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How to Add Google Adsense Ad to WordPress Sites?

Google Adsense is one of the most effective ways to make money online. In this article, we just come out the detailed guidelines to help webmasters add Google Adsense ads to their websites to make money. In order to increase revenue, bloggers are expecting to position ads on different places of the websites, especially the
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Facebook Wants To Know If Posts In Your News Feed “Feel” Like Ads

Facebook has set a very high bar for advertising on its network, pushing for ads that “delight” users as much as posts from your friends and family.
Hitting that mark — or at least approaching it — is important for Facebook as it works to balance revenue generation with the need to make sure its users aren’t flooded with advertising. That’s why Facebook engineers are continually fiddling with the dials of the News Feed algorithm to make sure users are being served content that will keep them satisfied and coming back for more. Most of that tinkering happens under the hood, without users’ knowledge, but occasionally market research efforts surface publicly.
That’s the case today. Ben Sharpe, digital marketing manager with UK-based DPOM, was served a survey asking him to judge whether a series of posts from his Facebook feed felt like advertisements:

You’ll note that the in-feed prompt came on a post about revelations that Facebook had conducted research on 700,000 Facebook users without t…

Michael Boland and McKay Allen on Tuesay Webcast: "11 Elements of a Converted Call"

On Tuesday July 8, at 1 PM EDT, our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot will host a webcast, “11 Elements of a Converted Call.” Michael Boland of BIA Kelsey and McKay Allen from LogMyCalls will discuss why some calls convert and others don’t. Topics include the impact call length has on conversion and identifying ​missed opportunities for revenue.
Registration is free.

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Google Releases First Batch Of “Apps For Android Wear”

Google has announced the first batch of Apps for Android Wear devices. There are 24 in all. They include Google Maps and Hangouts, Duolingo, The Guardan, Eat24, Pinterest, American Airlines and Glympse among others.
The full initial group is below:

These apps need to be installed on your Android phone before they can be installed on Android Wear devices. Users cannot install apps on Android smartwatches independently of the phone.
The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, the first devices released that run Android Wear, have received mixed reviews. Many, including me, are waiting for the Moto 360 (and the iWatch) to come out. Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch an iPhone and Android compatible fitness wristband later this fall.
Mobile ad exchange TapSense has already announced ad support for wearables.

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VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: Why Marketing Automation Does Not Equal A Strategy

The promise of marketing automation and marketing technology is “to do a lot with a little effort.” It helps you become more efficient, measure better and provides a solid conduit to your customers. It also allows you to connect with new customers in ways you never thought possible.
What marketing automation will never build is your business strategy.
A good product, a solid mission and balanced approach to your marketplace along with some good old fashioned elbow grease is the only thing that will help you move ahead of the pack. Motivity Marketing founder and columnist Kevin Ryan will take you through a guided tour of making inspiration and perspiration come together to make something wonderful happen.
Presented at the Search Engine Land Summit at SMX Advanced 2014.
Why Marketing Automation Does Not Equal Strategy
Speaker: Kevin Ryan, CEO, Motivity Marketing
Follow along with the presentation slides below:
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New Global Facebook Ad Places ‘Missed Calls’ On The Behalf Of Users

While you may have the most recent Samsung or Google smartphone model to access the internet (and Facebook) you may be surprised to find that globally, you are in the minority. Worldwide 7 out of every 10 people use simpler, feature phones when accessing the internet. This usage is mainly in high growth countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Nigeria.
In some of these locations (especially in India) the high cost of voice calls lead to users placing a call, quickly hanging up before the other end answered. Much like a pager, this format would allow for communication without the cost. Businesses have also joined in on the missed call movement — and now Facebook Ads are as well.

A new Facebook ad unit will place a missed call on the behalf of a user so then can receive a return call with all of the information that they require from the business. Previous tests with Garnier Men showed showed that missed call campaigns increased sales and drove 16 times more calls…

Facebook Strengthens Its Video Ad Tech With Acquisition Of LiveRail

In a move to bolster its position in the lucrative video advertising space, Facebook today announced the acquisition of video ad tech startup LiveRail.
LiveRail’s automated platform helps publishers, such as Major League Baseball, ABC, A&E Networks, Gannet and Daily Motion, serve ads on the videos that play on their sites and apps.
“LiveRail also helps marketers by providing them with access to premium video inventory and the information that they need in order to decide where to show their ads,” Facebook said in a blog post. “What LiveRail ultimately offers is a complete advertising solution for video publishers.”
By bringing LiveRail into the fold, Facebook stands to gain significant revenue from video advertising on the desktop and mobile web; LiveRail said it serves 7 billion video ads a month. Facebook also will gain LiveRail’s technical knowhow and be able to use its data to improve targeting and relevancy of video advertising on the Facebook platform.
“We believe that LiveRail,…