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Native Ad Disclosures Come To The Forefront, Again, In ASA Ruling Against Outbrain

We’ve all seen the “Around The Web” and “You May Also Like” content recommendation lists at the bottom of articles on publisher sites such as CNN, Slate and Now a UK-based advertising watchdog has ruled that these lists do not properly disclose that the article suggestions are actually paid ads.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which has no power to actually ban or fine organizations, issued a ruling that found its labeling of the native ad-style content recommendations was not adequate after looking at an example from UK-based publisher The Independent.
The ASA said the heading didn’t make it clear to consumers that the recommendations were sponsored and that the link to a “Why these ads” from the Outbrain logo at the bottom wasn’t obviously clickable.
In response to the ruling, Outbrain is changings its headlines to say “Promoted”, “Sponsored or “Promoted Stories”, as shown on an article on The Independent today.

In a blog post, Outbrain co-founder and CEO, Yaron …

PPC Budget Forecasting 101

As pay-per-click professionals, we're often asked to play with our numbers, shift our budgets, and essentially predict the future. A daunting task, for sure. Here's a simple walk-through on how to answer those tough budgeting questions from clients.

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Google Build Up Digital Video Advertising Capablities With mDialog Acquisition

In another sign of Google’s active plan to attract more brand dollars and capitalize on the digital video boom, the company announced it has acquired digital video advertising tech firm mDialog.
Making the announcement on the mDialog site, the start-up said the team will be joining forces with DoubleClick and will eventually integrate its services to manage, deliver, and measure video advertising into the platform for publishers.
mLabs will continue to work with its existing customers — major media companies like NBC and Fox — to monetize video ad inventory across IP-connected devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Apple TV, Roku and Xbox. The company’s Smart Stream Platform in-stream, targeted advertising within live and on-demand digital programming.
Google’s other recent play in the digital video space includes the launch of Google Partner Select, a marketplace for premium video advertising.

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'Native' Ads a Product of Current Search Algorithm; Doomed | Canadian Judge Forces Google to Punish Loser of Civil Suit, Eh? | Google Pushing YouTube in SERPS; Dog Bites Man

"Native" Ads: The utility of native advertising comes from two current trends: firstly that the ad appears at first - largely due to ambiguous formats - to be editorial content, which increases attention paid to the placement. The second trend is that these sorts of small-dose factoids, mini-articles, viral videos, etc. are the current formats that [...]

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