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Merkle Acquires RKG To Form Largest Search Ad Agency In US

Customer relationship management firm Merkle Inc. announced today it has acquired search agency RKG, creating what the two companies claim is now the largest independent search agency in the US.
“RKG represents the best of breed in search, display, social and other digital media marketing solutions, and we are delighted to have them join the Merkle family,” said Merkle’s executive vice president and digital agency group leader Craig Dempster.
According to an announcement on Merkle’s website, RKG’s expertise and penetration in retail and other key markets were a big draw for Merkle, with RKG’s client list boasting more Internet Retailer Top 500 companies than any other search agency.
Financial terms around the acquisition were not disclosed, but Merkle did state it and RKG’s combined media billings for 2014 are estimated to be more than $500 million.
Both RKG and Merkle were identified as the fastest-growing independent US search agencies by Advertising Age in its 2014 Agency Report, with …

CMOs: 3/4ths of Budget to Go Digital | Adspend to Pop, Mobile Driving | Google Notifies Sites of Censored Pages Cleansed from Directory

Media: A poll shows CMOs are resigned to spending about three quarters of their marketing budgets on digital stuff. Adspend to grow like it's 1999 (well, OK, 2004), with mobile leading the percentage increase, according to eMarketer. Search: In an interesting move that could be interpreted as ginning up fervor against the recent European high court ruling that is [...]

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Canada’s new email law: gone too far or list optimization at its finest?

Yesterday was a big day for Canada.
Yes, of course, it celebrated Canada Day, but it also saw a new anit-spam email law go into effect, and apparently that put businesses in a tizzy trying to comply:

Under a new antispam law that went into effect on Tuesday, the sender of any commercial electronic message — emails, texts and potentially some social media postings — must first verify that they have the recipient’s consent. The regulator, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, also says the rules apply to senders in the United States or anywhere else who want to communicate virtually with Canadians.

Companies have been using all kinds of bribes incentives to encourage those on its lists to confirm that they wish to remain subscribed. Some are giving away iPads, while others are going to such extremes as to give away a new car. Email addresses of customers, that have done business in the past 2 years, are exempt, but that leaves a lot of unknown email addresses tha…

Facebook Touts 1 Billion App Links Served, Adds Support For Mobile App Ads

Facebook’s App Link program, an open-source, cross-platform standard for linking on mobile devices, has been widely adopted since the program was introduced on April 30 at the F8 Developers conference.
Today Facebook announced in a blog post that developers had enabled more than 1 billion of the links that drive users directly to apps, or specific content within apps. The links can be published from an app, a Facebook page or copy-pasted URLs and have been adopted by apps such as Spotify, Mailbox, Quip, Hulu, Redfin, Goodreads, Live Nation and Vimeo and third party SDKs such as the Xamarin SDK and the Facebook.NET SDK.
“When you are on your phone and click on a Redfin link, App Links takes you to the Redfin app for a more seamless home shopping experience,” Redfin CTO Sasha Aickin said the Facebook blog post. “This is obviously great for our customers and it solves a frustrating development problem that my team — and every other mobile developer — has faced over the years.”
Facebook also…

Vine Introduces Loop Counts To Show How Many Times A Video Has Been Viewed

Twitter’s six-second video platform Vine was updated today to include “loop counts” to show how many times videos have been viewed on the network.
Loop counts are visible on the desktop version of the site and on updated iOS and Android apps that are being released today. The updated mobile apps also feature a new design, “offering you bigger edge-to-edge videos and a cleaner view of likes and comments,” according a post on Vine’s blog.
Because Vine started compiling loop data on April 3, videos created before that date will display a “+” next to the loop count to show that the actual count is likely higher.
Vine also announced that it has revamped the Activity feed, separating new and older activity and notifying users when their Vines surpass milestones (for example 25 or 100 likes).

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