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Digg Relaunches As “Digg Deeper” To Give You Personalized News Alerts

What should you read or watch today?
Digg is hoping to help you answer that question with a new launch of an old service, Renamed Digg Deeper, the tool uses signals from the people you follow on social media to surface the most interesting and important news of the day.
It’s not a new idea. was originally a Betaworks-developed iOS social news app that was scrapped in 2012 after running afoul of Twitter’s API display requirements. Betaworks, which also owns Digg, kept going as an email newsletter. Nuzzel and Prismatic offer similar services and even the New York Times is experimenting with Vellum, a reading list generated by what your friends are sharing.
Digg Deeper’s wrinkle is its link to Digg, which has rebounded nicely from its near death and employs a team of editors to curate the best of the web. Digg Deeper users will see recommendations on a scrolling list on the Digg home page, real-time email alerts and notifications on an iOS app.

Here’s the description…

Facebook Offers New Advertisers Personalized Support With “Start To Success” Program

Facebook, adding a personal touch to its mostly self-service advertising process, is offering new advertisers a dedicated account manager.
The “Start To Success” program offers direct access to a Facebook representative to businesses that commit to spending at least $50 a day for a month (in other words at least $1,400).
Facebook Page administrators started seeing a message on pages they manage today, promoting the offer:

Clicking the link took them to a sign-up form, that included more details about the program:
Start to Success is a program to help new advertisers succeed on Facebook. This program is free for businesses who’ll invest $50 or more per day on their Facebook Ads for 4 weeks. During this time a dedicated Facebook account manager will make sure you get the most out of your investment by:

Developing a customized strategy for advertising on Facebook
Guiding you through the process of creating targeted ads
Helping you track and optimize your campaign’s performance

Here a link to the…

Facebook ad research shows branding is a key and often missing link

There are plenty of TV commercials out there that leave you wondering what the commercial is for. Are they selling a car? A phone plan? A pharmaceutical that will solve all of your problems in a single pill? Sometimes advertisers sacrifice branding for the sake of being hip and entertaining. Well, maybe they can afford to be mysterious, but you can’t.
When it comes to online advertising – and in this case – Facebook advertising, Brand Link is one of the keys to running a successful campaign.
Facebook’s Marketing Science team asked 700 consumers from around the world to evaluate more than 1,500 news feed ads. Researchers Neha Bhargava and Eurry Kim ran a variety of tests to determine how well people responded to different ads and they came out of it with seven key creative elements.

Focal point : The image has one obvious focal point

Brand link : How easy is it to identify the advertiser?

Brand personality : How well does the ad fit with what you know about the brand?

Informational reward : …

Just Like Facebook, Few See What Brands Share On Twitter, As Its New “Impressions” Stats Show

Twitter has new analytics available that lets anyone understand exactly how viewed their tweets are. Those stats also clear something else up. Just like Facebook, what you share on Twitter isn’t seen by all your followers.
Facebook has been under fire for over a year as brands have noticed that their posts have gotten less engagement than in the past. A common reaction is that Facebook’s news feed shouldn’t be artificially deciding what to show to a brand’s followers. “Just show everything, like Twitter does it,” is a general refrain.
The reality is that Twitter has never shown everything a brand tweets to all a brand’s followers. Unlike Facebook, that’s not because Twitter is trying to filter tweets in order to somehow show what it considers the “best” stuff. Rather, it’s a consequence that it’s never the case that all a brand’s followers will be on Twitter at the same time, all seeing a tweet that goes out.
As I explained last year, Twitter is sort of the “live TV” of social media, whi…

Marketing Day: Newsjacking #Lebron, Native Advertising Not Trusted, Top Viral Video Ads Of 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

As Brands Newsjack #Lebron, Charmin & Cottonelle Shoot For Worst Tweets Ever

Major news can’t spread on Twitter anymore without brands big and small adding their two cents in an attempt to newsjack the situation. And today’s news that NBA superstar Lebron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers is no exception. King James, as he’s called, began his career with his hometown Cavaliers then left four […]

Krylon Spray Paint Teams With DIY Bloggers And YouTubers For Web Video Series

Seemingly to bring some personality to the banality of the product category, spray paint brand Krylon has teamed with several home improvement online personalities including Mark and Theresa Clement from, Gail Wilson of, Beckie Farrant of, Liz Latham of and Mike Warren of Inst…

Agency Allegedly Abandoning Open Market Robot Buying (and Clicks) | Marketers Establishing Own Exchanges | Commerce Sites Selling Native Avails

Agencies: MediaPost scratches its head regarding GroupM's decision to essentially abandon the open ad exchange realtime bidding market. This can be explained either by an assessment that there is so much fraud and dreck in the open exchange media pool that the more expensive private programmatic deal with "premium" publishers provides more value; or - even [...]

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