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Monetize your YouTube Videos that contain Someone Else’s Music

YouTube has fairly strict guidelines for your videos to be eligible for monetization. For instance, if you have recorded a video of the crowd at a music event, the video clip cannot be monetized on YouTube as you do not have the rights to the audio. Similarly, if you create a photo slideshow using music purchased from iTunes, the video is not monetizable either as you own the photographs but do not have commercial rights for the audio.
When you upload such a video to YouTube, it may either be removed for copyright infringement or YouTube may continue to host the video but all the advertising revenue is shared with the music owner and not the video uploader. Read this interesting story about how Sony successfully monetized an amateur YouTube video after it went viral on the Internet.
If there are any videos on your YouTube channel that cannot be monetized since you don’t own the music, there’s now an easy workaround. You can swap the background music of these videos with a royalty-free m…

Top 10 Most Shared Video Ads Of 2014: World Cup Scores 4, Super Bowl Only 1

Almost half of the top ten most viral video ads so far this year are World Cup related spots.
Analyzing the most popular branded videos for the first half of 2014, Unruly discovered four of the top ten most shared ads are World Cup related videos, with Shakira’s “La La La” taking the top spot.
According to Unruly, the Shakira video – a collaboration with yogurt brand Activia – is the fourth most shared ad of all time, generating more than 4.5 million shares. Ads from Nike and Castrol, an official World Cup sponsor, also made Unruly’s viral video list.
The only Super Bowl ad to keep a spot on the list of most shared ads so far this year is “Puppy Love” from Budweiser, which Unruly declared the brand winner of this year’s Super Bowl back in February.
The report claims the top 40 World Cup ads earned nearly three times the number of shares and views compared to the top 40 Super Bowl ads of 2014.
Top 10 Most Shared Video Ads of 2014
1. Activia “Shakira – La La La” (4,546,532 shares)
2. 20th Cen…

The Best Services for Sending Large Files over the Internet

If you have to share a large file with someone over the Internet, there are generally two options – you can either put the file in an email message as an attachment or, if the file is too big to fit inside email, you can upload it to an file hosting service and then share the download links with the recipient.

Web email services like Gmail and Outlook allow you to send files up to 25 MB in size. For sending even bigger files, you can use a file-splitting utility like HJ-Split that will break the large file into smaller chunks of 25 MB each and you can send these in separate email messages. The recipient can download and join these parts to restore the original file.
You can use online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive for sending really big files. OneDrive lets you upload single files up to 2 GB in size while the individual size limit is 10 GB in the case of Google Drive. For even bigger files, you can use Dropbox – here the files have no size limit if you upload t…

How to Work Offline in Google Chrome

When you open any web page inside Google Chrome, it connects to the Internet, fetches the latest version of the page from the server and displays it on your screen. If your computer is offline, Chrome will display an error message with a dinosaur* image saying it is unable to connect to the Internet.

[*] This is the Tyrannosaurus rex (or T-rex) dinosaur that had tiny little arms and the image probably illustrates that Chrome, like the dinosaur, couldn’t reach the Internet because of its short arms. (source: Quora)
Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox offer an offline mode that auto-saves a copy of web pages as you browse the Internet and displays this local copy when you are not connected to the Internet. Thus, if you are taking a flight, you can open all the web pages that you’d like to read later, close the browser and the pages will still be available for reading while your computer is offline.
Google Chrome doesn’t offer an offline mode by default but, as Addy Osmani point…

Can You Use AdSense And Affiliate Ads on Same Web Page?

Here at ShoutMeLoud I talk about Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing all the time, and keep getting questions related to the same. One of the most asked question is, Can I use AdSense and affiliate ads on the same page. Will it be violation of AdSense policies? This is the most common question by newbie bloggers who just started monetizing their website with Affiliate ads and have AdSense running on their blog. AdSense is a [...]
Can You Use AdSense And Affiliate Ads on Same Web Page? Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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Feds: Amazon Let Kids Buy In-App Goods Without Consent

In January Apple agreed to refund consumers $32.5 million to settle an FTC complaint that it charged parents for their kids’ in-app purchases without adult consent. Google (Play) may soon be hit with a similar complaint. But today it was Amazon that felt the sting of an FTC lawsuit (full complaint below).
The FTC action says that “, Inc. has billed parents and other account holders for millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app charges incurred by children.” It seeks to recover millions of dollars in refunds to consumers for these alleged unauthorized charges.
The FTC complaint says that children were permitted to incur charges, especially in games, without any parental involvement. This is based on the contention, going back to 2011, that Amazon required no passwords or other authorizations by parents before their kids could ring up charges.
Amazon modified the policy in 2012 “to require an account owner to enter a password only for individual in-app charges over $20.” But kid…

MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference – Special Low Rates Expire Tomorrow!

Marketing Land parent company, Third Door Media, Inc. introduces MarTech, a conference for people pioneering the field of technology-powered marketing. View the agenda for session descriptions & the speaker roster.
Join us August 19-20 in Boston to learn how technology can transform your marketing operations. Save $150 before special “beta” rates expire tomorrow – Register now!

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Tablet Ad? Meh. | Know the Trick(ery) Behind Post-Click Transactions | Alchemy of Turning Content into Leads vs SEO Considerations

Media: Tablet publication ads aren't any better than print ads. The good news? They're no worse either. So feel free to spend lots of time negotiating that ad deal for the 1,500 impressions that will do just as well as the seven billion you're buying with the other five insertion orders. Fraud: As soon as advertisers went down [...]

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Millennials banish boredom with Twitter

Millennials are a tricky group. They fall between age 18 and 34. On the younger side, they’re just starting out the “adult” portion of their lives. Many are headed to college while others are still figuring out what they want to do. On the other end of the group, we have marriage and kids and mortgages but that doesn’t mean boring. Millennials can be movers and shakers, YouTube stars and start-up kings, but you’ll also find plenty of lost souls who use social media to replace the daily social interactions they had when they were in school.
One thing you can say about all Millennials, is they’re mobile. 80% of Millennial Twitter users post and skim their feed via a mobile device.

According to Twitter’s latest infographic, 81% check in at least once a day and 60% tweet at least once a day. A small portion checks out their Twitter feed more than 10x a day! These are the ones who like to post their every thought for the world to see. “Feeling blue. How about you?” Insert: Cute dog photo. “J…