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Email Alerts Services That You Should Use

You have been using Google Alerts for keeping track of anything new and interesting on the web around your topics of interest but did you know that there exists a plethoro of other email alerting services that are again very useful and do not cost a penny. Let me just dive right in.

Follow your World – The is a Google service that allows you to track satellite images of various locations within Google Maps and Google Earth. You’ll get an email alert each time Google releases new and updated aerial imagery for the various locations that you are tracking.
Newsle – The service tracks news websites and alerts you when any of your friends or people in your social network appear in news stories. It analyzes your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to determine your friends and colleagues.
Brook – Your Twitter timeline is a never-ending stream of tweets and sometimes good tweets get lost in the noise. Brooks sends you a daily email digest of the five best tweets from your favorite tweeters so you’ll…

Study: Only 22 Percent Of Top 200 Apps Using Deep Links

Among the top 200 mobile apps only 22 percent are using “deep links” from their websites into their mobile apps. This is according to an analysis by URX.
Deep links are those that send a user from a website to a relevant page, piece of content or search result within a mobile app as opposed to the app’s homepage. Google and Facebook are both promoting this as a way to webify the mobile app universe.
URX details its methodology in its blog post. Essentially the firm looked for “tag sets proposed by Twitter, Facebook, Google, or URX omnilink tags.” Below are the findings by platform — meaning tags on websites that linked into apps appearing on these operating systems/devices.

Source: URX
The findings by vertical vary. Apps in the Entertainment, News, Lifestyle and Music categories were ahead of others in their adoption of deep links. URX includes the following types of apps in the “lifestyle” category: Medium, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Zillow.
In the News category URX elaborated on the uneven pe…

Mobile Ad Revenues To Surpass Newspapers, Magazines, Radio This Year — Forecast

According to a new forecast from eMarketer, total media spending in the US will see its largest increase in a decade reaching $180.1 billion. The firm says that the growth will be lead by TV and mobile.
Overall digital ad spending will represent almost 30 percent of all US ad spending this year according to eMarketer, which bases its forecasts on a wide range of third party data including other firms’ media spending forecasts.

The eMarketer forecast predicts that mobile advertising will represent roughly 10 percent of all media ad spending. That would mean it would exceed traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and radio — reportedly for the first time.
Mobile will capture 9.8 percent of overall media spending this year; newspapers will represent 9.3 percent, magazines 8.4 percent and radio 8.6 percent. While these precise figures may or may not be accurate they represent the directional spending trend.
In terms of real dollars, eMarketer says PC ad spending will reach roughly $33…

VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: The Importance Of Imagery

In the world of search engine marketing we tend to focus on copy, ad copy, web page copy, optimization copy, copy, copy, copy. But what about imagery, how can imagery influence digital marketing? Using imagery can influence performance. This presentation will show how you can utilize photos, graphics, and illustrations to gain results.
Presented at SMX Advanced 2014 in Seattle.
The Importance of Imagery
Speaker: Rhonda Hanson, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Global Marketing, Concur Technologies

Follow along with the presentation slides below:

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First Party To Whom? Display Targeting Data Demystified

With the ever-increasing drone of industry rumblings about the demise of the third-party cookie, many ad tech players have begun highlighting “first party” prominently as a key buzzword in their positioning.
Frequently, this is used in the context of “first-party data” and, in some cases, “operating in the first party” for online advertisements.
This has led to a lot of confusion around the term “first party.” Every advertiser wants it, but ad tech vendors are offering multiple, disparate solutions under the umbrella term “first party,” when these solutions actually have very little in common.
First, Second & Third-Party Data – What You Need To Know
First-party data is generated and owned by the entity that is using it for its own ad targeting. First party is most often Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data that is gathered either from online or offline transactions with brand or behavioral data taking place on that brand’s website.
If this data is somehow transferred or brokered…

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7 Reasons You Need To Have A Mentor For A Successful Career

These are the people I first turn to when I need a different perspective, a shade of light when I’m stuck with decisions, or to reach out to a group of people I don’t believe I could do all by myself. These people are my mentors. Just like the character ‘Mentor‘, the friend of Odysseus and tutor of Telemachus, in Homer’s famous Greek poetry ‘Odyssey‘, we all need a mentor who has walked our path [...]
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