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Picture Of Stuggling YouTube Emerges From Report

The Information published a report (subscription required) about YouTube that paints a picture of the Google division as falling short of its own, internal ambitions in terms of viewing hours and revenue. (The figures below are from 9to5Google, which published excerpts of the article.)
YouTube seeks to reach an internally set goal of 1 billion “watch time” hours per day by 2016. It currently reaches “less than 300 million” hours per day. However that’s reportedly up from 100 million in 2012.
Gross revenues at YouTube were reportedly $3.5 billion in 2013. That was below many financial analysts’ estimates, which put revenue at or above $5 billion. Nonetheless YouTube is apparently profitable though pays 55 percent of revenue to “content creators.”
Former ads boss Susan Wojcicki has been brought in to accelerate revenue growth into the “tens of billions of dollars.” She replaced Salar Kamangar, who remains at Google, earlier this year.
An anticipated streaming music service was supposed to l…

Forecast Says Digital Revenue Will Exceed TV By 2018

If eMarketer’s latest media spending forecast is accurate it will mean that by 2018 there will be more digital ad revenue than TV revenue. The internet would become the largest single medium in the US advertising world.

The following table (created by me) shows the real dollar values behind the market share percentages in the chart above for PC, mobile and TV advertising in the eMarketer forecast:

Source: eMarketer
The forecast doesn’t assume, as you can see, a loss of TV revenue. Rather it assumes massive growth in mobile and some transfer of desktop spending to mobile. By the end of the forecast period (2018) total digital revenue has grown to more than $82 billion.
This year total US digital revenue will approach $50 billion. Accordingly in four years digital will add another $30+ billion according to eMarketer.
While this scenario is not impossible to imagine I’m skeptical that mobile advertising will be more than twice PC ad revenue by 2018.

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51 Life Changing Quotes To Bring Out The Hidden Best In You

Practicing the knowledge is as important as acquiring the one! I always believe perfection is subjective, and what is perfect for me; is not perfect for you. Though one thing which I learned in my 28 years of journey, life is all about improving yourself. One of the thing that I usually do to improve myself is read a lot, and learn from other people wisdom and experience. I don’t follow everything blindly, but I [...]
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The CIA Celebrates Its Month On Twitter By Answering 5 Softball FAQs

As you would expect, the CIA doesn’t run the most responsive Twitter account. In the one month since its coyly worded introduction to Twitter — “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.” — the CIA hasn’t sent a single direct @reply.
It’s a spy agency so you can bet it’s listening — and some critics don’t think it’s appropriate for a spy agency with a checkered human rights history to be yucking it up on social media — but the CIA hasn’t been responding.
Instead it has been sticking to fairly pedestrian tweets of excerpts from CIA director John Brennan’s speech to an intelligence conference, happy 90th birthday wishes to former CIA director (and President) George H.W. Bush. and less controversial aspects of the agency’s history such as the U-2 spy plane.
Today, however, in celebration of a first month on Twitter in which it gained more than 637,000 followers, @CIA sent a thank you tweet and some answers to FAQs.

Thanks for making our first month on @Twitter great! Toda…

Marketing Day: Android Device Forecast, Google Expands Product Deliveries, Samsung’s #UnderWaterSelfie

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Forecast: There Will Be About 4 Android Devices For Every Windows Or Mac/iOS Device In 2015

Android devices already beat Windows, Mac and iOS devices by a wide margin, and a new forecast from Gartner sees that growing even more in 2015. PC Get Slight Boost, Still Outpaced By Mobile Gartner predicts “a relative revival of the global PC market” this year, driven by enterprise upgrades. However it says tablets will outsell […]

Google Invests $500 Million In Shopping Express To Win Larger Share Of Online Shopping Market

In a push to win a bigger share of the online shopping market, Re/code reports Google is investing $500 million to expand its Shopping Express initiative, the search company’s same-day delivery service for local products. According to the Re/code article: Investment so far has gone towards the marketing of the service in each new…

Facebook develops ad workaround for countries with poor mobile plans

Facebook tells us that 7 out of every 10 people in the world, many in high-growth countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Nigeria, are using something less sophisticated than a smartphone to access the internet. That statement makes me feel like we should start a charity run: iPhones for Indonesia. I’m pretty sure there are bigger issues in those countries than the lack of a reasonable data plan but that’s not for Facebook to solve.
It is Facebook’s job to put excellent haircare products into the hands of more people around the world. That’s where “missed call” ads come in. I get the concept. It’s a trick we were taught to use as kids, back when a long distance phone call cost more than a latte at Starbucks. To prove we got somewhere safe, we’d call home and ask to reverse the charges. My mother would refuse the charges but she’d know that we were alive and well. There was also the ring variation – dial, let it ring twice, then hang up. Another signal that we’…

New Exchange Limited to Mastheads | Retargeting Sometimes Too Much | 2 Native Ad Campaigns Compared

Robot Invasion: ABC and Google put together an ad exchange limited to masthead media, showing the tendency for exchanges to both proliferate and consolidate media buying at the same time. Media: Retargeting can be too much of a good thing. Native Ads: Two different well known native ad creative launches are compared in terms of social metrics.

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