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Free Social Media Icons for your Website

Here are some of my favorite social media iconsets that are professionally designed, they are available as free downloads and can be used anywhere, including presentations, without restrictions. The collection includes flat icons, circular, long shadows, thin and minimalistic icons with thin edges, and more. Click the proof sheet images for the download links.

Find Free Images for your Website

Tip: Use reverse image search in Google to discover similar icon sets on the web.

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What’s Wrong With Our Generation on Social Media [Short Video]

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter have brought noticeable changes in our life. Along with all the benefits, it has made many of us living a fake life, which is just to satisfy our inner ego. Likes and comments have become a way to judge the popularity of person, and needless to say this is not the right way to judge the satisfaction level of our life. This short video shows what is wrong with [...]
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Marketing Day: Google+ A Referral Graveyard, Watchdog Targets YouTube, Facebook Page Engagement Up

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
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VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: All Search Is Now Social

“Social is all about discovery, search is about validation. These two are so inextricably linked today…” ~ Tami Cannizzaro, Global Director of Marketing, Social Business at IBM. Google has placed a huge bet on social, not just on integrating Google+ into all of the online giant’s moving pieces, but also in increasing the strength of […]

Google+ At 3 Years Old: Not A Ghost Town, But A Social Referral Graveyard

Let’s put it aside from the get-go: Google+ is not a ghost town. Without a doubt there are millions of people who use and value the social network, which turns three tomorrow. There’s a vibrant community of photographers; there are Hangout on Air true believers; there are marketers who swear it’s the best social network […]

Google Earns Ad Money Off YouTube Videos Hawking Stolen Credit Cards, S…

Social Analytics Firm: Facebook Providing Better Deal to Marketers | GMD: Online Media Bifurcating to Sponsorships versus Slush | Agency Moves to Take Clients Off Open Exchanges

Social: A European social analytic firm published a paper that indicates social interactions are on the increase. Media: An interview with a group media director of a large agency confirms that media is bifurcating into limited inventory opportunities at high CPM rates and a great pool of increasingly commoditized impressions. Agencies: GroupM's move to pull its clients from open exchanges [...]

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