to this summer and the brand behind that viral success, HelloFlo, is at it again. In a new video, a girl is worried she isn’t getting her period in a timely fashion so… she decides to fake it. A little red nail polish on a maxi pad and the adventure begins.
Mom, of course, sees right through her daughter’s little lie and decides to have a bit of fun. She throws her daughter a First Moon party complete with a menstruation-themed pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game appropriately called, Pin the Pad on the Period. Mom even got a uterus piñata, a boy band and, yes, a Vagician. Oh yes, and Grandpa bobs for ovaries!
As the craziness reache…

Twitter Snaps Up Live-TV Clipping Platform SnappyTV

Twitter announced today that it is acquiring SnappyTV, a live-TV clipping service that enables broadcasters to quickly create snippets of live events to share on social media.
Launched in 2010, San Francisco-based SnappyTV makes it dead simple for video producers and rights holders to create near real-time clips and distribute them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Brightcove and various other social and web platforms. The platform supports placement of in-stream advertising, and can create animated GIFs and captioned memes from video content.
The clips serve as complementary content and are a key part of the second-screen marketing strategy to reach people who are using other digital devices while watching television.
You have likely seen SnappyTV clips in your social stream. Here’s an example (note that the video is displayed in-stream on Twitter’s mobile apps and Click here to view):

GINOBILI!!!! – (Charles Barkley voice) #NBARapidReplay on ABC.

When Do You Add UX to Your Design?

It's not so much if you add user experience to your process, but when you add UX that makes the most impact. The key to success is focusing on solving a problem from the users' perspective, instead of the marketing or technology perspectives.

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Interactive Content: The Successor Of The Landing Page

I’ve written about marketing apps and their role in the 4th wave of content marketing in my past two columns, describing some of the concepts behind them.

To me, they are the interactive successor of the landing page — the next generation of lightweight web experiences for marketing campaigns.
This month, I’d like to share some independent evidence about how well interactive content performs in that role.
Millions Of Reasons To Like Quiz Content
As marketers are told to behave “more like publishers” with content marketing, it can’t hurt to look at what the most successful digital publisher in the world — BuzzFeed — is doing to drive its readership and engagement.
The #1 answer? Interactive quizzes.
As noted in an article by Business Insider, BuzzFeed has generated millions of Facebook shares through interactive quizzes such as “What State Do You Actually Belong In?” and “What Career Should You Actually Have?” that have broken social sharing records.
In fact, all of BuzzFeed’s top 10 stories …

By 2016, Oreo’s Parent Company Will Spend Half Its Marketing Budget On Digital, Betting Big On Video

As it looks to reach consumers beyond the living room to all devices, Mondelez International, the parent company of Oreo, Cadbury, Chips Ahoy, Ritz, Triscuit and dozens of other snack brands, is boldly turning to digital video. In a deal announced this week, the company will rely on TubeMogul’s software to plan, buy and serve digital video ads programmatically.
The investment in digital video marks a dramatic shift for the international giant and signals digital video’s coming of age. Ivelisse Roche, associate director for global media and consumer engagement at Mondelez, told Adweek that the company will spend half its marketing budget on digital by 2016, up from 25 percent today.
To manage the heightened investment, Mondelez will have a dedicated media buying team at MediaVest specializing in programmatic and relying on TubeMogul’s product suite for buying and auditing digital video ads.
“As a company, we’re aiming to shift more media spending to digital and online video is a key part …

You can now post animated GIFs on Twitter. Yeah?

Animated GIFs make my head hurt. Anyone else feel like their eyeballs are going to explode when you watch one? Show of hands?
Well now Twitter has gone and opened the flood gates allowing these moving monstrosities to show up on and on the mobile apps. (No refuge at all!)
They announced this exciting change via a Tweet and not a single word of follow-up on the Twitter blogs. Perhaps they feel that GIFs are so universal, they don’t need explaining.
One thing is true, these animated story bites are popular world wide. Doesn’t matter what language you speak everyone understands an excited, adorable poodle.
Facebook doesn’t allow GIFs because they’re worried that it will make the newsfeed to busy. This one time, I agree. I’m not prepared to see dozens of these things jumping up and down as I skim my Twitter feed. Seriously, what happened to using your words!
From a marketing perspective, it’s another tool you can use. Like old school Whack-a-Mole banners, animated GIFs are hard to …

New Study Charts Influence Of Facebook Ad Spend On Paid Search Conversions

Following up on last year’s study that found increased Facebook advertising yielded higher paid search conversions, Kenshoo released new data and a formula for determining the the ideal Facebook spend required to move the needle on paid search.
The study, conducted by Kenshoo and commissioned by Facebook, analyzed the paid search performance of data services company, Experian, in which some segments were exposed to Facebook advertising while others saw paid search ads only. For the three groups also exposed to Facebook advertising, on average, total conversions increased by 19 percent, conversion rate rose 11 percent and CPA fell by 10 percent.
Kenshoo also says the results showed correlation between increasing Facebook spend and rising paid search conversions as well as more clicks on paid search ads resulting from a rise in Facebook impressions. However, there was an upper limit of Facebook spend after which point the cross-channel benefits tapered off.
“This study proves that brands w…

The Best Animated GIFs So Far From Brands On Twitter

Talk about pent-up demand. Twitter opened the animated GIF floodgate today and brands, publishers and, oh just about everyone with a Twitter account, wasted no time taking advantage of the new feature.
The first GIF tweets were basically all variations on a theme: finally, there’s great joy in the land!
There’s a danger of course that this new power will be abused, but today it’s all about the fun of discovery and novelty of a feature that before today had been mostly relegated to Reddit, Tumblr and Google+.
Marketers will no doubt appreciate the ability to bring more movement into their Twitter feeds and masters of sports GIFing like Deadspin and Bleacher Report should be able to take great advantage of the new feature.
Here are some of the best efforts so far (we’ll keep updating all day, so if you see any we missed, please let us know):

GIFs on @Twitter!
— The GRAMMYs (@TheGRAMMYs) June 18, 2014

GIFs on @Twitter? That's huge!
— The Office (…

MB: Publisher Brands Matter (a lot) | Digital Heads Paid Better than Creative Directors | Grass is Greener for Most Marketers on Digital Expectations

Publishing: Millward Brown asked the question that publishers tend to answer without any research backing them up: does a site's brand matter to the effectiveness of an ad placement? MB found that, indeed, the brand of the publisher was almost as important as the audience overlay. Marketers and Ad Execs: New (and anecdotal) salary data shows that digital [...]

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Orangina Causes Outrage Among World Cup Fans by Hijacking TVs With ‘The Antifoot Can’

With devilishly delicious deviousness, Orangina has pulled a big one over on soccer fans — and during the World Cup, no less! Working with Fred & Farid Paris, the drink brand has created the AntiFoot Can.
The can has been tricked out with electronics that, with a subtle flick of a switch on the bottom of the can, will switch off every TV that’s airing a soccer game — at least in the bar the agency modified with TVs that would receive the signal from the can.
Predictably, soccer viewers jump up on their feet and express their outrage while the woman in the corner slyly smiles at her trickery.
Why do this? Apparently, there are 4 billion men and women in the world who do not enjoy watching soccer. Let’s just call it an uprising… and an excuse for a brand to create a stunt they can then place on YouTube.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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