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Improve your SEO impact with powerful competitor intelligence

As SEOs, we all know that keyword analysis can be a major challenge. Using existing data to build a content strategy has become increasingly difficult since Google started hiding most of the keyword information in Analytics behind “not provided.” Another challenge is the fact that Google Analytics only provides statistics on your own search referrals, telling you nothing about competitors.
That’s where SimilarWeb comes in. As my understanding of search engine algorithms has improved, I’ve learned that it’s not enough to rely on Google Analytics alone. Knowledge is power, so I have turned to SimilarWeb’s PRO version to get in-depth analysis for my clients’ websites and competitors. (Before you commit to the PRO version, there is a free version you can kick the tires with, to get a feel how the app works and the powerful insights it provides.) SimilarWeb will show you the “not provided” keywords and so much more. You can see paid vs. organic social referrals, affiliate referrals, stickin…

Dodge Marketing Plan Doom With A Performance Framework

One afternoon, I was sitting in the CEO’s office at a global agency when an urgent knock came from the door. The global account director was leading an emergency meeting with the agency’s biggest client, and he was in a bind.
The agency needed to retrofit a performance measurement plan for a $12 million marketing campaign that just wrapped up. The global account director heard I was an “analytics guy” and thought I could help.
I joined him downstairs with the client’s VP of marketing as well as six agency people. It turns out the VP had a new boss who wasn’t around at the start of the campaign, but wanted to know how the program performed.
Here’s the rub: The client and agency had together failed to define what success would look like. No KPIs, no benchmarks and no goals.
I stood at the whiteboard and tried in vain to define a Performance Framework — a framework my company, Right Intel, uses to organize and prioritize KPIs.
But since the campaign had already ended, I had limited success. R…

4 Ways to Maximize Agency Relationships

Generating positive returns and getting things done should be motivation for brands and agencies. Ensuring this happens involves effort from both sides. Sometimes a little relationship maintenance is needed to take things to the next level.

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