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Waffle House Fires Shot At Belgian Waffles, Scores #WorldCup Engagement Win

Let’s face it, most Americans’ knowledge of Belgium doesn’t extend much further than the breakfast plate.
So Waffle House was in perfect position to take advantage of today’s big FIFA World Cup game between the United States and Belgium.
And the restaurant chain didn’t waste the opportunity, firing off a funny broadside this morning:

We don't believe in Belgium waffles
— Waffle House (@WaffleHouse) June 30, 2014

The fact that the tweet had an error — it’s Belgian Waffles, not Belgium — made the effort seem more spur of the moment, rather than a pre-baked corporate plan. The Waffle House social team acknowledged the mistake in replies on Twitter.
That the tweet didn’t draw upon ethnic stereotypes to make its point put it solidly in the safe and effective real-time marketing category.
“We support a boycott on Belgian Waffles,” a Waffle House spokesperson told TMZ, which first noticed the anti-Belgian waffle campaign. “We support America. We don’t support Belgian Waffles.”

We ready #USA#WEBE…

Single Ad Fraud Found to Have Produced >1% of Video Ads | Europe's 'Forget' Decision Causing Silliness | Rumors of Google Content Widget Mongered

Ad Fraud: One online ad fraud scheme unmasked yesterday was found by DoubleVerify to have encompassed more than 1 percent of all online video ads, as it had infected just about all video exchanges. The manic move to video ads made the market a great target with relatively high CPMs. Video avails are typically only a [...]

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Spotted In The Wild: Facebook Advertising Prompt Seen On Pages’ ‘About’ Sections

As Facebook’s stock continues to trend upwards, so does theiradvertisingpush. A new test feature was spotted in the wild by Matteo Gamba on InsideFacebook that shows a new ad prompt that some Page Admins are seeing. A new ad prompt is showing up on the ‘about’ tabs of Facebook pages features a “Promote” button with a prompt that tells admins to “Get people you care about to visit your website.

When clicked it takes the URL from the about page and lets the Admin quickly create an ad around it. From headline to image, location to demographics a full ad can be created from this single screen:
This may well lead to more ads from small to medium businesses who didn’t realize that Facebook can drive external traffic. Overall the implementation is slick and simple and may well benefit those admins.
For more see InsideFacebook. Images courtesy of InsideFacebook.

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Google Launches CookieChoices Site To Help Publishers With EU Cookie Compliance

Google has launched a new resource named CookieChoices to help publishers understand the European Union’s cookie compliance regulations.
Bill Hartzer was the first to spot this, noticing Google purchasing the domain a while back and now launching this content on the new domain the other day.
The CookieChoices explains the EU requirements as follows:
European laws require that digital publishers give visitors to their sites and apps information about their use of cookies and other forms of local storage. In many cases these laws also require that consent be obtained.
This site is produced by Google. We work with lots of publisher partners and, based on that experience, we wanted to provide any publishers with easy-to-implement tools that can help them meet their legal obligations to get user consent.
The tools on this site include code that publishers can use to inform their users about cookies and obtain proper consent on websites and apps. You can implement a splash screen, a notification…

Facebook posts, comments and likes related to the World Cup have already topped 1 billion

The FIFA World Cup is a sure-fire way to get people talking. Goals, dives, injuries and unexpected results; all of this has people shouting at their TV and, increasingly, using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to express their volatile emotions. Today, Facebook announced that total interactions related to the tournament have passed the
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16 of the Best Android apps from June

From ephemeral Facebook messaging apps, to ones that simply let you say ‘Yo!’ to your buddies, we covered a lot of ground with new Android apps in June. So by way of a quick recap and to help you filter through the debris, here’s our pick of the newbies from the past month. 16 of
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Google Finally Shuts Down Orkut, Its First Social Network

In 2004, fresh off a failed attempt to buy hotshot-of-the-day Friendster, Google GOOGL -0.17% launched Orkut. The fledgling site was Google’s first foray into a social network in the days before anyone knew what a “social network” was. Facebook launched a month later and quickly rose to prominence. Orkut never caught on in a meaningful
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Twitter Shopping Coming Soon? “Buy Now” Buttons Seen In The Wild

Evidence of Twitter plans to enable users to make purchases by clicking on tweets surfaced Monday afternoon. “Buy now” buttons appeared in several tweets apparently generated by the shopping app Fancy, Re/code’s Jason Del Rey reported.
The buttons only showed up on mobile devices and are no longer visible. Re/code reported that “tapping on them didn’t do anything. But Re/code did speak to someone who said that tapping on the button earlier on Monday did lead to a checkout page opening up within the Twitter app. Re/code could not replicate that experience.”
This isn’t the first time Fancy has been associated with Twitter and potential e-commerce, as Re/code noted:
Back in January, Re/code uncovered a mock-up online that was created by Fancy and that a source said was used to pitch Twitter on what a Twitter e-commerce integration could look like. But Twitter didn’t launch any buying capability within tweets, until maybe now.
This time, the evidence appeared on Twitter, albeit fleetingly, so…

Ad Fraudsters in Spy vs. Spy Code War Harkening to Spam Wars | Europe: YouTube Is Looking Anti-Trusty Lately | More Time Spent on Net with Mobile Devices than Desktops

Mobile: Mobile internet usage just ate the internet. Most time spent on the internet is now done watching the tiny rectangle screens of mobile devices. A goodly portion of this is social networking. Ad Fraud: Ad fraudsters are already gaming the first generation tools ad networks like Tremor and AdaptTV have been deploying to detect bot-generated impressions and [...]

