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DirectAdmin VS cPanel – The Better Control Panel for WordPress

DirectAdmin and cPanel are two giants in the field, managing for millions of websites worldwide. However, when people make a choice between the two, they are confused for the commons and differences between two control panels and don’t know which one is exactly better for their websites. To eliminate readers’ confusion, we come out this
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Mobile ad spend poised to surpass print

eMarketer says US total media ad spend should hit $180.12 billion dollars this year which is a 5% growth over last year. 5% doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s the biggest growth percentage we’ve seen since 2004.
That’s a nice vote of confidence in the economy – because we wouldn’t be spending on advertising if consumers weren’t spending in general. We’re also headed into what could be another, record buying season beginning with Back-to-School in just a few weeks and then it’s all toboggan time straight on to Christmas Day.
What’s even more amazing, but totally expected, mobile is about to become the third largest advertising option, beating out newspapers, magazines and radio.
2014 will be a close call but if things keep going the way they’re going, mobile is likely to beat the combined print total by 2016.
TV still rules but that’s mostly because of the high cost of advertising during your favorite shows. (Imagine what Game of Thrones could charge for an ad if it was on network TV. . . t…

Europe Forces Google to Expunge BBC Expose Links | Yahoo Deletes Six Services | Tablet Ads as Effective as Print

Censorship: Europe's recent forcing of Google to drop embarrassing links in its index is living up to people's worst fears: that it will be used for censorship. A BBC report exposing criticisms of Merrill Lynch has been taken down, presumably the product of a Merrill Lynch-related PR official attempting to exploit the formal process Google initiated [...]

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