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Showing posts from June 21, 2014

Improved Facebook Right Hand Ads Will Roll Out Next Week, Limited Availability Will Raise CPCs

A few months ago Facebook promised a revamped, larger ad size for those Right-Hand Column ads. Today they’ve announced a launch date of “early next week” along with a warning of scarcity.

Seeing that the ads take up more real estate on the screen, there will obviously be less space for ads. This means that advertisers will likely see an increase of their overall cost-per-clicks as the competition will be tighter. Facebook also touted the benefit of the new ad size on the overall click through rates — an issue that has plagued the right hand ads for awhile now – as they cited the larger space leading to more visibility.
So what does this mean for advertisers? Well, a lot. Facebook is continuing to push towards engaging ads that heighten the overall user experience so having a laser-targeted, eye catching ad is paramount. Secondly, those advertisers that ditched the right-hand ad due to the lack of success may want to reconsider. Additionally, all users currently leveraging the right-hand…

Marketing Day: Marketing By Scent, LA Kings’ Twitter Lessons, 56% Skip Video Ads

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

oPhone DUO May Increase Online Sales With The Power Of Smell

Have you heard of the oPhone DUO? I’ll bet you haven’t because it’s brand new! And it has very interesting implications for online marketing. The oPhone DUO is a combination of oSnap and oPhone which was unveiled at the Connected Conference in Paris this week. oSnap is an application that allows you to share smells […]

McDonald’s Pranks Aspiring Actors With Fake Auditions For Zombie Musical

Because it’s Cannes Lions week and because agencies are too busy sipping rosé on the Carlton Terrace in the South of France to, you know, do any actual work, our Creative of the Day space is left with… zombies. Yes, zombies. Recently, McDonald’s pranked Las Vegas by hosting a casting call for a nonexistent, zombie-themed musical. In […]

Social Media Lessons From The Stanley Cup Champion Of Twitte…