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Pandora: More Than Half Our Revs Will Be Local In A Few Years

It might surprise you to know that internet radio provider Pandora has outside sales reps (“feet on the street”) in 37 markets in the US. These are people knocking on doors and taking offline meetings. It’s part of a larger push (since roughly 2012) into “local advertising.”
The company’s focus is on national and regional businesses with multiple stores or locations (e.g., HomeDepot) but extends to individual small businesses.
Pandora can sell a surprising array of ad units and types to marketers: audio, video, display and branded content (native). In the latter category Pandora works with clients, such as Gatorade, to create branded stations and playlists. According to a conversation I had recently with Ad Sales SVP Steven Kritzman, this is one of the most effective (high engagement) ad products the company offers.

Pandora is also in the relatively unique position, like Facebook, of having its listeners logged in to use the service. It can thus see their usage across platforms and targe…

KLM Learns A Real-Time Marketing Lesson — Don’t Kick #WorldCup Fans When They’re Down

Real-time marketing is a tricky business. You want to be in the moment, you want to be witty and clever, you want to be true to your brand. And you want to do all that without offending potential customers.
That final point is the most important — first do no harm — and it tripped up Dutch airline KLM in a big way Sunday.
Moments after the Netherlands knocked Mexico out of the World Cup, KLM tweeted “Adios Amigos! #NEDMEX” with a photo of an airport departure sign, photoshopped to include a mustachioed, sombrero-wearing icon.
The reaction on Twitter was instant and overwhelming as fans of the Mexican team still stinging from the controversial loss lashed out, many tweeting outrage that the image was a racist stereotype. KLM deleted the tweet within an hour, but not before it was retweeted nearly 10,000 times, captured in hundreds of screen grabs and lamented in scores of news articles.
One of the strongest reactions came from Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, who tweeted to his 1.94 milli…

Media Ratings Council Greenlights New Viewable Ad Impression Metric For Video Ads

After more than a year-long review process, the Media Rating Council (MRC) gave the go-head for the digital media industry to being transacting and measuring on viewable ad impressions for video ads.
According to the MRC, the new viewable ad impression metric was created in a collaborative effort between the MRC and IAB’s Emerging Innovations Task Force, and supported by a “substantial amount of research” and cross-industry input.
From the announcement:
The guidelines for viewable impressions state that 50 percent of pixels (whether video or display) must be in the viewable portion of an internet browser for a specific minimum amount of time: at least 1 continuous second for display ads, and at least 2 continuous seconds for video ads.
On March 31, the MRC issued its Viewable Impression Advisory for display advertising, and released the newly created Viewable Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines. Upon releasing the guidelines, the MRC opened a 30-day public comment period, as well as esta…

Twitter opens app install ads to all advertisers

Twitter just opened app install ads to all advertisers. Say that three times fast.
The install ad comes with a variety of targeting options including keywords, gender, location, and mobile platform – especially important when it comes to app downloads.
The Promoted Tweet includes room for some text that you can either write or pull from your app download page. There’s a nice photo and a good sized install button.

After a user clicks to install, Twitter will show them an install complete message with a prompt to open the app. Seems intuitive but I’ve been known to download an app and then forget about it. Once you have them hooked, you want to keep the excitement going with an instant open.
You can also set up the ad with deep-linking. Twitter uses Spotify as an example showing how they can target fans who mention a singer’s name then link them straight to that singer’s page on the app. Brilliant.
On the back-end, Twitter provides a conversion tracking tool that lets you see how many people…

How to Save Tweets for any Twitter Hashtag

Wouldn’t it be nice if Twitter had an Export button? You search for something, maybe an #hashtag or your brand name, and all the matching tweets would get saved in a spreadsheet or another file format of your choice. And, better still, the archive would update itself as new matching tweets are posted on Twitter in the future.
Well, Twitter is unlikely to provide you an option to save search results directly but here’s a do-it-yourself solution that takes 5-minutes to implement (watch video) and it will save all matching tweets for your search term(s) in a Google Spreadsheet automatically.
The idea is simple. We’ll have a Google Spreadsheet that will talk to Twitter through a Google Script and will import all the search results into the sheet. It will make this connection to Twitter every few minutes and fetches all the new tweets that have been added to Twitter since the last check.

Save Tweets Forever in a Spreadsheet

Click here to copy the Twitter Archiver sheet into your Google Drive. …