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Now That The World Cup Is Done, Twitter Tries To Interest You In Something Else

You mean to tell us that there’s a world out there beyond the World Cup?
Twitter sent an email Tuesday reminding users that though the monthlong celebration of futbol is over there’s plenty more to discuss — and by the way Twitter is a great place to engage in that conversation.
By all appearances, Twitter had a very successful World Cup month with 672 million tweets sent, including a record 618,725 tweets per minute at the end of Germany’s 1-0 championship game victory over Argentina. But it’s crucial that Twitter — fighting to satisfy Wall Street that is has a growing base of active users — not lose momentum. And that’s likely the reason for the email blast pointing users to a page of popular accounts to follow in topics such as music, sports, photography, entertainment, news, technology, travel, etc.

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Reports Show Paid Search Spend Is Up Over Last Year

Second quarter reports coming out from the large search marketing firms this week point to continued growth in paid search investment in the US and globally. The reports also underscore the increasing influence of mobile and image-based product ads on growth.
RKG’s analysis of the US search market, based on its client portfolio, which skews retail, showed Q2 spend increased by 23 percent year-over-year, with investments on both Google and Bing rising.
Google spend grew 24 percent year-over-year with a 13 percent increase in click volume and CPCs rising by 10 percent. Bing Ads spend rose by 19 percent year-over-year with a 22 percent increase in click volume. Bing Ads CPCs fell 3 percent, however, largely as a result of increasing mobile click volume where CPCs continue to be discounted on both platforms.

Source: RKG Digital Marketing Report Q2 2014

Interestingly, this marked the first quarter that smartphone paid click share surpassed tablets. Tablet share remained flat at 18 percent, whi…

Benjamin Moore Creates World’s Largest Wooden Yo-Yo

Sometimes you stumble upon a marketing stunt and you wonder why in the world a marketer or ad agency would go there. Then you look at the sheer creativity of the stunt and you begin to realize marketing isn’t always about giving a person information about a product.
Oh sure, doing stunts just for fun with no connection to a brand really isn’t going to be all that productive, but this stunt created by The Martin Agency for Benjamin Moore accomplishes both quite nicely.
Aiming to tout the benefits of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat stain which revitalizes old wood, the agency created what it’s billing as the world’s largest yo-yo. Using old deck planking, a 6 foot tall, 500 pound yo-yo was created and attached to a 100 foot crane in Southern California’s Sierra Pelona Valley.
A microsite details the engineering behind the two week build of the yo-yo which involved a team of seven craftsmen, an expert from Duncan Yo-Yos, 500 pounds of reclaimed Douglas Fir and three gallons of Benjamin Moore Arbor…

Eight US Firms Control 80 Percent Of Worldwide Mobile Ad Revenue

As we saw yesterday Yahoo is struggling to get its display business back in black. Data aggregator eMarketer says that will happen but that the company’s share of the global advertising market will fall to fourth place — after Microsoft.
Google and Facebook will continue to be the top global advertising players, though Google far exceeds others in its overall share. Yet even Google is under pressure from intensifying competition and the increasing “mobilization” of the internet.

In mobile, Facebook has just under half of Google’s global ad share according to eMarketer. Twitter is number three, followed by YP and Pandora.
The company projects that, overall, mobile revenues will be $32 billion this year. In the US eMarketer’s 2014 mobile forecast is a bullish $17.7 billion, which is a bit too aggressive in my view.

More remarkably the firm estimates that eight US companies will control 80 percent of total global mobile ad revenue in 2014.

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Report shows the most used digital marketing channel is probably not what you think

When Gigaom asked 300 marketers to share their most used digital marketing channel, they probably expected to see search or social at the top of the list.
It seems that most of us are more old school.
While search is the Escalade of digital, social a Tesla, email marketing is like a Volvo. Safe, reliable, and gets the job done.

It looks like social media marketing continues to be dogged by a reputation for not being measurable and full of noise.

For a deeper breakdown, head to MarketingProfs.

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How To Open Blocked Sites [Facebook, Youtube] At Office OR College

With these amazing methods out here, accessing blocked sites in college becomes a cakewalk. Let the authorities take any steps they want, no one can stop us open blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc that we want to visit. Just use any of this methods below. Here are some different methods on How to
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Why Career As A Blogger Is Tough In India?

The rise of blogging and social-media in past couple of years is remarkable. No one ever thought that online media will replace traditional media, and more over blogging will not be seen as just hobby. But being an Indian, it’s really hard to be a blogger, and here I will outline some of the common problems we face being a blogger. This post will be incomplete without your input, so I suggest you to also [...]
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Tremor Video teaches us how to turn 15 seconds into a minute

The MMA Mobile CEO & CMO Summit in Hilton Head is wrapping up today with a presentation based on a new study called “Crème de la Crème: A Guide to Creating Successful Mobile Video Advertising Units.”
The study is based on research conducted by Tremor Video with the help of Millward Brown. It identifies 5 key elements of a successful video advertisement. Tremor hopes that marketers will take their advice to heart and create more innovative video campaigns because right now most people are doing it all wrong.
Doron Wesly, Head of Market Strategy at Tremor Video says,

“The bulk of online video advertising today is simply repurposed television spots, yet the devices where consumers spend the most time are completely interactive with just a swipe or tap. We want to help marketers realize the opportunity in front of them: the potential for a consumer to spend nearly a minute with a 15 second ad.”

What are the 5 key elements? Let’s take a look:

Entice and Intrigue: Give consumers a taste of y…

Twitter Pushes Advertising Support Via Mobile App Notifications

Twitter operators are standing by — to help you buy ads. John Doherty, online marketing manager of Zillow’s Hotpads rentals site, received a notification on his Twitter mobile app today with a strong call to action:

Wow. Aggressive much, Twitter?
— John Doherty (@dohertyjf) July 15, 2014

The notification’s message is similar to the one Facebook displayed for Page administrators last week promoting Facebook’s “Start to Success” advertising program. Start to Success, which Inside Facebook reported today has been around for three years, offers a dedicated advertising representative for advertisers who agree to an ad buy of at least $50 a day for a month.
Twitter also offers personal advertising support. The phone number in the notification above rings Twitter’s team of small and medium business specialists, which helps advertisers through the process of setting up and maintaining ad campaigns.
Twitter declined to comment on the apparent experiment flagged by Doherty, poi…